Days Short Recap Monday, March 11, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava was upset with herself for trusting Clyde. She didn’t want to lose her son. John and Steve arrived and found her tied up. Rafe couldn’t believe that Goldman was a dirty cop. Jada was shocked when she heard it. Harris arrived at the station. He got himself released so he could help with the investigation. Abe prayed for Paulina. There was a white light in the room. Paulina opened her eyes and saw a woman in the room. Abe turned around and wondered if he was hallucinating. Paulina was shocked to see Lexie. She wondered if it was time for her to go. Abe wanted to know what was going on. Paulina asked him if he saw her. Abe said she died a long time ago. Rafe, Jada and Harris talked about what to do to find Goldman. John yelled at Ava for what she did. She told Steve and John that Tripp would be dead. Steve didn’t want to believe it. Ava blamed herself, but Steve yelled at her to shut up. He refused to give up finding their son. Tate went to see Holly. Abe told Paulina that he remembered reading that his first wife died. Paulina reminded him that Lexie died. He wanted to know if Lexie was there to take Paulina. Paulina said it was her time. Jada couldn’t believe she comforted Goldman when she was working for Clyde. Rafe and Harris couldn’t believe she was lying under their noses. Jada pieced the incidents together and couldn’t believe they didn’t see it. Rafe wanted to investigate the other cops too. Tate kissed Holly. She couldn’t believe he snuck into her room.

Steve, John and Ava went to her apartment. John called Rafe and told him about Tripp and Wendy getting kidnapped. He wanted to know if he wanted to see it. John hoped Rafe could pick up on something they missed. Steve wanted to watch the video again. Lexie asked Abe if he remembered when he last saw her. Abe got his memory of Lexie back. He remembered everything. Holly regretted not listening to Tate when he warned her not to take drugs. He let her know that EJ accused him of giving the drugs to her. Abe talked to Lexie about being with Paulina. He looked at Paulina when she flatlined. He kept staring at her. Steve noticed that Wendy made gestures while Tripp made the video to them. He realized that Wendy was signing in the background. Tate wanted Holly to tell everyone that he didn’t have anything to do with the drugs she got. She said she couldn’t do it. Jada found an address that Goldman kept going to. They went to check it out. Steve, John and Ava found Tripp and Wendy. Abe talked to Lexie while Paulina flatlined. Abe said he needed Paulina. Lexie said she wasn’t there to take anyone. She was there to help Paulina. Lexie wanted her to feel the love inside his heart. She wanted him to transfer his love to her. He didn’t know how to do it. She wanted him to believe what’s in his heart. Tate told Holly that his life was ruined if she didn’t tell the truth. She said she couldn’t say the drugs were hers. Holly wanted to come up with another story. He demanded to know why she wouldn’t tell the truth. Holly explained that he couldn’t disappoint her mother. Tate couldn’t believe that she was going to ruin his life so she could pretend she’s still the golden child. He begged her to tell the truth. Someone tried to open the door. Steve yelled for Ava to call 9-1-1. Steve and John gave Tripp and Wendy CPR. Rafe and Harris arrived at the scene. A nurse went to Paulina’s room. She started breathing again.

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