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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chanel and Johnny showed up at the hospital. They asked Abe what happened. Abe told them he might have dreamed what happened. When Eli and Lani went to see Paulina, she wasn’t in the bed. Lani panicked when she saw the bed. Abe, Chanel and Johnny came in the room. Lani asked where Paulina was. Abe said she was getting tests to see how she felt. Sarah brought Paulina back to her room. Chanel asked Sarah about Paulina’s recovery. Sarah said it was a miracle. Tripp apologized to Wendy about what happened. He said if she went to China that wouldn’t have happened. Tripp let her know Ava wouldn’t hurt her again. Wendy said it wasn’t his responsibility to take care of her. She said she could take care of herself. While they were talking, she wondered if she hallucinated things. Steve credited Kayla for saving Tripp and Wendy. He said she taught him CPR and ASL which was how they were able to find them. Kayla told him Tripp and Wendy were doing great. Steve told Kayla that Clyde broke out of prison. She wanted to know what else was going on. He told her about the things that were going on. When he brought up Paulina dying of heart failure, Kayla told him Paulina was back to normal. Everyone was happy that Paulina was better. Paulina said there was another important miracle to celebrate. She said Abe had his memory back. They were excited. Abe told Lani that he remembered her and was proud to be her father. Tripp told Wendy that his memory was hazy too. He asked her what she thought happened. Before she could answer, Sarah showed up. Sarah examined Wendy.

Johnny and Chanel ran into Steve and Kayla. They talked about Paulina, Tripp and Wendy. While they were talking, Chanel told them that Abe got his memory back. Steve and Kayla went to see Tripp and Wendy. Tripp told Steve not to be upset with Ava. Steve said Ava being involved with the drug cartel ruined things. While Tripp was telling him about Ava, he slipped and admitted that Ava was working with Clyde. Steve wanted to know why he didn’t tell him sooner about Ava. Eli and Lani talked about a job offer he got. He wasn’t sure if he should take the job because it was in D.C. Tripp told Steve that he didn’t tell him about Ava because he knew he would be upset. Steve said he wasn’t mad at him. He was mad at Ava. Kayla and Steve went to see Paulina and Abe. Paulina thanked Steve and Kayla for letting Abe stay with them while he got his memory back. Abe said they were losing him as their houseguest. Kayla said they were thrilled that Abe and Paulina were back together. Steve suggested they have a celebration. While Eli and Lani were talking to Paulina and Abe, they told Paulina about Eli’s job offer. Steve told Kayla that Clyde’s escape still bothered him. Kayla said Clyde was going to be found and brought to prison. Steve said Clyde better hope the police find him before he did.

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