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[ Siren wailing ] Chase: I want you on dante. You take the front door. Chase. Commissioner. Where’s dante? They’re working on him now. How badly is he hurt? Multiple bullets to the chest. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. You guys all were wearing one, weren’t you? We think they were armor-piercing rounds. Gunfire exchanged on waterfront. Increased police presence. Okay. Got it. You have this under control?

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay. Thanks. He said he’s got it under control. Yeah. Oh, alexis, I’m glad that we caught you before you left the office. Actually, I’m on my way to meet a reporter. Oh, that can wait. I have someone I want you to meet. Yeah, I’d be happy to meet him — happy to meet you when I have the time. Make time. I know it’s late, so I’ll keep it brief. I appreciate both of you working around my schedule. Sorry about it. Yeah. The q’s really rely on me keeping a steady presence at the stables. Fine by me. I wasn’t busy tonight anyway. What about maxie, though? I mean, she might have had plans tonight. True. Yeah. Cody and i would be happy to reschedule. If you had something else, somewhere else you needed to be. Oh, my god. Stop! I know what both of you have been up to.

[ Electronic beeping ]

[ Keyboard clacking, knock on door ] Ava: Spinelli. Spinelli, open up! Sonny sent me. What can you tell me about the shooting? No, it’s — it’s fine. It’s fine. Chase? Nothing. I was at the station taking a statement from miss wu when a desk sergeant notified me that someone called 911 and a man had been shot at pier 55. That was the direction of the suspects from the warehouse shooting when dante pursued them. So I-I went to the pier a-and I found dante. Bystanders were giving him first aid. What bystanders? Th-there’s — there’s witnesses? No, no, no, there were — there were no witnesses that we know of. Uh, dex heller and josslyn jacks found him, and they were keeping him alive. Run a cmp, cbc, dic panel and initiate code massive transfusion protocol. He has a severe pericardial tamponade. He’s running v-tach. Need to perform a pericardiocentesis before he arrests. Got it.

[ Monitor beeping ] Okay, when you turn around, you’re gonna see someone.

Alexis davis, I want you to meet adrian dewitt. Hello. Hello. I apologize for the unexpected drop-in. Yes, adrian and i were having dinner, and it occurred to me that the two brightest minds working in journalism should meet. Flattering. You are also a member of the fourth estate, mr. Dewitt? Oh, please, call me adrian. Adrian. And, yes, I am a columnist. A very popular column, and adrian is looking for a new opportunity now. You wouldn’t by any chance be a gossip columnist, would you? I prefer the term “social observer.” Just what we decided

the invader needs. You mean you decided? Well, don’t keep us in suspense, maxie. I mean, what have we been up to, besides lots of work? You know, between stable handling, and spokesmodeling, we barely have time to — devise ways to put me and spinelli together? Because you always seem to have time for that. Maxie, I-I-I don’t know what to say. That would be a first. No, I mean, I like to relax, just like anyone else, you know, toss back a couple cold ones, throw some sharp objects, croon some karaoke. And if I invite sasha and you and my buddy spinelli — make him stop. Sorry, sorry. I was waiting for him to come up for air, but clearly that’s not gonna happen. Sasha, tell her. This is all perfectly — the jig’s up, cody. She knows. Okay, alright, yeah. You’re right, maxie. We totally meddled in your love life to push you and spinelli together. But I swear, we had the best intentions. It’s just so obvious that you and spinelli still have feelings for each other. Yeah, and it’s obvious that neither one of you were gonna do a damn thing about it. So we just, you know, tried to nudge you together. Well, it worked. Spinelli and i finally broke down, and we said we loved each other. Maxie, that’s awesome. Yes, it’s about damn time. And now we’ve never been further apart. I-is sonny okay? Did the gunmen get apprehended? Do I need to delete the footage? Sonny is fine. I think the gunmen got away. And absolutely not. This is — but I-I don’t understand. Why did sonny send you? He wants you to secure the footage and get it to brick before the cops know it exists. Okay, I’m already on it, but uploading and rendering 12 cameras worth of footage onto a separate server, that takes some time. Which we don’t have. How can I help?

[ Monitor beeping ] Mm. His trachea’s deviated. His lung is almost completely collapsed. Prep for a chest tube.

[ Sighs ] He’s still running v-tach. And his pressure’s dropping. Paramedics were already en route. They picked up dante, and I waited for units to secure the scene. And then I came straight here. I haven’t spoken to a doctor. I don’t even know dante’s current status. Okay, so you think it was josslyn or dex who called 911? Sonny. Where’s dante? In the trauma room. Have you seen him? Uh, no. I-I-I was with anna, and she told me he’d been shot. How was he shot? Did you have anything to do with this?

I’m so sorry, maxie. If you don’t mind my asking, what went wrong with you and spinelli? Turns out spinelli hasn’t been totally honest with me. What does “not totally honest” mean? Well, he used my circumstances to orchestrate a rescue. A-and that’s bad? Spinelli only pretended to have burst pipes so he could move into my house and pay me rent to supplement my income during a personal financial crisis. Wait. Hold on. So he conned you into letting him give you money? That bastard! Oh, you’re missing the point. Yeah, I really am, maxie, ’cause it sounds like he just did a spinelli thing, which is super nice and overly complicated. Of course you don’t get it. You’re a man. No one ever treats you like a damsel in distress or assumes that you’re helpless when you’re not. She gets it. Yeah, I really don’t, maxie. Spinelli did a good thing. Why are you mad at him? If spinelli’s pipes had actually burst, that would be one thing, but he manipulated the situation so he could give me help that I didn’t want. He was disrespecting my boundaries. Kind of like what sasha and I did. Yes and no. I know both of you meant well. But didn’t spinelli mean well, too? My mom and i already had this conversation. Okay, well, what did felicia have to say? A lot. Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate when someone wants to help me, but I don’t like feeling handled, no matter how good the intentions are. When we discussed having a gossip column in the invader, I was under the impression that the idea was up for further discussion. Well, as I recall, alexis, we were not debating the column, just who would write it. Life can really be so subjective sometimes. Well, however differently we remember that conversation, it took place before I knew that adrian was available. I mean, to have a column with adrian’s name on the byline, that’s gonna bring a lot more eyes to the newspaper, which means more money for the groundbreaking, envelope-pushing, future award-winning news, which is your expertise. Well, I’ll be sure to keep that under advisement. In the meantime, I have a reporter that’s waiting for me at a crime scene. Well, then you’re going to have to tell me why an editor in chief needs to go to the crime scene herself. But until then, I can show you around.

[ Clears throat ] I’m afraid I, too, must depart. It was a pleasure meeting you, ms. Davis. Mm. Mm-hmm. Mm. Mm. And I must say, your reluctance does not surprise me. High culture has long been disdainful of what it considers idle chatter. Yes, well, I’m very well aware of that. And society reportage, which used to be diminished disdainfully as women’s talk, is not mere escapism. It can also be an impactful and subversive tool to expose the vapidity and corruption of the oligarch class. I would love to hear more about this. I would, really. It’s just that I — and so you see, ms. Davis, an effective society column shines a light on people from all social strata and interrogates modern behavior. And it takes a brave publication and editor to recognize that. Maxie, will you be able to forgive us? Actually, I kind of already have. What about spinelli? Can you forgive him? You know, since when are you and spinelli on the same team? You guys hate each other. What? No, that — that’s not true. Spinelli doesn’t like me. Or at least he didn’t, you know, but ever since our initial difficulties, which I totally admit were my fault, I’ve gotten to know the guy, and he’s a — he’s a good dude, you know, kind of blindsides you. You think he’s this, like, nerdy tech guy, and then all of a sudden, there’s more, you know. He’s — he’s — he’s a cool guy. I’m not sure anybody has said that about spinelli before. Maxie, he’s — he’s smart. He’s protective. He’s loyal. And honestly, he thinks the world of you. How bad could he be? Sasha: At the risk of meddling again, why don’t you and spinelli just try to see if you can work things out? I mean, you both said that you love each other. Yeah, but we’ve said that before, and it didn’t work out. Maybe it won’t work out again. Well, maybe it will. You already love each other. Why not just see where it goes? Yeah. I mean, life’s short, maxie. Oh, okay. In that case, I have a question for the two of you. When are you gonna follow your own advice? Dante was shot in the line of duty pursuing two suspects. But you were there, too. Not when he was shot. Would our son have been there at all if you weren’t there first?

[ Sniffles ] That’s what I thought.

[ Monitor beeping ] O-neg’s here. He’s hypotensive. Transfusion should help. Yeah, but not enough. We need more blood. In this state, I can’t be sure if dante’s even strong enough for surgery. This might take a while. Why don’t we have a seat? I’m not done yet. This right here, this is all too familiar. Sonny! You just shot your own son! I know. Let’s go find someone that can give us an update. She blames me. I blame me.

[ Anna scoffs ] Dante was pursuing a suspect. Two — two suspects. Suspects that were shooting at me. You know, the last time I saw dante was… at the gym, and I told him to… get out of my way. Well, he knows you didn’t mean that. Can you imagine my son was still trying to protect me, even though I made him think that I didn’t want him to.

Mr. Dewitt — adrian, I’m very well aware of gossip’s historical relevance to journalism, and I’m genuinely impressed that you would frame your work in those terms. Well, to me, those are the only acceptable terms. I have no interest in penning a scandal sheet. It is my job to help readers better understand the values of our contemporary world, and I believe that’s something that interests you, as well, ms. Davis, is it not? Call me alexis. I’d be honored to. I’ll be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much. Great work.

[ Door closes ] You can say it now. “Nina, you were right.”

[ Chuckles ] I was thinking more along the lines of, “nina, you told me that I would have final approval.” Wait, a-are you telling me you don’t approve of adrian? I don’t think the problem is adrian. I rather like him. He acquitted himself nicely. His values seem to align with the invader. Well, great. Right? That depends if he was just giving me a line because he wants a job. As far as the column, even gregory thinks that it may have merit. Okay, what — what about you? I don’t not think so. Okay, so you don’t entirely hate the idea of a column, and you like the columnist — or the, um — the social observer. True and true. Fantastic.

[ Claps hands ] Then it’s settled. No, nina, it’s not. What I’m not sold on is you.

[ Sighs ] Take our own advice? Yeah, I think I already am. In what way? Working things out with spinelli. What other advice are we supposed to take?

[ Scoffs ] Tonight’s meeting is hereby postponed. You going to find spinelli? Cody. I’m sorry. Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I appreciate your efforts as matchmakers. I really do. No, you don’T. No, I don’T. You’re fired. What? Huh? Not from deception, obviously, but I am opting out of this pro bono love connection. And since you both no longer have my love life to interfere with, you can direct your collective energy elsewhere. Look inward. Wow. Oh, did you see something? No, I just got to the part where the cavalry showed up. It’s such a shame. Sonny’s plan almost worked. Okay, this is distressing. What is it? You see something? No, actually the opposite. One of my feeds cut out early. A malfunction or… unlikely. The — the equipment’s new. The most likely scenario is that the camera was discovered. Now, thankfully, whoever found the camera won’t have access to the footage. But whoever did abscond with my equipment will now be likely trying to trace it to yours truly. Well, I’m sure you covered those tracks thoroughly, right? Cherish the compliment.

[ Chuckles ] Spinelli, the shot came through the skylight, right? So did you have cameras on the roof? No, th-they’d be too easy to spot. Yeah. But I did have a silent camera drone circling. Of course you did. Right. Okay, t-there’s two men headed for the skylight. Yeah. Let me get in closer, yeah. Can you get in closer on his face there? Oh, my god.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] Moving him now. They’re ready for him in the or. Hi. Detective chase tells me that you’re the ones that found dante. Yeah, that’s right. You’ll have to give an official statement at some point. But right now, I’d just like you to tell me everything you remember about when you first saw him. Okay. Um, well, dante was alone. There was nobody else there, and he was lying down, and he had a sweatshirt tied around him, almost like a pressure bandage. So someone had administered first aid before you got there? Yeah, and, uh, they elevated his legs, bandaged him up, and called 911. I am so sorry about this. We — we still don’t know what actually happened. How was sonny involved? There was a raid on one of selina wu’s warehouses. Dante and I were with commissioner devane. Agent cates and another fbi agent were there. We got inside, and while the commissioner and agent cates were questioning ms. Wu and sonny, someone fired a high-powered rifle through the skylight. And dante was hit. No, no, no one was. We believe that sonny was the intended target, but the shot missed him. Dante and I were closest to the door, so we went on the roof to investigate. We found a sniper rifle abandoned by the skylight, and then we observed two suspects about 200 yards off moving rapidly toward the waterfront. Dante told me to secure the scene and wait for backup. And then he went — went for the suspects. So it was him against two suspects. Yeah, but dante told me to secure the scene and wait for backup. I’m — I’m sorry. Hey, chase, it’s — it’s okay. You were doing your job. Dante was doing his. This is not your fault. Dr. Robinson. How’s dante?

Dante is in critical condition. He’s been shot twice in the chest. And they’re prepping him for surgery as we speak. Is he gonna live? We’re doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that he does.

[ Gurney rattling ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Elevator doors close ] Spinelli, is it possible that someone could have tampered with the footage between the shooting and now? Do you mean could someone have altered the image? Yeah. It’s impossible. There’s no time and no access. So this is real. But how? Has the drone footage been downloaded to the tablet? We have to show sonny. I-it has, but I-I —

[ Knock on door ] Maxie? Spinelli! Let me in. I need to talk to you. Uh, this is not a good time. A-ava, wait. Hold on, hold on. What was ava doing here? Spinelli, what’s going on? You’re still not convinced that I have the experience or vision to help you take the invader to the next level? I’m worried that the paper will turn into something that I’m not comfortable with. Well, alexis, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Like I did with crimson, I see opportunity at the invader. Okay, if you believe that I’m going to take the paper in the wrong direction, I want you to compare my first edition of crimson with my last one. Nina. I am not comparing

crimson to this in terms of your success rate. You’ve done very well. I’m not questioning your intuition. I’m not questioning your creativity. I know why julian hired you. Well, julian hired me to run crimson into the ground. And you made it soar. I am not disputing the figures of your circulation. Then what’s the problem? The problem is, you have a history with people that I know well, actually, drew and sonny being two of them. And that history — not so good. So what I need to know is, how can I be sure of your motivation here? You can’T. I’m afraid you’ll just have to trust me. You think you can do that?

[ Sighs ] Bless me, father, for I have sinned. You know my sins. You know what I’ve done. I will pay for it all. Please don’t take my son. Please, lord, let him live.

Um, I guess sinceour meeting has been postponed, I’m gonna go home and finish my book. Oh, what you reading? “Pride and prejudice.” Oh, wow. Yeah. Uh, didn’t they make that into a movie? Yeah, uh, a few. Oh, cool. I guess I’ll — I’ll head home, too. To the stables? No, I’m probably gonna head to the manse first, you know, heat up some of mama q’s cooking, maybe watch a movie. What movie? Don’t know. Maybe “pride and prejudice.” Which version? Whatever’s shortest. Isn’t there a zombie one, I think? Sounds like a plan. Okay. Do you need a ride home or — I really hope that — I really hope that maxie and spinelli work through this. Yeah, yeah, it’d be a shame if they didn’T. I mean, they’re obviously meant for each other. Right? Yeah. Alright, well, um… good night. Night. I-I did really want to help maxie and spinelli. I know. But this was also an opportunity to spend time with you. And it was an opportunity for me to spend time with you. Without trust, this working relationship, it’s a nonstarter. If that’s the case, which one of us goes first?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hey. Yeah. I was just on my way. Is that confirmed? Thanks. Alexis, what is it? Thank you both for everything. We’re glad we could help him as much as we did. Dante is — he’s strong. He was really fighting in there. That’s dante. I just wish there was more I could do to help. I-I guess we all wish that, though. It’s the waiting. It’s the worst part of it all. It’s like time, it stops. I’ve spent a lot of time in this hospital, mostly waiting on people that I love. And it never gets any easier. The surgery’s gonna take a while, but I will keep checking in with the team, and I’ll make sure to update you and olivia. Okay. Well, um, we would appreciate that. Thank you again.

[ Sighs ] That’s a lonely place to be, right? Really doesn’t get easier, does it? No, no, it doesn’T. Alright, so I’d like you to tell us everything that happened exactly as it happened, everything you remember. Okay. Uh, joss and I were driving back to port charles. Yes, and I have an app on my phone, and it said that police scanners were reporting gunfire out on the waterfront. We assumed that that meant sonny, so we went straight to the pier. You work for sonny, correct? Not anymore. He fired me two weeks ago. Yet you still felt compelled to check on him? I did. Okay, continue. So, what did you see when you found dante? Uh, well, we already told you. Yeah, I know. I’d like you to tell me again, ’cause sometimes you remember things that you forget the first time. Okay, yeah, of course. Um, we got there. Dante was lying there. The second we got to him, it became clear that somebody had given him first aid, because he had that sweatshirt wrapped around him and his legs were elevated. How were his legs elevated, exactly? Uh, someone folded up a bulletproof vest and stuck it under his legs. Anything else? Yes, yes. There was a phone next to dante on a call with 911, and I picked it up and I spoke to the operator. You handled the phone? Yeah. Was I not supposed to? I mean, he was lying there bleeding and gasping for air. I’m just trying to figure out what happened, josslyn. It’s clear the two of you demonstrated extraordinary presence of mind. You’re doing great. So, you pick up the phone. The line is open to 911. Yeah, um, and the operator said that she had spoken to somebody else but that they had left and that the paramedics were almost there. And then we started hearing the sirens, and chase showed up. I found dex and josslyn giving first aid. Shortly after I arrived, dante’s heart stopped. I performed chest compressions. Joss did rescue breathing, and we got his heart started right before the paramedics got there. And then they took over. Thank you. Uh… not only is dante one of our finest officers, he’s also a friend. And it’s clear you saved his life. And the pcpd and I personally owe you a great debt. Thank you. I apologize. I was, uh — I was afraid. I was so afraid that we were really gonna lose dante for good. I, uh — I shouldn’t have called you out like that. You’re not wrong. Someone was gunning for me, and our son dante got caught in the crossfire again. ‘Cause dante was doing his duty. Yeah, yeah. As a cop, he knows what that means. Even if I forget it sometimes. He was protecting me. Because he is a damn good cop. And an even better son. He’s one of the only people I can count on right now, you know?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Uh… sorry. I’m sorry. Probably ned. I think… he’s getting all my messages at once. I got to — no, no, go, go, go. It’s fine. Hey. Yeah, no, um, I’m in the chapel right now, and, uh, I don’t want to talk on the phone while I’m in… god’s house.

[ Door closes ] You’re here. I am. You and spinelli find something useful in the footage? Well, we haven’t looked through everything yet. Well, we got to find something. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. It’s okay. I’m so sorry about dante. You must be going out of your mind.

[ Exhales sharply ] Why are you here? Spinelli and I found something important. Something you need to see right away. Uh, ava was here following up on a job that I was doing for sonny, and we… saw something that was completely confounding. Something you do not want to talk about? No, no, no, n-not — not yet. Not until we can understand it. But you know what? You’re — you’re here now. To what — to what do I owe the pleasure? Okay, well, um, I’ve been thinking about things, and I think we should talk about how we left everything. I couldn’t agree more. Okay, I’ll go first. I-I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m up to the task just — just yet. Spinelli, um, what — what is really going on? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. I have.

Cody, you know better than anyone what I’ve been dealing with the past few years. Yeah, I know. I haven’t felt ready to move on and be involved with anybody. And I’m not sure that I’m ready yet. Sasha, I’m gonna say this as many times as you need to hear it. I just like spending time with you. So if this happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, hell, I’m really not that much of a catch anyways. You probably dodged a bullet. Well, I hope that we can finally agree on one thing. What’s that? We don’t need to find excuses to spend more time together. Curtis. No, no, no. Nothing’s wrong. I just needed to hear your voice again. Copy that. Who’s running the crime scene? Pcpd. No sign of fbi yet. That’s interesting. Thought agent cates would be all over it. Maybe he’s busy with something else. Yeah, just as well. Try to keep it in house as long as we can. I checked with the units on the scene. Forensics is gathering evidence. They have the phone and — and dante’s vest. My guess is the phone was a burner, and josslyn handled it, so it’s doubtful that we’ll get anything useful off that. However, 911 will have a recording of that call, so I’ll have tech coordinate with them. We need a copy of that. I want to know who placed that call, who was trying to help dante, and why. I just spoke to dr. Park. Yeah, what’d he say? Well, it’s a little too early for an update on the surgery, but he said that even though, uh, dante is unconscious, he’s still showing a really strong will to live. He’s in there fighting for every breath. You know dante’s stubborn to a fault.

[ Laughs ] He’s the worst. Actually the best. Ah. The reporter that I was supposed to meet on the waterfront just informed me that an officer is down. Oh. Oh, that’s terrible. Well, that definitely qualifies for breaking news. I’ll — I’ll leave you to your job. Nina. The officer that was shot is dante. Right here, there’s a clear angle of one of the gunmen. Alright, we’ll get that to brick. He’ll — he’ll get a name real fast. Actually, sonny, that won’t be necessary. Spinelli and I were able to identify him. You identified him? Who is it? You saw a ghost? W-where did you see it? He was — he was right there. He was — he was there. He was…sentient. He was breathing. Breathing? You’re gonna need to give me a little more to work with here. No, I-it’s — but it’s impossible. It simply cannot be. Spinelli, just tell me. What is impossible? If you know who it is, spit it out. Some things need to be seen to be believed. No, it’s — it’s impossible both that he’s alive and — and working against sonny. Spinelli, who exactly did you see on the screen? It’s him, isn’t it? It’s jason. Well, well, well, dr ew.

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