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Devon: Okay, Billy, you’re just going to have to take my word about Lenny Flanagan, because he’s always been a smart, innovative, stand-up guy for us.

Billy: That’s great. He sounds like a great guy, Devon. I believe you. We’ll invite him to the barbecue, okay? But I’ve looked at the file. There’s nothing in here but a bunch of smoke. His last two business ventures, they didn’t go anywhere. Nothing happened with them.

Devon: Oh, that’s– I think it’s very funny that you’re ready to judge someone off their track record before even meeting them.

Billy: What’s that? A little– little dig at me? Is that what that is?

Devon: I mean, you can take it however you’d like, Billy. The only thing I’m asking is if you will set aside some time to speak with Lenny and hear what he has to say before you just dismiss him, all right? Because there is something to be said about working with people that you have faith in.

Billy: And all I’m saying is that we have plenty of potentially lucrative deals waiting in the pipeline. We don’t have to waste time, resources, and money on warm, fuzzy feelings.


Billy: With all due respect, Esther, what Devon and i are doing, I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t say it’s bickering.

Devon: Yeah, no, it’s a difference of opinions, really. And it’s nothing to worry about.

Esther: Oh, I would love to not worry about it. But this company is important to me.

Devon: I know it is.

Billy: And we’re grateful for that.

Esther: You know, I am really good at reading situations and emotions. You know, I’ve lived at the chancellor mansion for decades, and it wasn’t just about cake-wrestling and catfights. More times than I can count. There was so much tension in there, you could cut it with a knife. And that’s what I’m picking up from the two of you.

Devon: I think you’re reading a little more into it than I was.

Esther: I know. Correct me if I’m wrong, which I am not. What I’m getting at, Devon, is you resent having to work with Billy, because you’d rather work with your sister, because you and lily work well together. And Billy, you resent Devon resenting you, which is just going to be a problem given your career history. All I’m asking is that you please just take a minute and think of how upset your fathers, john and neil, would be if they saw what you were bringing all this petty conflict to the people that are counting on you to make this business the success that it needs to be.


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