B&B Short Recap Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

The professional cleaners clean up Steffy’s house (because of Sheila’s blood and all) while she hovers nearby. She has a flashback to killing Sheila. One of them asks her if she’s OK and thinks she shouldn’t be alone.  She thanks them for making her feel safer.

Li goes to see Finn in his office. She’s overjoyed that Sheila’s dead, but he tells her to stop going on about it. Li keeps on talking about how awful Sheila was until Finn yells at her that his birth mother is dead. She looks stunned.

Eric and Donna are shocked after Ridge tells them that Steffy killed Sheila. They discuss it and are shocked to hear that Finn hasn’t been supportive of Steffy.

Deacon goes to the morgue to see Sheila (set up by Finn) and ends up chatting with the pathologist. He doesn’t understand how or why Sheila attacked Steffy. He talks to Sheila’s dead body, telling her how much he loved her. He has the pathologist uncover her face, so he can say goodbye one last time.

Liam drops by Steffy’s place to see her, and they hug. He gives her a shoulder to cry on. We learn that Kelly is staying with Liam, and Hayes has been with Li but is now with Brooke. Also, Steffy had a video chat with her mom. Liam assures Steffy that she did the right thing in defending herself against Sheila. Sheila still feels bad about taking a life. When Liam mentions that Finn will be home, she tells him that she’s not sure when that will happen. Liam is outraged to hear that Finn is not there for her but tells her that he’s there for her. They hug some more.


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