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Steve sits in his room with his tablet, reading the Spectator headlines which include Tripp and Wendy escaping death and Clyde’s escape from prison. Steve then tosses his tablet aside in frustration. Kayla comes in and says she was hoping he went back to sleep since he was tossing and turning all night. Steve says he’s okay and just wants to go see Tripp. Kayla says she does too but she talked to Sarah, who said Tripp and Wendy are both resting comfortably. Kayla tells Steve that is 100% thanks to him. Steve says it’s thanks to Kayla too.

Wendy lays in her hospital bed and thinks back to her and Tripp exchanging vows while they were locked up. Tripp then enters her room and hugs her. Wendy questions him being allowed out of bed. Tripp clarifies that he’s not but he knows what time the shift changes. Wendy thinks Ava feels guilty about the whole situation even though it’s not really her fault. Tripp says he feels guilty too and brings up if Wendy went back to China when her parents wanted her to. Tripp knows Ava didn’t want any of this to happen and is horrified that it did, but with her, history has a way of repeating itself. Tripp doesn’t think he could live with himself if something like this happened again.

Chanel and Johnny join Abe at the hospital. Chanel says she got his text and knew they shouldn’t have gone home last night. Chanel questions Paulina flatlining but now doing better. Abe says she’ll find out for herself soon. Johnny doesn’t get it as he thought the only possible solution for Paulina was a heart transplant. Abe says that’s what they all thought. Chanel asks what happened last night then. Abe remarks that he doesn’t know how to explain it and if he didn’t know better, he might think that he dreamed the whole thing.

Eli and Lani go to Paulina’s hospital room but find the bed empty, causing Lani to worry. Eli tells her not to jump to conclusions as he’s sure Abe would’ve let them know if something changed. Abe then enters with Chanel and Johnny. Abe explains that they took Paulina out for some tests to see if she’s as good as she feels. Sarah then wheels Paulina back in. Paulina excitedly says hello to all of her favorite people. Chanel comments that she looks so much better. Paulina admits she feels so much better too. Abe asks Sarah what the verdict is. Sarah responds that there was no blockages and her heart tissue appears healthy, defying all medical explanation. Chanel asks if they have no idea what happened to bring Paulina back and make her heart strong again. Sarah calls it nothing short of a miracle.

Wendy tells Tripp that it’s not his job to keep her safe and jokes that she doesn’t need Ava’s help to get in to trouble but she’s good at getting out of it too. Tripp credits Wendy for being the reason that Steve found them before they ran out of air. Wendy credits Tripp for keeping them sane while they were locked up. Wendy says she clearly remembers everything before they were running out of air, but the last part is kind of blurry like maybe she imagined the whole thing. Tripp says when you run out of oxygen, the brain generates it’s own sensory inputs. Wendy asks if he’s saying maybe she did imagine some of it.

Kayla doesn’t understand how she can be responsible for saving Wendy and Tripp. Steve points out that he never would’ve learned CPR if she hadn’t taught him and made him take a refresher course a few months ago. Kayla feels he’s giving her too much credit. Steve adds that he never would’ve picked up on Wendy’s ASL clues in Tripp’s hostage video if he hadn’t learned sign language with Kayla all those years ago and jokes that the sign for beer was one he remembered. Steve adds that after he caught the sign language, John zoomed in on the wall and it clicked they were in the brewery tank passed the airport. Kayla guesses Steve was lucky to have remembered sign language. Steve wishes he picked up on it sooner so they didn’t come so close to losing Wendy and Tripp. Kayla encourages that Wendy and Tripp are now safe and okay. Kayla adds that Steve is obviously worried about something else. Steve brings up Clyde breaking out of prison. Kayla says there was nothing he could do so she asks what else. Steve says it’s just the whole nightmare of Ava getting involved with Clyde in the first place and nearly getting Tripp killed. Steve adds that Konstantin is still using Maggie, Abe still has amnesia, and Paulina’s in the hospital dying of heart failure. Kayla then reveals to him that Paulina is not dying of heart failure which Steve questions. Kayla calls it crazy but she just talked to Sarah, who said that against all odds, Paulina’s heart is functioning normal and she’s just back to normal. Steve asks how that’s possible. Kayla chalks it up to prayer and love because Paulina certainly has a lot of both. Steve calls that fantastic news and says Abe must be so relieved. Kayla says that things were rough last night, but this morning, they have so much to be thankful and grateful for. Steve agrees as he hugs her.

Chanel calls it a miracle while Lani calls it a medical mystery. Paulina doesn’t want to jinx it. Chanel declares that they have her back and are never letting her go again. Paulina states there is another very important miracle to celebrate. Paulina brings up Lani being free and Chanel being a newlywed. Lani points out that Chanel and Johnny can finally go on their honeymoon. Johnny says they haven’t really thought about that with everything going on. Chanel adds that she wouldn’t feel comfortable going too far right now which Johnny understands. Chanel asks Paulina about the other miracle. Paulina then announces that Abe finally has his memory back. Lani asks if that’s true. Abe confirms that he remembers everything and he remembers the day that he found out Lani was his daughter. Abe says even though he eventually found out Lani wasn’t his biologically, he still felt so much for her and always will. Abe tells Lani that he’s so proud to be her father. Lani tells Abe that she loves him and she has no words as she hugs him. Abe declares that he remembers falling in love with Paulina for the first time and he’s so happy that he got to fall in love with her all over again. Johnny calls this a beautiful moment. Johnny says as much as he loves most of his family, he swears the Carvers must have an angel. Abe agrees that they do.

Tripp tells Wendy that his memory is pretty hazy from last night too and asks what she thinks happened. They get interrupted by Sarah coming in. Sarah says she figured she’d find Tripp there. Tripp asks if she’s kicking him out. Sarah jokes that she’s already broken rules so she’ll go ahead and break another. Sarah checks on Wendy’s breathing.

Lani thought they would have so much to celebrate when she got released from prison but then Eli’s family’s house burned down and Paulina was so sick, so she was afraid this would not be a happy visit. Eli says they are on a major roll with good news. Eli then gets a call and says he has to take it. Lani tells Paulina and Abe that they will be back with a surprise or two. Paulina tells them to hurry back as she loves surprises. After Eli and Lani exit, Paulina tells Abe that she thinks she knows exactly what those two surprises are.

Johnny and Chanel run in to Steve and Kayla in the town square. Kayla congratulates Johnny and Chanel on their marriage while Steve mentions hearing the good news about Paulina. Kayla notes that they are on their way to see Paulina and are bringing flowers for her as well as Wendy and Tripp. Johnny asks what Wendy and Tripp are celebrating. Kayla questions them not hearing. Steve reveals that they were held hostage. Kayla says it was a close call but they were rescued by Steve and John, so now they are doing okay. Chanel guesses that makes four miracles now which Steve questions. Chanel and Johnny then announce that Abe got his memory back which amazes Steve and Kayla. Kayla says that must be such a relief for their entire family. Chanel credits all the hours that Kayla worked with Abe. Kayla says they all did an amazing job being supportive and encouraging. Kayla calls it very unusual for someone to get their memory back so suddenly and completely. Chanel remarks that it seems like everything about yesterday was unusual.

Sarah guesses that Tripp looked at he and Wendy’s charts already, joking that they say doctors are the worst patients. Steve and Kayla arrive. Kayla questions Tripp being out of bed. Wendy assures they are feeling much better. Kayla asks Sarah how they are doing. Sarah confirms their levels are good, they are stable and look a lot better than when they came in. Kayla drops off flowers for Wendy. Sarah tells Kayla that she’d love to chat with her about something so they step out of the room to talk. Steve asks Tripp if Ava was there to spin her side of the story. Tripp knows Steve is angry but says Clyde forced Ava in to this and she had no choice. Steve argues that people died because of the tainted drugs that Ava was running through the Bistro and that Tripp and Wendy could have died. Tripp insists that Ava was trying to protect them and begged them to leave Salem but he couldn’t leave her to deal with this all on her own. Steve questions Tripp knowing that Ava was involved in the drug operation. Steve demands an answer as to how long Tripp has known and why he didn’t tell him.

Paulina tells Abe that she guesses they aren’t going to tell the kids about Lexie. Abe says they wouldn’t believe that his first wife appeared to them from the afterlife and miraculously healed both of them. Paulina is quite sure that they both did not imagine the same thing but she wonders if Abe getting back some memories of her might cause him to wonder why he was with her which Abe questions. Paulina worries about Abe remembering all the lies she told and the problems she caused. Abe tells Paulina that she’s a complicated and amazing woman. Abe says most people have never had what he’s had once, let alone twice. Abe can’t wait to spend the rest of these years making new memories with her as they kiss.

Eli finishes his call and informs Lani that the FBI approved his status change to part time and that they gave him everything he asked for and more. Lani says that’s because he’s the best and she’s so proud of him. Eli tells her that means more money and he gets to spend more time with her and their twins. Lani adds that means less time in harm’s way. Eli says that’s if he takes the job. Lani points out that it’s everything he ever wanted. Eli mentions that the job is in DC, but now that they are back home, he doesn’t know how he feels about leaving. Lani admits that she doesn’t know either.

Tripp tells Steve that he didn’t tell him because he knew he would go ballistic but he knows it’s not an excuse and he’s sorry. Steve says he’s not mad at him, he’s angry at Ava. Steve understands Tripp is defending her because he’s a good son. Steve decides he’s just grateful they are both okay. Steve admits that he was so scared when he couldn’t get him to breathe. Steve apologizes for breaking Tripp’s rib. Tripp calls it a minor crack. Kayla returns to the room and encourages that Steve did everything right, noting that it’s very common to crack a rib with the force of CPR. Tripp tells Steve that he saved his life and he’s so grateful as they hug.

Paulina still feels like she’s in a dream as she sits here with her husband, who now has his memories back. Paulina talks about dreaming of this for so many months. Paulina thanks God and thanks Lexie as she declares they will be making many more beautiful and perfect memories together.

Johnny and Chanel join Steve, Kayla, and Tripp in Wendy’s hospital room with treats from the bakery. Kayla mentions they were just heading to Paulina’s room. Steve says they will let them visit. Tripp thanks them for everything as Steve and Kayla exit. Wendy asks Chanel how Paulina is doing. Chanel admits the past few weeks had been really rough but now she is doing much better. Wendy then notices Chanel’s wedding ring. Chanel reveals that she and Johnny got married in Paulina’s hospital room on Valentine’s Day. Tripp and Wendy congratulate them. Tripp says he always knew they would wind up together. Johnny declares that it seems as though they are all exactly where they belong.

Steve and Kayla visit with Paulina and Abe. Paulina thanks Kayla and Steve for all they have done for them. Kayla is not sure that it was the medical attention that cured Paulina or got Abe’s memory back. Steve says they have thanked them enough. Abe informs them that they will be losing him a houseguest as he is moving back in with Paulina as they kiss. Kayla says they are thrilled for both of them. Steve invites them to dinner as soon as Paulina is out of the hospital. Kayla says it will be a big celebration. Steve tells Abe that he’s so happy for him as they hug.

Wendy comments to Tripp on another wedding. Tripp asks what she means by another. Wendy reminds him that they were talking about what they remembered from last night before Kayla and Sarah came in. Wendy gets interrupted by a call from her mom. Wendy answers until her mom hangs up on her, saying she was mad that she heard about her near death experience from the news. Tripp guesses she was just worried about her, especially after what happened to Li as her parents would be devastated if something happened. Wendy realizes she’s been scared before but never as much as she was last night but she never felt as safe as she did in Tripp’s arms.

Johnny and Chanel give Sarah a box of croissants and donuts for the staff. Sarah brings up what they said earlier about not wanting to go far away on a honeymoon. Sarah informs them that they could always go to the Horton cabin which is private and cozy. Johnny says that sounds pretty good to him. Chanel says as soon as they get Paulina home and settled, they will do it.

Lani sits with Paulina and talks about how they brought the twins to visit which Paulina says she loved and was hoping would be her surprise. Eli returns and says the twins are now at the park with Julie. Paulina hoped they could’ve stayed a little longer so Eli says he will bring them back later. Paulina talks about how she can’t wait to babysit and make up for long time. Paulina then questions the looks on Eli and Lani’s faces. Lani says Paulina would get to babysit all the time if they were going to stay in Salem which Paulina questions. Lani guesses Abe didn’t tell her about Eli’s potential job offer in DC which she confirms. Abe notes that Lani said it was only a potential job offer. Paulina asks them to tell her now. Lani calls it a great opportunity for Eli but they love being in Salem. Paulina guesses they are going anyways. Lani says only if Paulina will be truly happy for them, otherwise they will stay here. Lani tells Paulina to just say the word. Paulina says not to put this on her. Paulina says she doesn’t want them to go but understands they have to do what’s right for their family. Paulina adds that when she can finally travel, she’ll be there as often as she can. Lani hugs Paulina as Chanel and Johnny return to the room. Chanel asks what’s going on. Paulina says they’re starving and asks where they have been. Chanel responds that they just took a little detour.

Tripp jokes with Wendy about waiting for someone else to interrupt them but says they might actually be safe now as he kisses her. Tripp asks what they were talking about. Wendy reminds him that it was what they thought they remembered from last night. Tripp tells her to tell him what she remembers. Wendy then asks if Tripp really proposed to her last night.

Paulina tells Chanel about Jules and Carver being there until Eli took them to the park. Johnny says they willl see them later. Sarah enters the room so Paulina asks when she can go home. Sarah says her blood work is still looking great and she might be released by tomorrow. Sarah says she still has follow ups but the end is definitely in sight.

Steve calls John and leaves a voicemail that they need to talk about the fallout from Clyde’s escape. Kayla comes over and says she’s ready to go but notes Steve is distracted and asks what’s going on. Steve responds that Clyde’s escape from prison is still eating at him since Tripp and Wendy suffered because of him, he killed their niece, and he kidnapped Kayla and Joey. They worry about what he could be planning next. Kayla insists that Clyde will be found and brought back to prison. Steve declares that Clyde better hope the police get him before he does.

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