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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Ava ran into each other at the town square. She wondered if he had any leads on Tripp and Wendy. He didn’t have any leads. Rafe assumed she used her connections to track them down. Harris saw Officer Goldman in his hospital room. She was about to shoot him when the nurse arrived. Julie was at the Horton house and heard a noise outside. Someone flashed a light inside the house. Marlena visited Paulina. She let Marlena know that she was scared. Ava snapped at Rafe because she was worried about Tripp. Rafe had to take care of business. Officer Goldman walked past Rafe. Everett turned out to be the one at the Horton house. Julie wondered why he was there. He thought someone broke in the house. She thought he was the arsonist coming back to finish the job. Everett wanted to know what she was doing there. Julie wanted to open her grandparents time capsule. Everett wanted to know why she was there. She wanted to look around for clues for the time capsule. Lani and Abe talked about Paulina running out of time. He said that Paulina was their rock and core. Abe didn’t want to go through the pain of losing another wife. Paulina admitted to Marlena that she wasn’t feeling strong. Marlena told her that she had a lot of years ahead of her. She wanted Paulina to remember that. Heart recipients are living long than they were before. They were going to fight hard to find her a donor. She wanted Paulina to keep fighting. Harris told Rafe that Goldman is the mole. He told him that she tried to kill him.

Harris continued to tell Rafe about Goldman being the mole. Rafe planned to put another guard at his door. Harris wanted to find Goldman. Goldman called Clyde to tell him about Harris. She let him know that she got made by Harris. He wanted to know why she didn’t take him out. There were too many witnesses. He said they had to move the timeline. She wanted to know about Tripp and Wendy. He told her to figure it out. Julie told Everett that he reminded her of Nick. She told him about Adrienne and Bonnie looking alike, but they don’t act the same. He told her that Jada seemed adamant about him looking like her ex-husband. She told him that fingerprints don’t lie. She wondered if he was telling the truth. Rafe wanted to put out a bolo on Goldman. He wanted her brought in immediately. Rafe realized everything made sense. Harris said she needed the drug dealer dead. Everett told Julie that he wasn’t lying about not remembering Jada. He thought he was a decent person. Everett hoped that she believed him. He needed someone to believe him. She didn’t hate him. Julie believed he was telling the truth. Julie told him a story about her family history. He felt like he just got Stephanie back and didn’t want to lose her. Julie said that he needed to figure out his past or he would never find out about his life. Rafe couldn’t believe he missed the signs. Harris said she had everyone fooled. He wondered if Clyde had Goldman something big on her. Harris thought they could get her to admit who else works for Clyde. Clyde called Ava and she went off about him taking Tripp. She threatened to kill him if something happened to Tripp. He warned her to do what he said and Tripp would be fine. Clyde wanted Ava to break him out of prison. She wanted to know how she was supposed to get him out. He wanted her to use her Vitally connections to get him out. She refused to do that. He told her that Tripp would die if he didn’t get out in 24 hours.

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