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by Michele & Cheryl

Everett from Days

We have trouble believing that Everett didn’t remember who he was in the past. When he saw Jada at the pub, he walked away as if he recognized her. Once she realized who he was, he suddenly didn’t remember his past. We think there’s more to Everett than meets the eye. It’s easy for him to pretend that he has amnesia because no one can prove that he doesn’t. We won’t be surprised if it turns out that he’s faking his amnesia.

Speaking of Everett’s amnesia, Stephanie acts as if it affects her more than Everett. She had an attitude while Marlena was talking to him like she was the victim. Jada was the victim in the story not Stephanie. Stephanie didn’t have a reason to act as if Everett betrayed her. Now we’re supposed to believe she and Jada were such good friends that she will break up with Everett if it turns out he lied about not knowing who he was.

The writers shouldn’t have had EJ understand that Johnny got married without inviting him to his wedding. Johnny could have invited EJ to it. He claimed they didn’t want to stress out Paulina, but his father should have been invited to the wedding. Johnny didn’t have any family at the wedding so Paulina would have understood if EJ was at the wedding.

Why was Tate suddenly upset with Brady and Theresa? They did everything they could to help Tate yet now he suddenly doesn’t want anything to do with them. He had some nerve talking to them the way he did. Brady and Theresa could have let him stay in prison if they didn’t care about him. He treated them like it was their fault he was in trouble. Tate got himself in trouble.

Eli and Lani came back to Salem to visit Paulina. While they were talking about the twins, they mentioned that they were with Doug and Julie. What were the odds that they didn’t mention the fire? We know Paulina’s in the hospital, but Eli is a Horton. You would think he would have been concerned about the Horton house burning down. It was his grandmother’s house yet he didn’t say a word about the fire at the hospital.


Eli and Lani from Days

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