GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Drew breaks up with Carly and fires her from Crimson because he knows that he was just fine as long as she thought Jason was dead. Drew knows that Carly will always choose Jason and he doesn’t want to fight a losing battle. Drew heads to

Jordan wonders why Drew didn’t defend his brother. Drew tells Jordan that he doesn’t know Jason well enough anymore to know if he the gym to let off some steam and he runs into Jordan. Jordan tells Drew she wishes she was a cop again because being Deputy Mayor can be tedious. Jordan talks her doubts through with Drew and decides to remain Deputy Mayor because she can do more for the city as Deputy Mayor. Drew tells Jordan that he broke up with Carly a little while ago because Jason will always come first with her. Drew tells Jordan that he hopes Jason will turn himself into the police. shot Dante.

Jason asks Danny to go get Michael and take him to the boathouse. Michael talks to Danny and later tells Willow to go with him to the boathouse to help an injured Jason. Jason tells Michael and Willow that Hamish shot Dante and, when Hamish saw that Jason was helping Dante, Hamish shot Dante and Jason. Jason tells Michael and Willow Hamish is dead and now the police are after him because they think he shot Dante.

Sam tells Carly to call the police if Jason contacts her. She should call the police because he needs to go to jail if he shot Dante.

Curtis tells Marshall he found the doctor that misdiagnosed him and they should go talk to him.

Sonny tells Anna that he isn’t sure that Jason shot Dante, but he needs to be found so they can find out the truth.

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