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There you are. Hey, how are you holding up?

Mom, I’m losing it, I swear. I’m barely holding on. I know. Your dad said that he spoke to Nicole. Yeah, he told me too. I was so pumped when I heard that Holly was out of her coma, but she doesn’t even remember anything from that night. Nothing. I know it’s a blow. But we are not giving up. We are going to clear your name.

God, I was so sure she was going to tell the truth, too. That I didn’t give her those drugs, that I tried to tell her not to take them. I know. But your family believes you. Well, I hope that does me now. Still stuck in here with no way out. What are we gonna do, Mom?

Hey! Welcome back. Thanks. Hey. It’s, uh, it’s good to be back. Yeah. How’s Molly? Oh, here, come on in. Yeah. Um, well, she’s very excited for your visit. Yeah. Um, she is a little upset, though. That she can’t remember anything about New Year’s Eve. So, but she is on the mend and she’s getting stronger every hour. Wow, that’s fantastic.

And how was it for you? I mean, being in Italy, were you able to get out at all? Oh, um, you know, very little. I was back and forth to the hospital and my hotel room, so. Yeah. How’s the photography business? It’s good. Great. I’m picking up, but you know what? My main focus, it’s kind of, it’s been on parenthood.

Pretty great, isn’t it? Oh yeah, it’s pretty great. I’m really happy to see you. Likewise. Never fear, Nanny McStark is here. God, I’m gonna regret this, aren’t I? Would you prefer I leave? No, no, I’m desperate for a babysitter and my last resort. I’m touched. I went through every contact in my phone. Eric’s family, the neighbors, literally no one else was available.

Well, then how lucky for you that I was footloose and fancy free. And I came prepared. See, I’ve been reading up on child rearing, and they say that bright colors stimulate cognitive development. And did you know that babies prefer high pitched voices, elongated vowels, and over enunciation? Isn’t that right, baby?

Great. Well, looks like you got it covered. Uh, if he gets hungry, there’s formula in the fridge. I am going to meet a new client. She’ll be back in a couple of hours, hopefully before Eric gets home. If you have any concerns Don’t worry, Mommy. Okay, fine. But listen, don’t forget that like a fine wine or a park avenue escort, I don’t come cheap.

You’ve been draining me dry for weeks. Cheap is never a word I’d use to describe you. That is so sweet. Mommy is a hot mess.

So where’s Clyde’s cell again? Clyde’s cell is Right here. In the watchtowers. Or right here. And right here. Okay.

Angela, tell me you’ll make this happen. Tripp doesn’t have much time.

So I can count on you? Bene, bene grazie.

Yeah, I owe you big. Ava,

sorry the situation has put you in this position. Yeah, well, so much for vowing that I’ll never work with my family again. So they’re in? Yeah, it’s taken care of. Angelo and his team will do their part. What it cost you?

Extends through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Holly, honey, are you decent? Yeah, come in. Hey. Hello, sweetheart. Eric. Hey. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. Me too. Just so happy to see you awake. I’m Yeah, so I’m pretty scared for a while. Yeah, I can’t believe I was out for two months. Yeah. It’s so freaky missing time like that. I bet. Yeah, I bet your mom says you’re on the mend.

You’re getting stronger all the time. Yes, she is. Sarah was here yesterday. She ran a few tests. So, our girl is on track and on her way back to normal. That’s great. Our little miracle.

What’s your plan? Theresa. Hi. And you must be Tate. I’m Sloane Peterson. Sloane has agreed to take over your case. What happened to Justin? Well, uh, as much as I’m grateful to Justin, he is knee deep right now in defending Xander Cook in attempted murder charges. So, he’ll help later, if he can. In the meantime, I’ve decided to go outside the Kiriakis family, and I want to bring you home, back to your family, where you belong, as soon as possible.

And, as your new lawyer, I’ll start by telling you, we plan to take a somewhat Novel. approach.

My family’s doing this as a one time favor. Okay, if it comes back to bite me, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. I’ve spent decades fielding demands from my family. I’m an expert at it. So let’s not get distracted. Ava called in her family because we need their help. They have the connections we need inside that prison.

That’s right. Whatever it takes, Tripp and Wendy have to be saved. Okay. Right. Okay. So, let’s just drop the topic of Angelo and his team. They’re handled. And they’re only one part of the plan. It’s up to us to take care of the rest.

Oh, here we go. Okay, um Let’s see.

Checklist for a crying baby. Step one is the child hungry. Why don’t we grab that bottle of formula mommy prepared for you, okay? Right back. Okay. Hmm. Now go, huh? All right. Okay. Step two, is the baby feverish? Uh oh. Uh oh.

98. 6, that’s perfect. Okay. Step three, does the baby have We knew this moment would come, didn’t we, soldier? Don’t you worry, I got this. And then

the cops said, I’ll take those. So I looked at my dad, he nodded for me to do it, and then I handed the drugs to her. That’s, um, that’s pretty much it. This is all very helpful, Tate. Can you remember anything else? Even some small detail you might have left out? Um, no. No, that’s everything.

Do you think you can help us, Miss Peterson? I do. But I think we should go over the challenges first. Uh, okay. Thing is, even though EJ’s case is mostly circumstantial, it doesn’t help that Tate delayed calling for help when he first found Holly unconscious, or that he initially lied to a police officer who later saw him with drugs in his hands.

But that was a mistake that he made in the heat of the moment. He was really scared and confused. He was just trying to help a girl that he has a big crush on. Shh. I understand that. The question is will the jury believe that if we go to trial?

So I have to check with the hospital about when your next exam is and schedule your physical therapy. So you two keep talking and I will be back. Okay. Do you know that I came and saw you every day at the hospital? You did? I did. I came by to pray for you. Until your mom decided to take you to, you know, Italy.

Did I look weird? No, you looked like you were sleeping. Oh. Um, uh, was there anyone else there? Of course, pretty much everyone at some point. Oh, I’ve, I’ve got a lot to catch up on. Yeah. Your mom said that you’re having trouble remembering what happened the night you overdosed. Yeah, it’s, it’s all just blank.

I don’t even remember passing out. Well, do you think that somebody slipped some drugs into your cup? Uh, um, I don’t, I don’t know. I mean, I guess that makes sense. Dancing. I didn’t watch my drink the whole time. Someone, some loser totally could have slipped something in there. I don’t know. You know, Holly, every time, um You got nervous when you were a kid.

You used to play with your hair. Oh, I didn’t spill the juice. I didn’t color on the walls. You used to be afraid to ever tell me the truth when you were nervous or thought you might get in trouble. That was a long time ago. Owie. What aren’t you telling me?

I’ve checked out the entire duct system here. It’s a go. You know, there’s also a service gate behind yard two. It’s rarely used, but it gives us less ground to cover if we can get Weston into position. Nice. Alright, where’s that list of supplies again? Here, here it is. Okay, we got uh, wire cutters, grinder, hacksaw, black tape, disguises, binoculars, cable ties.

Night vision goggles? Yeah, it’s right on here. Everything’s in order. Alright, Steven, I will handle the transportation within your field. And, uh, Angelo will have a plane prepared for immediate flight at the designated airstrip. Anything else? I think we’re ready to go. Right? Tonight we break into prison.

Okay, okay. Ah, see? That wasn’t so bad, was it? Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That has always been my motto. Well, that and, if at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you. Okay, well, now that we’re changed and settled and looking very adorable, I might add, how about, oh, how about I rock you to sleep?

You ready for a little shut eye, huh? Okay. Uh, well I don’t see a rocking chair, so how about I walk you to sleep? And I could tell you a story. Would you like that? Okay, I take that little wrinkled nose as a yes. Um, so it was a dark and stormy night. No, you’re right, that’s too scary. Why don’t we go a different route?

Once upon a time, a very handsome little prince was born along the side of the road. And he was delivered by his very godfather, none other than yours truly. And for the briefest of moments, his mother got to hold him very lovingly in her arms. And then, a tall, handsome German god swooped in and took him away, bound for the hospital.

Or so we thought. Instead, they were waylaid by an evil, nasty, bottle blonde, wicked witch. Okay, that’s not fair. We don’t know for sure that she’s a bottle blonde.

How does the story end, you ask?

I don’t know.

But so far it’s not looking good.

But the little prince,

He is always going to be protected from poison apples. Because that’s my job. Okay. What? What

is that? Are you smiling at me?

Well, that warms my heart.

Yeah, that really warms my heart.

Eric, New Year’s Eve, that night,

It’s all just a blur. I really wish I could remember what happened.

Um, hey, how’s Jude doing? I’m sure he’s a lot bigger since Christmas. Yeah, yeah he is. He’s actually holding his head up. And he’s sleeping through the night while we waste most of the time. Got any new pictures? Of course I do. I just shot these the other day when he was having a little tummy time. Oh my gosh, he’s so cute.

Yeah. Look at those little cheeks. Yeah. Oh, he’s adorable. Oh, oh, oh, oh my goodness, he’s so precious. Definitely a keeper. Yes, he is. Wait till you see him at the christening. When is it? Will I be well enough? Well, we held off until you were both back in Salem and you were awake. Oh my gosh. Your mom said she wanted you both to be there.

Well, that was thoughtful. Well, Holly, I mean, if your doctors say it’s fine, then yes, of course you can come if you’re feeling up for it. Oh, I’ll be more than up for it. Oh. I can’t wait. Well, like I said, I haven’t made an official date yet, but it’s going to be a small family gathering at St. Luke’s, and then we’re going to have the reception at Brady’s Pub.

Oh. Yeah. You know, I have an idea. What if we have the reception here? I would love to host it. Oh, thanks for the offer, but it’s too much to ask. Well, you, you didn’t ask. And, um, hello? Are you kidding? I would love to do it for you. Especially since you saved the date for us. Really, the, the pub is fine. To be honest, I just don’t think someone would be on board.

Are you sure? I mean, look, you’re both parenting and working full time. It would be a huge load off of her and you if someone else planned it, right? And besides, closing the pub would take away business for Roman, so She’s right. I am. It’d be really cool if you had it here, Eric. It would. And look, Holly’s still recovering, so it’d be better if it were here.

And then she’s not running from the church to the pub and the, you know, the whole thing. Of course, it is totally up to you, but I would really love to do this for you. And, you know, maybe it’ll help make things right between Sloane and me.

Okay. It’s a great offer. Thank you. I’ll let Sloane know. Wait, do you think we’re gonna have to go to trial? No, no, that can’t be. This is not gonna go to trial, right Sloane? Well, that’s my hope. Um, but as we all know, EJ is DA. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken him on many times before, and beaten him, and negotiated some kick ass plea deals.

But, this case is personal to him. But my dad said that Holly’s awake now, we just need to get her to tell the truth. But, you said that she doesn’t remember the truth. The bottom line is, it’s going to be very hard to prove your innocence unless, She admits the drugs were hers. If we go to trial, I’ll depose her, of course, and try to get the truth out of her.

Yes, that’s good. Let’s go after her. Go after her? Mom, she’s my friend. Really? Would a friend let you go down for a crime that you didn’t commit? I’m gonna pursue every angle I can, but I do think we should consider another option. What might that be? Going to trial is a long, arduous process with no guarantee of the outcome.

I could arrange a plea deal and you would get a light sentence tape or possibly even time served. Before you know it, you’d be free to go home. No, that’s BS. I don’t want a plea deal or a light sentence. I didn’t do anything wrong. I tried to stop Holly from taking those pills. I am totally innocent. Don’t you get that?

All right. We are out of here. I’ll pick up any other supplies we might need. And I’ll get the unmarked vehicle to transport Weston to the airport. Okay, great. And I’ll meet you both at the airfield. Right. Oh, John, remember, we have to stop by the office and pick up that special equipment. Oh, yeah, well, we might just need our old pal Rico’s basement again.

Oh, yeah. Wait, wait, a minute. Special equipment, basement. What are you two talking about? It’s just everything we need to interrogate Weston about Tripp and Wendy’s location. So we’re gonna make it look like we’re busting, busting out and getting into the airfield? Yeah, but in reality, that’s not gonna happen.

We’re not gonna let him go. Oh, like hell we’re not.

H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y M Z. Now I know my ABC’s. Uh! Next time won’t you rap with me? Check it! That’s impressive. Did you daddy’s home? Uh, you alone? Where’s my wife? She’s out with a client. So you’re babysitting? Word. Son didn’t tell me she called you. I would have known. I would have been here with him.

Well, if it’ll ease your mind, he has been fed, burped, changed, entertained, washed, rinsed, repeat. And check this. Peek a boo! Are you laughing at him? Or his outfit. Hey, now. No, no, I’m sorry. You just, you, you two seem to belong. Yeah. We’ve got a connection. I felt it ever since he came into my life. Quite a special little boy you’ve got.

Couldn’t agree more.

Okay, so I’m thinking of a cold buffet bar that way people can snack since they’ll be popping in and out. Yes, oh, and we should do those, um, those individual cakes too, you know, like the bite sized ones. Yes, with a little blue icing. Mom, that whole pink blue thing is so last century. Okay. And, hey, I will be in charge of music playlists.

Because if you do it, we’ll end up with a three hour Billy Joel medley or something. I had one Billy Joel CD growing up. You will not let me live that down. Besides, Piano Man was the most amazing song ever. All his songs were, actually. If you say so. I do say so. Oh gosh, it’s going to be so great to have a celebration here.

Since there’s been so much sadness lately. Yeah, there has. So Aren’t those pictures of Jude just adorable? Mom, try not to go there, okay?

I know, honey. It’s just that sometimes those feelings just come flooding back, thinking about your little brother and, and what happened to you. I’m here. I’m back now. Thank God. Because I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you, my precious girl. I don’t know what I would have done.

Okay, so I’m going to go make a call to get the ball rolling. Mom, I don’t get it. Why do I have to plead guilty when I’m innocent? Tate, it’s to get you out of this mess. It’s a tactic, okay, to get you home sooner. We don’t know if EJ’s gonna drag this out for the long haul. It’s, it’s a guarantee of a light sentence.

But Holly could come around. She could tell the truth when she remembers.

Honey, we don’t know if, if that’s gonna happen. And we can’t wait around for that possibility. So we just need to do whatever is best to make sure we can get you out of here. Does Holly even know where I am? Does she know that I was arrested and then beat up in jail and then shoved into a halfway house?

I don’t know. I don’t know, but I will find out for you. Yes? Can I talk to you for a second? Sure.

I’ll be meeting with the judge soon to file a formal complaint against EJ. Hopefully I can get him removed from the case due to bias and non objectivity. That would be great. It’s a long shot, but there’s a chance the judge will see it our way. EJ seems to have some really strong pull with the judges.

I’m aware. We’ll know soon enough how the complaint pans out, but in the meantime, I need Tate to stay mentally sharp and focused in case this goes to trial. You two think you’re gonna double cross Clyde Weston? Do you have any idea how insane that is? Steve, how could you even think of risking our son’s safety like this?

I’m doing it for his safety. Look, we’re taking all this risk to break that maniac out of prison. So what if he takes off and he doesn’t give us Tripp back? That is a risk I’m not willing to take. So we’re going to hold Clyde’s feet to the fire for as long as it takes until he coughs up Tripp and Wendy’s location.

That’s the only way this is going to work. You are out of your mind. Do you realize that? Look, Clyde may play the country bumpkin, but he is sharp as a tack and he knows what he is doing. Look at his track record since he has been in prison. A police detective has already been gunned down. He set the fire at the Horton House.

And he is scattering drugs all over this town with the force of a Texas tornado. We know what we’re dealing with, Ava. Oh, do you? Do you really? Yes, yes. Okay, well then you know that he’s already broken in here and he is watching us. You know, he could be listening to us right now. I swept the place for bugs when I first came in and it was clean.

And with our training, no one, you know. Is ever going to follow us to the rendezvous point. Okay, well that is not enough. Don’t you get it? Clyde Weston will find a way to royally screw us if we don’t do exactly what he wants. If we defy him in any way, he is going to seek revenge and it’s going to be tragic.

So I’m begging you, please, please, just let him go. Steve, it is the price we are gonna have to pay to save our son. Ava,

I know that Clyde’s been doing a number on you lately, and you’ve been on pins and needles for months. You’re not thinking clearly. Oh, screw you, Steve. I’m thinking just fine. Okay, all I mean is that you’ve been under pressure, okay? But we can’t let Clyde Weston go. I know. Especially not after everything he’s done to half the people in this town.

Steve’s right, Ava. Can’t let a career criminal like Weston go free. We had to alter the plan. Oh yeah, and with no surprise, you two are in cahoots behind my back. Okay, so now you know everything, all right? So we’re gonna do the plan exactly as it was laid out. But when we get to the airfield, we’re gonna make it clear to Weston that either he gives up Tripp and Wendy’s location, or the night is gonna end very badly for him.

Trust us. Weston is never going to know what even hit him. Oh, honey, I, I should be talking to my therapist about this. Not my beautiful daughter who’s recently been through enough as it is. Oh, it’s okay, mom. I know how hard it was for you to lose the baby. And then what happened to me? I mean, you’ve been through a lot too.

It definitely was a lot. Not just watching you lie there so still day after day. I just, I didn’t know if you were going to come back to us or if you would ever talk again or, or, or be yourself. God, and then I thought, what if you woke up and you didn’t remember anything? Like, with Eve. And Paulina, I mean, what if you, you didn’t remember all of our good times and, and the tea parties we had when you were a little girl and, and the forts we made with the couch cushions and looking for frogs on our nature walks.

I remember all of those things.

And then I’m very grateful for honey.

And I’m also grateful for all the support that I had because if it weren’t for EJ and, and Eric, I don’t know what I would have done.

I really did lean on that baby. Mom, you are so strong all on your own. Don’t forget that. You’re a survivor. Oh, me? Yes, so are you. I mean, look at you, my little fighter. Um, yeah. Well, I’d really like to not think about New Year’s Eve anymore and the party, what happened, or at least, you know, not talk about it as much.

Okay, Annie, I understand. So we will just, we will leave the past where it belongs, okay? And we’ll just focus on this baby bash, yeah?

This has been so hard on Tate. Emotionally. It’s been rough on the whole family, obviously. As for me, I um, I fell off the wagon. It was just a one time slip. And it was demoralizing. To say the least. Anyway, now I’m completely committed to my sobriety. And all I care about is just being there for my son. And I do not want this nightmare to permanently damage his psyche or mess up his future.

I get it. I, brother Colin is locked up in prison right now. Well, because of his thirst for revenge and unlike Tate, he was guilty, but. I still wish I could have saved him from the mistakes he made. Anyway, I can’t guarantee what the outcome will be for your son, but I promise I will do everything I can to help.

Thank you so much. I get the sense he’s a good kid. He is. Let’s do everything we can to take him home.

Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. All right? I’m going to let you know what Sloan finds out from the judge. Okay. Hey. Hey, don’t be upset about Holly. Okay? You need to stay positive. You know how many people you have backing you in your corner? Don’t give up. Don’t worry. I will never give up. That’s my boy. Love you.

Love you.

You know, I was about 14 months when I started walking. My twin sister Sammy, she was a little bit more ahead of me. And, uh, she started running around the house and nobody could keep up with her. I’m pretty sure I skipped walking and went straight to running. Away from my mother in terror. You’re home! Hey!

Uh, Eric, I couldn’t find anyone to babysit. I, I just And you found Leo. Who’s been doing a wonderful job. You even got him to smile and laugh. That’s great! I think he remembers me. Well, since we’re both home, uh, Leo, you can head out. Um, I’ll just pay you. Oh, no, no, no. He can stick around if he wants. I mean, we don’t have any plans.

I’m sure he has plans. Nope. Free as a bird. Super. I’m gonna get a glass of wine. Oh, yes, please. Hey, honey, by the way, um, Nicole, well, she offered to host a little after party at the DiMera mansion. Yeah, it’s kind of her way of extending an old friendship. O M G, Nicole is just the sweetest. And the DiMera mansion, what a perfect venue.

Fine. We’ll do it your way. I just want my son back. And once he is home and he is safe. I don’t give a damn what happens to Clyde. We have everything we need to deal with him, Ava. I assure you. But first, we have got a prison to break into. I’m ready. Let’s move it. Okay. We’ll be in touch within the hour.

Alright, password should be my birthday. I want to think about changing that, mom. I’m in. What? Crap, I don’t know Holly’s number. I don’t know anyone’s number. Oh, she’s got a contact. Damn, she’s got a contact list. Um, So familiar. Okay, so we will do finger sandwiches, um, and pasta salad. Rolls. Rolls, yes, great idea.

And petite fours. Must haves. Oh, and hey, maybe we can do, like, little candle party favors with Jude’s name on them. Yes, that’s a great idea. Okay, I’ll let you look into that. I think Sloan and Eric are gonna love this. I can’t wait. Uh, so listen, I’m gonna go out and hunt down those petite fours, and then we’ll talk to Cook when I get back.

Do you need anything while I’m out? Okay, well, text me if you think of anything, okay?

Theresa Donovan? Why the heck is Tate’s mother sliding in my DMs? Sorry lady, no time for you. I’ve got a party to plan.

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