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Ridge: You softened the shoulder. Looks nice.

Thomas: Yeah, I think it gives a more elegant flow down the back.

Ridge: It does. How’s it feel?

Petra: It was perfect before, but now it’s even more perfect.

Ridge: It’s almost impossible.

Thomas: Reminds me of my relationship with hope.

Ridge: All right, petra, I think that’s enough for today. Why don’t you tell harold there are no changes.

Petra: Always a pleasure, ridge, thomas.

Thomas: Thanks.

Ridge: Well done, son.

Thomas: Hey, you gave me the idea.

Ridge: No, not just your work. Your personal life.

Hope: I don’t understand what has gotten into me.

Thomas: Hm…

Hope: Why I can’t get enough of you.

[ Door opens ]

Brooke: You okay, honey? You seem a little flushed.

Hope: Uh, yes, you– you caught me. I happened to be thinking of thomas.

Liam: Well, the, uh, multi-platform ad structure’s kicking up revenue nicely.

Bill: You said it would.

Liam: Oh, it’s so nice to be right.

Bill: Well, that’s the kind of confidence that spencer needs at the top. I’m glad to see you stepping up, son.

Liam: Yeah, well, I’m happy to do it, especially since, uh, you’re focused on something else right now. Or should I say someone else?

Bill: All right, all right I– I will admit that poppy has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Poppy: You’re not going into the office?

Luna: I rolled some calls earlier and now I’m prepping for a meeting. I thought you were going out.

Poppy: Are you trying to avoid me? Luna, I hate this tension between us. Okay, I mean, I feel awful about what’s happened because–

Luna: I don’t want to think about that night anymore, mom. Accidentally taking your mints, pretty much hallucinating, sleeping with zende. I just– I just want to focus on my work.

Poppy: Luna… it was a mistake. I’m so sorry. Please… please would you forgive me?

Luna: I wish I could talk to my father about this.

Ridge: You and hope doing okay?

Thomas: Stronger every day.

Ridge: Makes me very happy.

Thomas: Last night was kind of a highlight.

Ridge: You did something special?

Thomas: Yeah, well, granddad and donna, they were watching the kids, so I decided to take advantage of the moment. Uh, we had some dinner and reminisced about the past. The way it all began.

Hope: Thomas actually ordered us a feast from il giardino. And he went out of his way to find a chianti from the year that douglas was born. And it was all to just recapture the romance and the magic that we felt in rome.

Brooke: OH.

Hope: He’s always doing thoughtful things like that. Going out of his way to make me feel special and loved.

Brooke: He certainly gives you a lot of attention.

Hope: Well, yeah, it feels good for a change. You know, being a priority in someone’s life and finally being the only woman.

Poppy: You want to talk to your father?

Luna: Yeah, I do.

Poppy: Luna.

Luna: I’m sorry, okay? I’m not trying to hurt you. I mean, I’ve always been able to come to you with all of my problems, but… I can’T. Not about this. Not– not about zende and the mix-up with the mints.

Poppy: Because I’m the cause of it.

Luna: I can’t even open up to rj or my friends at the office about it. Mom, it’S… it’s eating me up. Holding this inside, I just– I need to know who my father is.


Thomas: Do you ever have like 14 designs ruminating in your mind at once? It occupies a lot of space. Like, it’s really great, but it’s also stressful. I– I feel like that’s what last night was about. Like, I wanted to get away from the stress, take hope and get away from it all, like we did in italy. Like it was in rome, where all that magic came alive.

Ridge: Well, it sounds like last night was magical too.

Thomas: Yeah. Hope is like the best surprise I’ve ever gotten in my life.

Ridge: But it’s not a surprise. It didn’t come out of nowhere. You worked on who you are as a man, as a father, and hope sees that and she wants it in her life.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I want her in my life for sure, and I– I just can’t imagine a life without her, actually.

Brooke: Well, there is no question that thomas is completely devoted to you. And you love the way he loves you. But how do you feel about him, honey? And I know you’re having fun, but is this really the guy that you want to spend your life with?

Hope: Thomas is the man who made me realize what I deserve. What it feels like to be loved completely. His passion for me is genuine, mom, and it is not obsessive anymore. It is healthy, and it is– it’s beautiful. And in turn, it makes me feel… beautiful.

Bill: Not everything comes down to magic, liam. It could just be plain old good timing. Two people who want the same thing at the same time in their life.

Liam: Yeah, except you yourself said that this feels different, that there is this special connection.

Bill: Yeah, because we go so far back.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, because you go so far back. Or…

Bill: Oh, here we go.

Liam: Or… poppy’s in los angeles to give you something you have never had before.

Poppy: Okay, luna, I realize you’re feeling isolated.

Luna: No, I’ve always wondered who my father is. But you always shut me down. You haven’t told me anything, mom, and I– I’ve always put up with that in the past because I didn’t want to upset you or make you feel like I was disappointed in you.

Poppy: And now you are disappointed.

Luna: That’s not why I’m asking. Mom, I did something totally out of character. I mean, betraying the man that I love? That is so not me.

Poppy: It wasn’t you. It was the mints.

Luna: Okay, then what about the lying and– and keeping secrets? Everything that I’m doing now? I don’t know, mom, but maybe knowing who my father is might help. Why? Why won’t you tell me who he is? Known as a passionate artist.

Bill: All right, I may regret it, but I’ll bite. What do you think poppy’s giving me?

Liam: Aside from a chance to step away from the office so I can steer the ship for a minute?

Bill: Yeah, just don’t forget who daddy is.

Liam: What you’ve never had before, daddy, is someone in your life who met you as bill. Not billionaire business mogul, bill. Not dollar bill. Just bill.

Bill: You’re right. She does see me that way. And she gets me out of my head. You know, away from my considerable ego. And you know that’s not an easy thing to do. Ah, liam, it is just really great with poppy. We’re just– we’re not labeling it. It’s not, uh, what are we? Who are we? Where are we going? What is this? And at the same time, I feel like anything is possible. I mean, it’s really exciting. I have no idea what could happen next. You know, I texted poppy earlier about getting together, but I think I’m gonna pay her a visit right now.

Liam: Right now? You’re gonna do this?

Bill: Yeah, so when the check comes, make sure you leave a big fat tip there.

Liam: All right. Good luck.

Bill: I don’t need it. I mean, if we’re meant to be, I’m going to show up there at just the right time.

Luna: Tell me who he is, mom. Just give me a name and I’ll do the rest. You owe me this.

Poppy: Okay, luna, you know what? Your emotions are all stirred up. Would you just gave it some time? Focus on the good things, like– like how much rj cares about you. Then what happened that night–

Luna: I don’t want to talk about what happened that night, mom. If I had a dad, I’d talk to him about it, but he’s not in my life because you don’t want him to be.

Poppy: No, it’s not like that.

Luna: Then why won’t you answer my question?

Poppy: Because we’re just fine on our own. We don’t need anyone else. It’s always just been the two of us. And that’s our power. That’s always been enough.

Luna: Maybe it’s not enough anymore.

Thomas: Things are coming together for us, dad. I know hope loves me.

Ridge: I can see why she would.

Thomas: I just wish that brooke could believe that, too.

Hope: I am so happy, mom, and… can you please just be happy for me, too?

[ Knock on door ]

Luna: Bill?

Bill: Luna, hi. Yeah, I– I came by to surprise poppy.

Luna: Um, she’s not here. She just left.

Bill: Are you okay? Why– why are you upset? If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Ridge: Brooke isn’t standing between the two of you.

Thomas: She’s not supporting us either.

Ridge: Why do you say that? ‘Cause she wasn’t throwing confetti when she saw the ring on the necklace?

Thomas: Well, I wasn’t expecting anyone to throw confetti. Actually, we didn’t really want anyone to know about the proposal.

Ridge: Well, I’m glad you told me.

Thomas: I love her, dad. Her beauty, her goodness. It’s just– I believe that very, very, very soon, she’s gonna take that ring off her necklace and put it on her finger.

Brooke: Honey, you’re happy, and I love that. And that is all that I want for you.

Hope: Okay, but then why is it so hard for you to give thomas credit for that?

Brooke: I have my reservations.

Hope: Mom, I had my reservations, too. It took me a while to trust him and to open my heart up to him. And he’s given me his. Every bit of it. And that was even before the ring and the proposal. I mean, that was through his words and his actions, his devotion. He’s given me his whole heart. I mean, the kids feel it, too, mom. All of us. We feel so secure with him, with thomas. He makes me happy and I just– can you just give us a chance? Please, mom, can… do you think you could support my relationship with thomas?

Bill: You’re definitely upset.

Luna: It’s nothing.

Bill: It’s obviously something. Is it the forrester kid?

Luna: What?

Bill: Did he hurt you?

Luna: No, no, no, he would never.

Bill: Then what’s going on?

Luna: I’m fine.

Bill: Well, you don’t look fine. I, um, I mean, you look– you look beautiful. But you’re– you’re– you’re sad. Your mom wouldn’t want that. You said your mom was here. And she left. Did you have an argument? Um… I know all about parents and their kids butting heads. I mean, not so much mothers’ and daughters but… you know, I have three sons, right? Liam, wyatt, and– and will. And I probably drive them crazy on a– on a daily basis, but that’s only because I want the best for them. So I try to– I– I guide them and I– I try to teach them, and… some people might describe my personality as being somewhat intense and maybe a bit, uh, combustible, right? I’ll admit that I go too far sometimes. But I mean, you know, parents can do that because they just really love their kids, and sometimes we just can’t get out of our own way. Is that maybe what happened with you and your mom?

Luna: Um, yeah, we had an– an argument. And it’s been pretty tense between us lately. You know, it’s, uh, it’s really nice hearing you talk about your sons and how much you love them.

Bill: Luna, your mom loves you just as much.

Luna: Yeah, but you’re a dad. It’s different.

Bill: Is it?

Luna: Maybe. I don’t know. I mean, I’ve– I’ve never had one.

Bill: Yeah.

Luna: I mean, I’m not trying to say that dads are better. You know, like dads over moms. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. I mean, it’s the love that matters and being there for your kid. My mom’s always been there for me, but, you know, there’s like a part of me that’s missing and… she doesn’t understand that. Or, I don’t know, she doesn’t want to understand it. Because… every time I bring it up, she just… god, I just can’t let it go anymore. I need to know. I need to know who my father is.

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