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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve, John, and Ava went into the brewery and found Tripp and Wendy. Tate wanted to know why Holly couldn’t tell the truth about the drugs. Holly said she couldn’t hurt her mother because she would never trust her again. Tate asked if she was going to ruin his life so she could keep up appearances. Holly said it wasn’t like that. Tate asked her to help him. Holly asked her not to make her do this. EJ came in Holly’s room and wondered what Tate was doing there. He called the police. Steve and John tried to save Tripp and Wendy. Rafe and Harris showed up while Steve and John were trying to save Tripp and Wendy. Brady ran into Sarah and asked if a person could lose their memory because of a coma. Sarah said it was possible to lose their memory. Brady asked if it was long term or if Holly could get her memory back. Sarah said she understood. She said a coma patient’s memories could come back gradually or not at all. Sarah said she hoped everything worked out for Tate. Holly asked EJ not to call the police because he didn’t do anything wrong. EJ said Tate broke into his home. Holly asked him to listen to why he was there. Tate said the drugs Holly took weren’t his. Nicole came in and wondered what was going on. EJ said Tate climbed in the window. He said he was going to call the police. Holly asked Nicole to stop EJ, but she said she couldn’t. Nicole called Brady and told him about Tate. Brady said he was on his way home. Ava willed Tripp to come back to them. Rafe said Wendy had a pulse. Steve told Tripp to fight to come back to them. Wendy wanted to know if Tripp was okay. John told her to focus on him. While Steve was giving Tripp chest compressions, Tripp woke up. Rafe got a call saying Clyde escaped from prison. Brady showed up at the DiMera mansion. Tate told Brady that he wanted to make sure Holly was okay. EJ said he wanted to make sure Holly didn’t sell him out to the police. When the police showed up, Tate begged Holly to tell the truth. EJ told the police to arrest him.

EJ told the police that he wanted Tate arrested for breaking and entering. Brady told him not to have him arrested. EJ said Tate has been a problem since he came to town. Brady said Tate wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble if he were guilty. EJ said he was trying to cover himself because he drugged Holly. When Holly tried to speak, she passed out. Steve, John, Ava, Rafe, and Harris got Tripp and Wendy to the hospital. John asked Ava about not sticking to the plan. Before she could say anything, Sarah showed up. Ava asked about Tripp. Sarah told her how Tripp and Wendy were doing. Steve and Ava went to see Tripp. They were glad he was okay. Rafe, Harris, and John went to check on Wendy. She told them that they saved her and Tripp’s life. Rafe asked if she could tell them what happened. Wendy told them what Goldman did. Rafe said Goldman was a dirty cop. While Holly was passed out, the police put handcuffs on Tate. Wendy told Rafe not to be mad at Ava. She said Ava didn’t want the police to know. Rafe said Ava should have trusted him. He said he was going to make Ava pay if she was responsible for Clyde’s escape. Harris asked why he thought Ava had something to do with it. Rafe said it was obvious that she was involved. Sarah talked to Harris about his case. She told him Xander was in jail for it and hoped he remembered soon. Harris apologized for what Xander is going through. John and Steve talked about Rafe figuring out they helped Clyde escape. When Holly woke up, she told Nicole and EJ not to send Tate to jail. Nicole told Holly rest. Tate told Brady to make sure Holly was okay. He asked Brady what was going to happen to him. Brady said he couldn’t do anything because he broke into the D.A.’s house. Tate asked him to talk to Nicole. Brady said he was going to side with her husband. When the police were about to take Tate, Brady said he would talk to Justin.

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