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Steffy: I’ll do it!

Sheila: No!

Cleaner: Ma’am? Are you okay?

Steffy: What?

Cleaner: I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you, but… you really can’t be alone. Is your husband home?

Steffy: No. My husband’s not here.

Steffy: She’s gone, finn. Sheila’s dead. It was either her or me. I didn’t– I didn’t have time to think. I just– I just reacted. I– I had to survive.

Li: I can’t believe it. Sheila carter’s actually dead?

Eric: How’s steffy holding up?

Ridge: You know her. She’s strong, resilient.

Eric: No, yeah. But something like this.

Donna: Yeah, I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for steffy, to…

Eric: What an ordeal for her to have to go through. That she had to do what she had to do. Wow. Sheila carter’s finally dead.

Pathologist: Can I help you?

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, I’m deacon sharpe. I’m here to pay my respects to sheila carter.

Donna: It’s just so hard to believe.

Eric: Sheila carter’s finally out of our lives.

Ridge: The paramedics confirmed it. Sheila’s dead.

Pathologist: Since the police investigation is ongoing, the deceased’s body will remain here at the morgue.

Deacon: Right. Dr. Finnegan set this up for me. He thinks I need closure. Sheila and I were engaged to be married.

Finn: How’s hayes? Did he sleep okay?

Li: Yeah. Don’t worry about hayes. He loves spending time with grandma li.

Finn: Hm. He’s with brooke now?

Li: Yeah. Yeah, I had a meeting I couldn’t reschedule, but as soon as it’s over, I’ll go pick him up. Right now, though, I’m concerned for you. And steffy, of course. I hate that it happened the way it did. But I’m not sorry sheila’s dead.

Steffy: I, uh, I really appreciate everything. Cleaning my home and making it feel safe again.

Cleaner: Sorry you’re going through something so traumatic.

Steffy: Thanks.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Liam: Yeah, I heard.

Donna: What sheila did was– was crazy. And breaking in like that and taunting and terrorizing steffy.

Eric: Well, steffy did what she had to do. She had to stop sheila.

>>Idge: , She stopped her,: Is there anything that we can do? I mean, I’m sure steffy’s getting a lot of support. Especially from finn, but…

Ridge: Yeah, you would think that, wouldn’t you?

Eric: You saying he’s not being supportive?

Ridge: Listen, I like the kid and I respect him. But I’m confused why he’s so distraught by this woman dying.

Finn: Can we just not talk about sheila right now?

Li: Believe me, I’d like nothing more now that she’s finally out of our lives.

Finn: Well, she’s gone, mom. Okay? So just let it go.

Li: Let it go? After all that woman did? She went after steffy. Again. Intent on making sure she didn’t make it this time. Thank god steffy did. That she finally took out that sick, twisted psychopath for good. Sheila carter finally got what she deserved.

Liam: I mean, kelly’s doing great. She loves staying with me and her grandpa bill. Not that she doesn’t miss her mom and her little brother. I just think it’s probably best she stay with me for now.

Steffy: Yeah. Thank god she wasn’t here.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure she never finds out about it, but news these days.

Steffy: Yeah, I know. It travels fast. I’m sure she’s gonna hear things at school.

Liam: Well, try not to think too much about that. That’s the least of your worries. Just focus on getting past this and moving on.

Steffy: Yeah, you’re right. That’s exactly what my mom said when we video chatted. It’s just strange being here. Where it happened. I mean, sheila’s blood on the floor. But thankfully, the cleaners were here to take care of it.

Liam: Yeah, I saw that. Going out to the van.

Steffy: Hm. Just so much pain, you know, and heartache. It’s all because of sheila. I just never thought it was gonna end.

Liam: Well, it has. ‘Cause she’s dead. And she’s never gonna hurt anyone you care about ever again. I– I know that what you’ve just been through is traumatic. But please, steffy, please never doubt that you did the right thing. Please never doubt that you did exactly what you should’ve done. By killing her.

Deacon: It’s so cold in here. Um… look, I probably, uh, know the answer to this, but I’m gonna ask anyway. Has anyone else been here to see her? Anyone? God, I miss her so much. I’m probably the only one. I’m sorry I don’t even know why I’m saying this to you.

Pathologist: Sometimes it’s easier to open up to someone you don’t know. Would you like to see her now?

Deacon: Yeah.

Pathologist: I’ll give you a moment alone.

Deacon: Sheila, what the hell happened?

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Donna: Well, as horrible as sheila was, I mean she did give birth to finn.

Ridge: Yes, she did. And then she shot him and steffy in cold blood and left them in an alley to die. Not exactly mother of the year material.

Eric: No. But finn grew up never knowing who his birth mother was.

Ridge: Well, he knows who she was now. The woman who tried to kill his wife, twice. And you know what? Finn should be there for steffy right now and I don’t think he is.

Li: Karma’s a bitch. Sheila’s hurt so many people, it’s about time justice finally caught up with her. Quite frankly, I was beginning to think it never would. That her reign of terror will go on and on, but no more. Someone finally stopped her. Steffy finally stopped her. Which seems almost fitting. Sheila dying at your wife’s hands, given what sheila did behind that restaurant. Pointing a gun at steffy, then pulling the trigger, leaving her and you both for dead. But that’s who sheila was. Heartless, soulless, vile.

Finn: Okay, can you just stop? Stop, mom. Sheila was a person, a human being, and now she’s dead. My birth mother is dead.

Liam: Steffy, you did what anyone in your position would and should have done. It’s black and white. You defended yourself. The woman wanted you dead, right? She probably thought that she’d have finn and hayes all to herself if you were out of the picture.

Steffy: Believe me, I know that, liam. But I– I took a life. I mean, that’s not who I am.

Liam: What if kelly were here? She could’ve been hurt. She could’ve been kidnapped. Or worse. Every single one of you was in jeopardy as long as sheila was alive and breathing. And because of you, none of us ever have to worry about her again.

Deacon: Sheila carter. I– I don’t understand this. Sheila, I– I saw you change. I saw it with my own eyes. I just don’t understand. How did this happen?

Not flossing well?

Deacon: You’re so peaceful. Which is almost funny because that’s about the last word I’d ever use to describe you. I never told you this, but i used to always think of you like a beautiful rainstorm. Unpredictable, never boring. One minute, chaotic and relentless, and the next, exhilarating and intoxicating. I’ve always, um, felt like I was alone, even in a room full of people. I just got used to not needing anybody. And then I met– then I met you. And I needed you. And I didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. Because I knew what I was supposed to do next. I was gonna stand by you, no matter what. But now, I– I don’t know what to do next. I’m never gonna forget you. You are always gonna be a part of me, sheila. Do you think I could see her face? Rest in peace, beautiful girl.

Donna: Wait, what do you mean finn isn’t with steffy?

Eric: What is this, ridge? What’s going on?

Ridge: Well, finn can’t come to terms with the fact that his wife had to defend herself and kill his birth mother. He should be with steffy right now. And he’s not.

Li: I am your mother, finn. Not sheila.

Finn: Of course you are. But I just–

Li: No buts. What’s– what’s going on with you? If you’re reacting this way with me, I can only imagine what steffy’s thinking.

Liam: Well, uh, yeah. I shouldn’t stay long. I imagine finn will be home soon and I don’t wanna cause any tension. That’s probably the last thing you need right now, so. Steffy?

Steffy: Yeah. Finn will be home soon, won’t he?

Steffy: I don’t know. I don’t know if and when my husband’s coming home.

Liam: What are you talking about?

Steffy: God. Finn is struggling with sheila’s death. He, um… he says that I’m responsible.

Liam: Oh, really? Finn is struggling? He’s struggling? Such a struggle for him. I don’t care. That is ridiculous. I don’t care that she’s his birth mother. She tried to kill you. You were defending yourself and his entire focus right now should be on you and the kids. How does he not understand that?

Steffy: No, no. I mean, he does. I mean, this whole… god. This whole situation is really disturbing and it’s emotionally challenging. Like, I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t want sheila in here. But she gave me no choice. I had to grab a knife. I had to protect myself.

Liam: Yes. Exactly. You had to do what you had to do to survive. You’re not doing anything wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re not this horrible human being that was sheila. This is the whole point. That’s who she was. Everybody understands that. Everybody gets that. So, it’s kind of beyond me why finn doesn’T. You know what else is beyond me? That he isn’t here right now. Because I’m here. I’m here for whatever you want, whenever you want it. My love and support is free.

Steffy: Thank you. Thank you for just listening to me and being here.

Li: Steffy is your wife. She needs you now more than ever.

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