Days Opinions For The Week Of March 11, 2024

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by Michele & Cheryl

Tate and Holly from Days

Tate took the risk of going to see Holly so she could help clear his name. We get why he felt he needed to leave the rehab center to see her, but he shouldn’t have risked getting caught doing that. Did he really think no one was going to find him at the DiMera mansion? There was no way he was going to get away with seeing her without getting caught. He should have waited to see her.

Speaking of Holly, she was so selfish when she didn’t tell Nicole and EJ that Tate wasn’t the one who drugged her. She would rather have them think Tate drugged her instead of letting them know she wasn’t the saint they think she is. Holly was able to live with the fact that an innocent person was being punished for something she did. We don’t believe she doesn’t want to stress out Nicole. She’s looking out for herself.

Abe finally got his memory back this week. It was about time he got it back. We didn’t care for the way he got his memory back out of the blue. Lexie came to see Abe when Paulina was dying. After her visit, he suddenly got his memory back and Paulina was suddenly cured. We understand that the writers wanted us to believe that it was a miracle, but we didn’t buy it. They could have come up with a better way to have Abe and Paulina get their miracles.

What was the point of having Eli and Lani come back to Salem if they were going to write them off so soon? Why would Eli suddenly accept a promotion when he knows what his family is going through? He could have gotten his job back in Salem. The writers could have said Eli and Lani were staying temporarily. They didn’t have to have him accept a promotion.

Did the writers forget that Maggie has two children? When she and Konstantin were talking about her children, she only mentioned Sarah. She said she lost two children which means Melissa is still alive. Konstantin has no way of knowing about Melissa, so we didn’t expect him to mention her, but Maggie knows she has another daughter and forgot about her. Just because Melissa isn’t on the show anymore doesn’t mean she couldn’t mention her.


Maggie from Days

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