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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa and Brady confronted Tate about escaping the halfway house. Tate said he was going out of his mind with worry. Nicole and EJ checked on Holly. EJ told her they wanted to talk about what happened. Holly said Tate didn’t break in. EJ said they were concerned with her safety. Holy said he couldn’t send Tate to jail. Marlena wanted to know what Steve had to say about John. Steve said it was about his past as the pawn. John wanted to know what Konstantin did to him. Konstantin said John ruined his life. He showed John a picture of his daughter. John didn’t know who was in the picture. Konstantin said he found it hard to believe that he didn’t know who the person in the picture was when he killed her. Harris and Jada talked about Goldman. Jada told him Goldman left town. Harris couldn’t believe Clyde got out of jail. He said he thought Clyde was going to stay local. Jada said besides Goldman, they didn’t know who was working with him. EJ told Holly that Tate had to pay for breaking the law. Nicole told him to calm down and reminded him that Tate was a teenager. While Nicole and EJ were talking, Holly said Tate didn’t do anything. Holly asked EJ not to send Tate to jail. EJ said he would consider the options, but he wasn’t making any promises. Marlena wanted to know about John’s past. Steve told her about the things he and John did for Victor. Konstantin told John that Victor’s pawn killed his daughter. Tate asked Brady and Theresa what they would do if they were stuck in the rehab center. He said he wanted EJ to drop the charges against him. Theresa said he was doing well. Tate said he didn’t do anything. Brady told him he broke in the DiMera mansion. He said they all wanted Holly to tell the truth but breaking the law wasn’t the way to do it. Holly told Nicole to convince EJ not to press charges against Tate. Nicole said she would talk to him. Holly said she wanted EJ to stay out of it. Nicole said it was his house Tate broke into. Holly said it was their house too. Nicole said she was talk to him. While Holly was praising Tate, Nicole wondered if she was lying about Tate to get EJ off her back. She asked if Holly remembered more about the night than she’s telling her. Steve told Marlena that Victor gave them a message to go after his enemy. He told her they went to a village to find Konstantin. Holly told Nicole that she didn’t know what happened on New Year’s Eve, but Tate didn’t drug her. Nicole said she would talk to EJ.

Tate told Brady and Theresa that he was screw up. Theresa and Brady tried to tell him that he wasn’t. Tate said his biggest mistake was not calling for help sooner. He called himself a loser for messing up. Harris grilled EJ about where Stefan was. EJ said he didn’t know where Stefan was. While they were talking, Harris told EJ that he knew he was working with Clyde. When EJ wanted to know how he knew, Harris told him Stefan shot him. Marlena told Steve that she thought Victor and Konstantin were friends. Steve said they were more like rivals. He told her about John killing Konstantin’s daughter. Konstantin gave John details about him killing his daughter. Harris told EJ that he thought he was involved with Stefan’s situation. Holly went to the police station. She told Jada that she wanted to talk to Tate. Jada said she couldn’t see him because he broke in her house and his parents were with him. Malena asked Steve if John killed the girl. Steve said John was a pawn at the time and didn’t know what he was doing. Marlena asked if he thought John meant to kill the girl. Steve said John was going through a lot. He said John might have snapped. Konstantin told John that he held his daughter’s lifeless body in his hands. He said he told her about the memories they made. He said she as the only thing in this world that mattered to him. She was his reason for breathing. He said he had another reason for breathing. Konstantin said he would make is daughter’s killed pay after all these years. Steve told Marlena that he thought the mess was behind them. He said he thought they had to protect Maggie from him, but it was them that needed protecting. Marlena asked how Konstantin knew it was John. Steve said from his eyes. While they were talking, she asked how he was able to keep the secret so long. He said it was hard. Steve said he protected himself and his family. John couldn’t believe he killed anyone. Konstantin asked if he remembered. John said he didn’t remember. Konstantin said he should have killed him instead because he was going to make him pay for what he did. Harris wanted EJ to tell him where Stefan was. EJ said he didn’t know where he was. While they were talking, EJ said Xander shot him. Harris said he was the eyewitness and knew Stefan shot him. While Holly was yelling at Jada, Nicole showed up. When Nicole and Holly left the station, Holly saw Tate. Harris warned EJ that he was going to take down everyone involved in the shooting. Jada went to see Tate, Brady, and Theresa. She told them EJ decided to drop the charges, but Tate had to stay 100 feet from Holly. John showed up while Steve and Marlena were talking. He was upset that Steve never told him the truth, but he told his wife.

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