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I thought we agreed this morning that I would be the one to open up the club tonight. What? You didn’t trust me to be able to do it all on my own? Or are you afraid I’ll eat all the bar snacks?

[ Laughs ] Um, well, that hadn’t occurred to me until you just told on yourself, so I’m gonna keep a watchful eye out. Well, you do what you have to.

[ Chuckles ] What’s going on? Pop, I have some news that I should share with you sooner than later. Sounds important. I found the doctor that misdiagnosed you all those years ago. Jason is… the one that you turn to when… when you’re afraid and when you’re in trouble. He keeps your secrets. He’S… he’s the one that you count on. He’s never failed me. What about the last two and a half years when he let you think he was dead? That doesn’t count as failing you? I don’t know where jason was or what he was doing, but I know he came back as soon as he could. Do — do you hear yourself right now? Because basically you’re saying, like, wherever he was, whatever he was doing, like, you’ll be okay with it. I mean, he could have been lying in a hammock on a tropical island sipping rum, and — and you wouldn’t care? I hope that’s all that happened to jason. I have a feeling it was something worse. Well, whatever it is, we both know that you’re gonna be there for him, by his side, helping him through it. And carly, I’m not gonna be here to watch. W-wait, wait. Are you saying that we’re done?! Why do you sound surprised? Every relationship you’ve ever had has been trashed because of jason. I have not trashed us, drew. Are you doing this because I didn’t call you the second I heard from jason? No, no, I’m doing it because it didn’t even occur to you. Carly… you made your choice. Jason is it for you. Look, I was — I was somebody nice to spend time with while you thought he was dead, but I can’t pretend… oh, my… I can’t pretend that I’m gonna be okay. Being with you, sleeping with you, while your heart and your mind… your trust is with him. So I-I, um… I refuse to ride this out to the bitter end because it’s gonna hurt too much. So I’m getting out now. Thanks for seeing me, anna. Of course. Any update on dante? Uh, no. No changes. He was badly injured. Body takes its own time to heal. That’s why I’m here — the injury. Is there any evidence that jason shot my son? Hey. Sorry I’m late. No, it’s okay.

[ Door closes ] Kids miss you. Yeah? They’re already in bed? In bed and asleep. I checked on them both. Okay. You look awful. Oh, gee, thanks. No, I just — by awful, I mean that you look…tired. Yeah. Worried. I stopped by the hospital, and there’s no change in dante’s condition, no sign of him waking up, so… who was with him? Uh, sam. Sam. Yeah, she’s still trying to wrap her head around the news that jason’s alive.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, danny. Is everything okay up at the house? Fine. I’m here because… I need a favor.

[ Exhales ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales softly ]

[ Winces ]

[ Exhales ]

[ Alarm ringing ] There they are!

You’re telling me that after all this time, you found that doctor? Dr. Paul braddock. You’re certain? It’s the same doctor, paul braddock, who slapped a label on me and ruined my life? I mean, I can’t be 100% certain, pop, but he checks all the boxes. He was — he was on the hospital staff, working at that hospital in baltimore when you were brought in for treatment after your arrest. And he’s still alive? Yeah, yeah, according to the information I was able to access. Of course, he’s retired. He’s living in some — I don’t know — fancy retirement community in westminster, maryland, just outside of baltimore. Pop, we can take a road trip tomorrow

if that’s something you might want to do. Pop, you okay? What… what are you thinking? Not quite sure. I’d always figured he’d be dead by now. I never thought I’d be able to confront the man who — who convinced me I was a danger to my family, the man who introduced me to the word schizophrenia and — and tore my world apart. Yep. That one word was the reason you cut yourself off from everyone you loved and from everyone who loved you. And it turns out, after all this time, I can still look him in the eye. Maybe I could — I could get some answers about myself and — and maybe… maybe see what kind of man he is. Hey, man, it’s a — it’s a lot to take in. Pop, it’s not too much, is it? Aunt stella and I aren’t pushing you toward a confrontation that you’re not ready for, are we? Two individuals were observed on the roof of the warehouse — jason and an unidentified man. Y-you’re already aware of this because spinelli — he was working for you when he put in surveillance, right? Detective chase says he and dante observed the individuals 200 yards from the warehouse, and then they were moving towards the pier, and that’s when dante went after them. 18 minutes after that, 911 call came in reporting that dante had been shot. And voice id confirmed that jason made that call, so we know that he tried to save dante. We don’t know that he shot him. But you don’t know that he didn’T. I need to speak with the commissioner. I’m sorry, agent cates. She’s in with someone. You’ll have to wait.

[ Police radio chatter ] Detective, how long has the commissioner been in with sonny corinthos? Drew, wait, wait! Wait. Come on. Oh, I wish I could… I wish I could tell you that jason didn’t come first. I’m — I didn’T… know this was gonna happen. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know, I know. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, and… it doesn’t matter what you did and you didn’t mean. The second that you found out that jason was alive, we were done. So — so, what? Every… everything good between us, it just ends? We pretend like it didn’t happen? What? No. God, no. It happened. It just — it wasn’t enough.

[ Sighs ] I loved every second that I got to spend with you, carly, I really did. But I am not gonna compete with what you have with jason. I don’t want to. Look… uh… I’m a businessman, and I know when to cut my losses and, like… …speaking of that, I-I can’T. I can’t go to work every day and I can’t — I can’t see you. And I know you did an amazing job at crimson, and I know you were only there for me. I know you didn’t want to be there. I — I’m gonna let you off the hook, and I will find somebody else to run the magazine. You’re firing me? No, carly, come on. Your heart wasn’t in it. You take care, okay?

[ Exhales ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. So, uh, what do you need? It’s, uh — it’s — it’s kind of private, sorry. Oh, no. No worries. I have to take this upstairs anyway. So, um… what can I do for you? It’s hard to explain. I need to show you. Can — can you come with me? Right now? It’s important. Okay. All right, let’s go.

You and stella haven’t beenpushing me to do anything I haven’t been thinking about myself for years. So you can let that worry go. Okay. Just know that, uh, you have our support, whatever you decide or decide not to do. I do know that, son. But ever since stella told me about dr. Braddock, I-I haven’t been able to think about much else. Just the chance to be able to talk to the man himself and maybe — and maybe make sense out of what happened to me fills me with hope that I can know once and for all what, if anything, was actually wrong with me. The — the professionals, I think, they call that closure. And I want that for you, pop, more than anything. I don’t care what they call it or what you label it. You’ve suffered enough. You are a good son, curtis. And I thank you. I thank you for all the hard work you did getting me the answers I need. If dr. Braddock can ease your pain even just a little bit, then why are we still sitting here?

[ Laughs ] Let– come on, pop, let’s go. I got a full tank of gas. I just hooked up my playlist with new jazz music. Come on, son. Ooh. We’re closed! Too bad for your customers. Fortunately, I’m not one of them. I do, however, have business with curtis. Selina, I could have saved you a trip. I’ve told you already many times our business is over. I believe I have something that will change your mind. How many times do you need to hear the man say it? You need to go on and get the hell out of this club. And if you’ve forgotten the way, I’d be happy to show you. I’m not afraid of whatever this is that you dragged in here on the bottom of your shoe. That’s just foolish, mr. Ashford. And you’ve never been a foolish man. Pop, pop, don’t get worked up. Don’t do ’em dirty yet. I can handle this. Ms. Wu, I have nothing to say to you. And I’m quite certain I am not interested in anything you have to say. Even if it’s information leading to the identity of the person who shot you? You have a reason to believe that jason would shoot dante? All I know is you’re searching for jason. Well, we’re searching for both men. We’ve identified jason. We can’t pull a clear image of the other man’s face from the footage. And he’s disappeared. And so has jason. Well, jason didn’t disappear. He jumped off a bridge so he wouldn’t get arrested. Right. If he died in the fall, we would have recovered his body from the river by now, and we haven’t, so therefore, the assumption is that he is still alive and he’s injured. How do you know that he’s injured? There’s a bullet hole in — in the sweatshirt that was used to bandage dante, and forensics pulled two different blood samples from it, dante’s and jason’S. I don’t know how long the commissioner has been in with corinthos, but maybe you can ask her when they’re done. It’s pretty clear she’s not interrogating him. You know, I couldn’t say. I commend your discretion, detective, but doesn’t it bother you just a little that your superior is in close conversation with a known racketeer? Nope. Working out or beating someone up?

[ Laughs ] Little of both. Mm. I know the feeling.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hi. How’s dante? Um, he is, uh… critical but — but stable. Yeah. Have you heard from jason? I’ve seen him.

[ Exhales ] Jason? Hey, michael. Oh, my god. Oh. He was shot. H-how long have you been here? Uh, since last night, early this morning. Danny found me. Uh, he brought me, um, a first-aid kit. But I do not want to ask him for anything else. I don’t mind. I know, I know. But it wasn’t fair for me to bring you into this. Hey, you should — you just sit down. Come on. Oh, man.

[ Sighs ] Can you just — can you take him back up to the house? I think I can find my own way back there. No, I-I know, danny. I know you can… I know you can find your way back. I just want to make sure you stay up there. Why don’t you want my help anymore? Because I’m wanted by the police, and you shouldn’t be anywhere near it. I’m glad that you found me. I am. I shouldn’t be. But I missed you every day when I was gone. What’s gonna happen to you now?

[ Sighs ] Michael’s gonna help me figure that out. Please, danny. You helped me when I needed you. Now just… help me by staying out of it. Sure. Whatever. Michael, can you go af– can you go after him? Yeah, yeah. I’ll be right back.

I know you’re feeling helpless. I understand that you want to do something, anything, to make a difference for your son. Pray. Go sit by dante’s side. But do not go off to jason or this other man yourself, because you don’t have all the information and you’re gonna wind up doing more harm than good. Are you saying you got the name of the person who put my son in this wheelchair? Hang on a second, dad. I know this game. And we’re not playing. What game? The game where you offer me so-called information in exchange for access to my back room for your poker games. It’s not going to happen. You have me all wrong. Oh, that would be a first. And see, I’m also aware that you’re having trouble finding a new space. Curtis, there are penthouses all over town that will jump at the kind of money I have to offer. Are you sure about that? Because after the fbi and pcpd raid on your warehouse, it would seem that your power base is shaky, at best. That’s quite an exaggeration, but it’s true that my life was threatened at night, and I cannot and will not abide it. You and i have been deceived. That’s why I’m here. Not to bargain, but to give you a warning. I’m listening. It appears that the man who shot you is jason morgan. And we both know that he only acts under sonny’s orders. You’re saying sonny corinthos wanted curtis dead? Where was jason? When did you see him? I saw him last night at my house. So before he jumped from the bridge? Yeah. What did he tell you? Where has he been? Well, he barely had a chance to say anything because anna and agent cates showed up and they searched my house. Did he tell you who shot dante? No. Okay. So — so the — what I was told, that there was a sweatshirt that was wrapped around dante, used as a bandage, and it had jason’s blood on it, so he was obviously there. Yeah, I mean, it seems like it. Well, he either was or he wasn’t, and he obviously was. Carly, what did jason tell you about the shooting? He didn’t say anything, sam. He didn’t say a word about dante. Please don’t let me interrupt. Sounds like you got some frustrations to work out, too. So, uh, be my guest. I’m just, uh… having second thoughts, that’s all. About? I was dante falconeri’s superior for a few years. I want to be out there searching for the man who shot him. But I’m not a cop anymore. I’m the deputy mayor. And I just remembered the man police are searching for is your brother. I apologize. What are you apologizing for? Because you hope the police will find jason? I hope they do, too. Sam, come here. Look, I told you, jason and I barely had a chance to talk. I mean, when I realized I wasn’t hallucinating and he was really there, I saw that he was injured. So I went to get a first-aid kit, and I was barely able to give him a bandage when the police showed up. By injured, you mean shot? Yes. And he didn’t say who shot him? No. Did it ever occur to you to ask? I already told you, there wasn’t time. Sam, why are you being like this? Oh, I don’t know, carly. Maybe because my ex-husband, who I thought was dead, is alive. And possibly shot the man that I love. Hey. Hey. Is everything okay? Um, all right, look, jason’s in the boathouse. He — he was shot. Danny brought him a first-aid kit, but he needs a nurse. Can you help him? Of course. I’ll, uh, get my medical bag. Wh– what about the kids? Uh, danny’s gonna stay back in case one of them wakes up. Okay. All right, um, just call, one of us to come right back. I don’t have a phone. My mom took it ’cause I’m grounded. Okay. All right. Just take mine. The password is 123412. Okay. I’m ready. We’ll be back as soon as we can. Just make sure he’s okay. Yeah.

Jason? Willow. Michael says you need a nurse. No. No, no, I don’t — I don’t want you involved. Too late. I-I thought you were taking danny back up to the house. Danny’s at our house with the kids. K-kids? Yeah. Wiley and amelia. Willow and I have a little girl. Congratulations. I’m happy for both of you. I need to check your wound.

[ Groans ] The bullet went through.

[ Winces ] It will still need to be cleaned and sutured. Okay. Sonny would not order a hit on his own son, and jason would never target him. So your intel is wack. How well do you know sonny, really? Think about it. Sonny escapes not one, not two, but three attempts on his life and emerges again and again unscathed. That seems statistically unlikely, does it not? Not for someone who’s been on top as long as sonny. The man is surrounded by bodyguards and security. The shooting at the pool, even the events at the warehouse — those could have been staged. As for puerto rico, how can we know what, if anything, actually happened? Were you there? I certainly wasn’T. I’m sorry, selina, but everything you’re saying sounds statistically unlikely. Not if you factor in what I believe to be sonny’s long-term plan. I’m waiting. To annex new territory for which he’d need a trusted enforcer who no one saw coming, which fits in with jason’s sudden death on cassadine island a little more than two years ago. Now you’re the one that sounds paranoid. There are worse things to be right now. Jason works for sonny, always has and always will. And it appears sonny is done with any kind of compromise, and anyone who stands in his way surely won’t be there long. Just a few things to think about. Mr. Ashford. This changes everything. Okay, I’m just gonna ask.

[ Grunts ] Go for it. Your brother’s wanted for shooting a cop, and you want him taken into custody? Absolutely. If he’s innocent, the best thing he can do is turn himself in and prove it. You said “if.” I did. So you admit that there’s a chance that jason shot dante? You would know better than me. I’m sure anna devane has briefed you on the investigation. I’m just saying I would have expected you to insist that jason’s innocent. Based on what? I wasn’t there. I haven’t seen the evidence. And I don’t know jason well enough anymore to know what he would or wouldn’t do.

[ Grunts ] Jason did not shoot dante. And no, I don’t have any proof. But I know that because I know jason. You know jason. He would never do something like that. No, I hope that he didn’T. Carly, I pray that he didn’T. But while jason has been god knows where doing god knows what, dante has been here helping me raise his son. So if jason is the reason why dante is laying in that bed right now, hooked up to those machines, I will never forgive him. Can you tell us what happened?

[ Sighs ] I-I mean, not — you know, not all — ooh — not — not all of it. Dante was chasing me and, um, another guy, hamish. And, uh, he told us to stop.

[ Sighs ] I did. Hamish didn’T. I turned around. Dante recognized me. He lowered his gun, and then hamish shot him. I knew it wasn’t you. I went to check on dante, then hamish took a shot at me. There’s a lot of shooting. Yeah. What happened to hamish? He’s dead. When josslyn and dex got to the pier and they saw dante there, he was — he was alone, so… yeah. Um…

[ Clears throat ] Ooh. Sorry. I did — it’s okay. I did everything I could for dante. I called 911, and I did not leave until I heard the sirens coming. Jason, you saved his life. I’m the reason he got shot in the first place.

You know I want justice for dante. Yeah. Well, let me get it. I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation. I’m telling you to find jason when usually I’m the one hiding jason. But I don’t know jason anymore, especially in the last two and a half years. Or more. Look, biologically, [Chuckles] Jason and I are twins. Right? But that’s where the connection ends. I can’t explain why he does what he does. And the last thing that I want is to matter to someone because I’m jason’s brother. Okay, and by someone, you mean…? Well, it’s a… long list, but, yeah, carly’s at the top. Look, we broke up a few hours ago. I broke up with her. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Breakups are never easy. Holding on to something that’s never gonna work — that’s… that’s worse. Yeah. I learned my own lesson about that. Hey. I’m sorry. I — I shouldn’t be dumping on you like this. No, no. That’s fine. Everyone needs to vent sometimes. Even the deputy mayor?

[ Chuckles ] Well, go ahead. Look, I vented to you. Now it’s your turn. Is he gonna be okay? Yeah, I think so. Um, willow was able to dress his wound. She’s just gonna stay with him for a little bit, monitor him, make sure that he doesn’t have a-a fever. Right, right. That’s — that’s good. Yeah. It must have been a pretty big shock for you to find him in there. Bet he was as shocked as I was. Not that you could tell, right? I-I could. As crazy as it was finding him there, it was — it was good to see him. Yeah. He says he didn’t shoot dante. Do you believe him? I do, but the police think he’s guilty, and he ran away. Doesn’t that make him look even guiltier? Jason ran because he had no other choice. Did he tell you that? No, I just know. Look, danny, your — your father is a good man, the best man I have ever known. And he has a reason for everything that he did. And when he can, he will tell us what those reasons are.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh.

[ Mumbles ] Hey, ned. Yeah, yeah, danny’s — danny’s here. We, uh — we just got caught up, um… caught up playing video games, but, uh, I-I’ll send him up. Okay. Nice job covering. Yeah. Got kind of used to it. Um, you better go. Look, you don’t want them sending yuri to look for you because they might check the boathouse. Right. Okay. Um, will you come by the house in the morning? Yes, I will find you and give you a full update. Thanks. Danny? No one can know about this. I know. Drink this, and I’ll bring you more. Okay. Thank you. Try to rest. It’s very important, okay? I’ll be back with blankets and more fluids. Nah, you don’t — you don’t need to do that. Yes, I do. Like it or not, you’re my patient now.

Pop, don’t tell me you’re buying any of that stuff selina wu was selling. That woman has reasons for doing everything she does, and none of them involve helping anyone except selina wu. I’m aware. She’s not exactly what I would call a subtle woman, but I think you owe it to yourself to chase down any lead on who might have shot you, even if the source of that lead is less than ideal. This is not the time for us to be running down to maryland to make sense of my distant past. Pop, it’s not a distant past. You’re misdiagnosis — it stayed in your heart, every step, every day of your life. I still think you’re dealing with it. Then another couple of days won’t matter.

[ Sighs ] Look, so many people are looking for jason morgan. I don’t need to be one more of them. I don’t know. There’s a lot going on here. Maybe — I think it’s best we stay home for now. I hear you, pop. I hear you. Tell me this. Um… until you find out what led to your misdiagnosis, do you think you’ll ever know one moment of true peace? Because if you can look me in my face and tell me that not knowing doesn’t weigh on your soul every day, then we’ll stay right here.

[ Chuckles ] Ah, ha, ha, see? Pop, that settles it. Okay? We — we — we’re gonna go to the fancy retirement home in westminster, maryland, okay? We’re gonna talk to dr. Braddock, and we’re gonna get the answers that you need so you can live some semblance of a peaceful life. I understand police work,but city government, it’s — it’s like a puzzle where all the pieces keep changing. So quit. I couldn’t do that to laura. Besides, anna’s commissioner now. Okay. Well, you could always go back to being detective — chief of detectives. I’m sure they’d be happy to have you. Yeah, well, I’m not a quitter. Besides, in between all of the meetings, I get glimpses of the bigger picture. Solving cases helps one person, one family at a time. Mm. But a good city government helps everyone in the city. For what it’s worth, I admire you for sticking it out. And I’m also grateful. My headquarters are in port charles, and when the city looks good, so does aurora. Well, in that case, maybe we can discuss ways aurora can promote the city of port charles and raise its profile. Let’s set a meeting. Hey. How’s jason? Dehydrated and exhausted. He needs to rest. Can you grab the spare blanket from the hall closet upstairs? I’m gonna pack up all the bottled water and juice boxes we have. Willow, willow, willow, just… thank you for helping him. I want to help him. I just wish I understood what kind of trouble he’s in. The doctors keep telling us to be patient. That dante was gravely injured and that it’s gonna take time. But none of them can tell us how much time it’s gonna take and if dante is actually gonna wake up. I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do. I’m sure there is something you can do, carly. If jason tries to contact you… …call the police. Anna is my superior, and I have no reason to question her action or motives. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a case to work. Welcome home, jason. Agent cates, can I help you? I wanted to walk through the evidence, but if you’re busy… I am. We’re done. We’re done. Anna, um, thank you for giving me some time. Anytime. Jagger. Sonny. I’m very sorry to hear about your son. Why don’t you prove that badge of yours means something and find the bastard who shot my son?

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