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Harris goes to the police station where Jada questions what the hell he’s doing there instead of being on bed rest. Harris responds that he can’t just lay in bed and he has to find out how Clyde escaped prison. Jada informs him that there was a toxic spill and when all the prisoners had to evacuate, Clyde was missing. Jada declares that Clyde is on the run and they have no idea where the hell he is.

Brady and Theresa meet with Tate in the interrogation room. Theresa questions what Tate was thinking by breaking out of the halfway house and in to the DiMera Mansion. Tate argues that he had to see Holly and try to clean up this mess. Theresa complains that now it’s an even bigger mess, noting that he stole her phone. Tate apologizes and says he was desperate. Brady doesn’t think Tate understood how he screwed up here as he violated a legal mandate and could go back to jail. Tate gets that they are angry but complains that he was going out of his mind in the halfway house and he had to find out what Holly remembered. Brady says they are worried as he declares that what Tate did last night was a really bad move.

Nicole and EJ go to Holly’s room. Holly mentions hardly sleeping. Nicole understands she had a lot on her mind. EJ says they need to talk about Tate breaking in last night. Holly argues that he didn’t break in but EJ insists that he did. Holly calls it a big misunderstanding and complains that EJ didn’t have to have Tate arrested. EJ questions if he was just supposed to look the other way. EJ declares that he did what he had to do for Holly’s safety and the safety of their family. Holly argues that they are all safe and calls it ridiculous as she argues that he can’t send Tate to jail.

Steve goes to Marlena’s and they sit together. Steve hopes he didn’t alarm her at the Pub. Marlena asks what’s going on and what he has to tell her about John. Steve responds that it’s about his past as The Pawn.

At the Black Patch office, John complains that Konstantin has been messing with him ever since that night at the park a month ago. Konstantin informs him that their history did not begin there as many years ago, John tore his life apart. Konstantin then shows John a photo of his daughter, Catharina. John responds that he doesn’t know who it is which Konstantin finds very perplexing because he is the one who killed her.

Harris asks Jada if there’s any signs of Goldman. Jada says they don’t have good news on that either as she found out that she wiped out her bank account and they found her car abandoned outside of town but they are looking in to everything. Harris says Clyde had to have set this up because Goldman couldn’t have pulled this off on her own which Jada agrees with. Harris thinks Clyde will stay local to keep his eyes on his business and his people. Jada adds that aside from Goldman, they don’t know who else was helping Clyde. Harris thanks her for the update and says he has to get going. Jada tells him to get some rest as he exits the station.

EJ tells Holly that Tate broke the law and when you break the law, there are consequences. Nicole thinks EJ may be overreacting a bit and says that Tate and Holly are just teenagers and they make mistakes. Nicole calls it nothing compared to what they did at their ages. EJ argues that has no bearing on this situation. Holly argues that EJ doesn’t know Tate. EJ brings up Tate being kicked out of boarding school for vandalism. Holly calls that a stupid prank and declares that Tate is not a drug dealer and she knows he didn’t drug her. Nicole questions how she knows that if she doesn’t remember anything from that night. Holly insists that Tate would never do anything like that. Holly pleads with EJ not to send Tate to jail. EJ agrees to consider the options but says he’s not making any promises as he exits the room.

Marlena asks Steve what she doesn’t know about her husband’s past. Steve talks about being one of the first people to encounter John when he came to Salem. Steve states that under Victor’s orders, John was under his care as the Pawn and he was his handler until he went on the run and became John Black. Marlena says she’s aware of how he got his name and tells Steve to continue. Steve says they know what kind of guy he was back then and he still has a lot of shame that he carried out Victor’s orders and the unethical things he demanded of him. Steve informs Marlena that one day, Victor had a mission for them.

Konstantin tells John that he will tell him a story about him and Victor with Steve, his innocent daughter Catharina, and finally John, the Pawn.

Tate complains to Brady and Theresa that he had to go see Holly and all she had to do was tell EJ that the drugs weren’t his and he could come home. Theresa says they all want him to come home but he was doing so well. Tate asks what that even means and why she keeps saying stuff like that as if he belongs in the halfway house. Tate complains that it’s painful because he doesn’t need help. Tate says he didn’t do any of the drugs in Salem and he’s being railroaded for nothing. Brady points out that Tate did break in to the DiMera Mansion so all of this is snowballing in to a bigger mess. Brady says they all want Holly to know the truth, but breaking the law is not the way to get it.

Holly asks Nicole why EJ has to make such a big deal about this. Nicole agrees he’s being a little overzealous and says she will talk to him about not sending Tate to jail. Holly wants EJ to just stay out of it. Nicole points out that it is EJ’s house that Tate broke in to. Holly argues that it’s their house too. Nicole assures that EJ cares about her and is just looking out for her. Holly remarks that EJ isn’t her father and if he really cared about her, he’d back off of Tate. Holly insists that Tate is not who EJ is making him out to be as he’s always been really nice to her and swears that he was on New Year’s Eve too. Holly tells Nicole that she does remember that her and Tate were having a good time. Nicole wonders if she’s covering for Tate so he doesn’t get in any more trouble. Nicole questions if Holly just said Tate didn’t drug her to get EJ off her back. Nicole says it’s just her, so she can be honest. Nicole asks if Holly remembers more about that night than she’s telling her.

EJ goes to the living room where Harris is waiting. EJ asks what brings him by. Harris asks if he knows where Stefan is. EJ responds that he hasn’t seen him in days which Harris questions. EJ states that he does not keep tabs on his family members but he’s sure he’ll cross paths with Stefan eventually. Harris calls it a coincidence since he just came from the police station and was brief on Clyde’s prison escape and now Stefan has disappeared too. EJ questions what he is insinuating. Harris responds that he has a hunch that Stefan had something to do with Clyde busting out of prison and he thinks EJ knows something about it.

Steve tells Marlena that this is part of his past that he’d just as soon forget but now he’s being forced to confront it. Steve informs her that Victor sent he and John to deliver a message and it was John’s first assignment of the Pawn. Steve adds that the message was to a man who was challenging Victor’s authority.

Konstantin tells John that he and Victor were always fighting over power in Greece, so Victor sent his Pawn over to send him a message which was John.

Steve tells Marlena that the message was loud and clear to make sure this man knows that his interference will no longer be tolerated, so they flew by private jet and then rode in to the small village of Aria. Steve states that they were there to find the man they know today as Konstantin Meleounis.

Holly tells Nicole that she doesn’t remember what happened on New Year’s Eve but she knows in her heart that Tate did not drug her. Nicole says she hears her loud and clear, so she will talk to EJ. Holly asks if she thinks EJ will change his mind. Nicole says she doesn’t know but she will do her best. Nicole asks if Holly is hungry for anything, so she asks for a grilled cheese. Nicole notes that Holly’s school teachers sent some homework and suggests they can look at colleges online together as she exits the room. Holly then puts her shoes and jacket on and hurries out of her room.

Tate tells Theresa and Brady that he’s a screw up and asks if they’re happy that he admits it. Theresa tells him that he’s not. Tate goes over getting kicked out of school and then sent to jail for drug pushing and that’s what the world thinks of him. Tate says his biggest mistake was not calling the cops when he found Holly. Brady knows this is all very confusing. Tate says he’s just angry and scared as he declares that his life is over. Brady tells him not to say that. Tate argues that they said he screwed up his future, so they think he’s a loser like everyone else. Theresa says he just made a mistake. Tate complains that making mistakes over and over again make him a loser. Brady says it makes him human.

EJ asks if Harris got brain damage and says he’s out of his mind. Harris questions EJ knowing nothing about Clyde’s escape. EJ reminds him that he’s the district attorney and repeats that he has no idea where Clyde or Stefan are. Harris accuses him of lying, reminding him that they already talked about the possibility of Stefan being in cahoots with Clyde. EJ says he already told him that he would throw the book at Stefan if that was the case. Harris doesn’t believe he was being transparent. EJ advises Harris to go work out there instead of harassing him and directs him to the door. Harris then informs EJ that he knows Stefan is working with Clyde. EJ questions how he knows that, so Harris then reveals that he knows Stefan is the one who shot him.

Marlena tells Steve that she thought Konstantin was a longtime friend of Victor’s. Steve says more like longtime rival which is why he and John know that he’s been conning Maggie and why they’ve been trying to get him to leave town. Marlena asks if he went to his house to persuade him. Steve confirms that Victor called and instructed him to watch outside for guards while John confronted Konstantin.

Konstantin tells John that he was sitting at his work bench, carving a figurine for his daughter when all of a sudden John burst in. Konstantin says they struggled and he never saw his face, only his eyes, which still haunted him to this moment. Konstantin admits that John got the best out of him and beat him unconscious.

Steve explains to Marlena that he heard a gunshot but he knew the Pawn wasn’t supposed to kill Konstantin so he rushed inside to see what happened. Steve recalls it being hard to see at first but then he saw John off to the side in a trance, holding the gun, then he spotted Konstantin face down on the floor, unconscious but still breathing. Steve reveals that then he saw a young girl lying next to him with blood pooled underneath her and he checked her pulse, but she was gone.

Konstantin tells John that when he woke up, John was gone, his door was open and his home was a wreck. Konstantin recalls getting to focus and seeing his daughter, Catharina on the floor, shot by John which leaves John shocked.

Nicole returns to Holly’s room to find she’s gone.

EJ tells Harris that he can’t be serious since they’ve charged Xander with his shooting and the evidence is stacked against him. Harris says that’s because Clyde and Stefan framed him and he’s starting to think EJ is in on it too. Nicole comes in and asks what’s going on. EJ says they are just talking shop and asks if there’s anything she needs. Nicole says she was just looking for Holly. EJ thought she was upstairs with her. Nicole explains that she went to make her lunch and when she went back, she was gone. EJ suggests checking the grounds or the garden and offers to go with her but Nicole says it’s fine and she’s sure she’s there somewhere. Nicole tells Harris it was nice to see him and exits the room. EJ tells Harris that he promises he’ll be the first to know when he sees Stefan, but he’s going to find his stepdaughter. Harris stops EJ and says they are not done here.

Holly goes to the police station and asks Jada if she can help her. Jada tells her it’s nice to see she’s doing better. Holly says she needs to speak with Tate. Jada says she’s sorry but that’s not going to happen because he’s in interrogation with his parents and is in police custody as he might be charged with another felony. Holly asks about him being in the interrogation room. Jada repeats that they can’t allow her to see him because he violated the terms of his release and broke in to her house last night. Jada also feels that Nicole doesn’t know she’s here so she’s going to call her.

Marlena asks Steve if he’s telling her that John killed the girl. Steve clarifies that he didn’t see it happen but feels it wasn’t hard to piece together. Steve reminds her that John was the Pawn at that time so he wasn’t considered human, more of a weapon or an assassin. Marlena recalls John’s training when he was younger. Steve says that made it appealing for any evil bastard to recruit him. Marlena asks if he thinks John meant to kill that girl. Steve says it could’ve been an accident but John’s brain had been reprogrammed, so maybe he snapped. Steve says he doesn’t know and all he knew at that moment was that the message was sent, mission complete, and the girl was dead, so he grabbed John and took off back to Salem.

Konstantin tells John that he held his daughter’s lifeless body in his hands, telling her memories of her childhood. Konstantin says she was the only thing in the world that mattered to him and his only reason for living. Konstantin adds that after her funeral, he developed another reason to go on as he plottted and planned to undermine Victor every chance he got. Konstantin reveals that he swore to himself that if he ever found the man that killed his daughter, he would make him pay, and now after all these years, he has finally found him.

Steve tells Marlena that he thought this whole thing was behind them, but then they confronted Konstantin about his intentions with Maggie and he turned out to be the same man from Aria. Marlena points out that John’s face was covered when the girl was killed, so she asks how Konstantin could know. Steve reveals that he said it was his eyes. Marlena brings up that she was John’s doctor and trying to help him find his identity, so she questions why she’s just now hearing about this. Steve says in trying to keep the secret from John, he didn’t feel he could tell her either and apologizes. Marlena asks if Kayla knows. Steve confirms she doesn’t. Marlena asks how he’s been living with this all this time. Steve calls it a terrible memory that he kept buried and says there were times in his life when he didn’t know who he was either and the DiMeras wiped his memories from him. Steve wishes this whole thing had stayed in the past and that he could’ve protected his friend from the knowledge of what he did, but then Konstantin showed up in Salem and mentioned his hometown of Aria and it all unraveled from there.

Konstantin yells at John asking if he remembers now. John says he doesn’t but he always had a feeling in his gut. Konstantin hopes that feeling eats him alive. Konstantin declares that he will not rest until he gets his revenge. Konstantin remarks that John should’ve killed him but instead, he chose to murder his daughter in cold blood and for that, he will make him pay. Konstantin then storms out of the office.

EJ questions Harris detaining him in his own home and threatens to make one call to have him fired. Harris argues that only the police commissioner can do that and says if EJ tells him where Stefan is, he would go. EJ repeats that he doesn’t know and if he did, he would haul him in because talking to Harris is a colossal waste of time. EJ tells Harris again that Xander shot him, not Stefan. Harris responds that Stefan shot him and pulled the trigger. EJ asks what proof he has. Harris reveals that he is the eye witness because he saw Stefan shoot him.

Holly argues with Jada that she’s not a little kid and complains that Tate did nothing wrong in coming to see her last night. Holly shouts that she let him in. Brady opens the window from the interrogation room. Tate gets excited that Holly is there to see him. Nicole arrives at the police station and finds Holly, questioning what she was thinking. Theresa wants to go talk to Holly but Brady points out that Nicole has arrived. Holly tells Nicole that she came to see Tate because she needs to talk to him. Nicole says now is not the time. Holly questions when is the time. Nicole points out that Holly hasn’t been cleared to leave the house. Nicole thanks Jada for calling her and tells Holly they are going home now as she takes her out of the station, leaving Tate disappointed.

EJ question how Harris can prove he saw Stefan and not Xander. Harris responds that once he finds Stefan, he’ll have his proof. EJ calls it a ridiculous theory. Harris argues that he has his word and that means something as he’s a detective and a navy SEAL. EJ mocks Harris having his brain scrambled. Harris declares that he’s going to find Stefan and when he does, he’s going to take down every dirty bastard involved in this mess.

Brady states that was not a good move on Holly’s part. Theresa wishes she had a chance to talk to her though. Jada enters and announces that EJ has decided not to press charges. Brady asks if Tate can go back to the halfway house then. Jada confirms he can, but he will be required to wear an ankle monitor so he can’t skip out again. Theresa assures that he won’t and that he won’t be there much longer. Tate hopes that Holly can come visit him but Jada tells him not to count on it as she reveals that EJ has also filed a restraining order so Tate is not to come within 100 yards of the DiMera Mansion or Holly.

Konstantin sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and has a drink. He looks at a photo of Catharina on his phone.

John goes home and stops outside the door as he tearfully looks at the photo of Catharina that Konstantin gave him while thinking back to Konstantin’s words. John starts to head inside but stops when he hears Marlena telling Steve that John had always been afraid that he had done unthinkable things in the past. Steve responds that the man who went to Aria with him was not John as the man they know today would never do something like that. Marlena says she knows that but he knows the truth would destroy him. John then comes in and questions Steve knowing and never saying a word to him but he told his wife.


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