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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Steve went to Ava’s apartment. Ava told them Clyde wanted her to break him out of prison in 24 hours. EJ wanted to know why Stefan called him so late. Stefan said he needed EJ’s help. Roman and Kate dressed up to see Lucas. Lucas told them he was safe. He told them what it was like at the monastery. Roman told him it was better than being in prison. Steve and John refused to break Clyde out of prison. Ava said they didn’t have any choice. She said she was open to suggestions. EJ said he wouldn’t help him. Stefan said he needed his help, or it was the end for him. EJ wanted to know what he was talking about. Stefan admitted to shooting Harris. EJ asked what he was thinking. Stefan said he didn’t have a choice because Clyde would kill Gabi. EJ asked how it came to this. Stefan said it snowballed because Harris was alive. He said Clyde was coming for him because he didn’t finish the job. Lucas talked to Kate and Roman about not becoming a priest. John asked Ava how Clyde got a hold of her. Ava told him that she found a burner phone. Steve said someone broke in her apartment. John asked what Clyde said. Ava said Clyde wanted her to break him out of prison. She said he wanted her to get her mob family involved. Steve said there was no guarantee Clyde would go through with the deal. Ava said they had to try.

Ava told Steve and John that they didn’t have time to ponder. She said they weren’t any closer to finding Tripp and Wendy. Ava said they had to break Clyde out of prison. Steve asked why she had to get involved with Clyde in the first place. She told him he would be to blame if they didn’t help her deal with Clyde. Lucas told Kate and Roman what he’s been doing at the monastery. Kate said they brought treats for him. Stefan told EJ that he felt awful for the mistakes he’s made. He said Harris wanted him to help take Clyde out. EJ said the plot thickened. Stefan said he was a dead man if he helped the cops. When EJ didn’t care about what Stefan said, Stefan blamed him for not helping him in the first place. EJ told him not to blame him for it. Stefan said he was at the end of his rope and hoped that his brother would help him. EJ said he was going to call the police. Steve and John wanted to focus on finding Tripp and Wendy. Stefan told EJ that Stefano would want EJ to help him. EJ didn’t appreciate Stefan using their father’s name to help him clean up his mess. Stefan said EJ did the same thing to him before. EJ agreed to help him in exchange of Stefan signing over his shares to him. Stefan said he would be destitute. EJ said he would still be alive. Stefan protested about EJ’s demands but eventually agreed to do it. EJ wanted Stefan to sign a contract. Kate and Roman assured Lucas that things would get better. While Steve, John, and Ava were talking, John said he had a plan. Stefan told EJ that Stefano wouldn’t have approved of what he was doing. EJ said it was a page out of their father’s book. He said Stefan didn’t have a choice. Stefan signed the contract. Ava wanted to know how they were going to pull off their plan. John told Ava they were going to need her family to help them pull off their plan.

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