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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan dressed up as a doctor at the hospital. He talked himself into killing Harris. When he was about to go to his room, Goldman was outside. Steve and John were trying to figure out where Tripp and Wendy were. While they were talking, Brady called John and asked him to go see Tate. Steve told him to go. John reassured Steve that they would find Tripp. When John left, Konstantin showed up. Nicole went to check on Holly. Holly asked if it was past New Year’s Eve. Nicole said she could get better. Holly wanted to know what she wasn’t telling her since she wouldn’t let her use her phone. EJ showed up and asked how they were. Brady found out he wasn’t on the list to see Tate at the rehab center. Theresa was on the list. He told Theresa to go see him. She went to see Tate and told him Brady was there. Tate thought she was trying to guilt trip him into seeing Brady. Goldman walked away from Harris’ room. Konstantin brought up his daughter while he was taunting Steve. Steve told him he was in the middle of a case and didn’t have time for him. Konstantin asked if his son was still missing. Steve wanted to know why he cared. Konstantin said he could relate to the situation. He said he understood the pain because he went through it every day wondering who killed his daughter. Nicole and EJ told Holly to get out of bed because she was in the bed for too long. Holly wanted to know how long she was in the bed. Nicole told her to be patient. EJ got Holly out of bed. Tate told Theresa not to force him to see his father. Theresa said he and his father had a great relationship before this. Tate said therapy brought up a lot of stuff. He said his father wasn’t there for him when they went to California. Theresa said it was her fault he didn’t see his father. She said she kept him from seeing his father.

Konstantin told Steve that he missed his daughter more as time went on. He said she was his heart and the only good thing he ever did. Steve said his children meant everything to him. Konstantin said he must understand his situation. Steve said he did. Konstantin said he appreciated his empathy more than he knew. John showed up at the rehab center. Brady was glad he showed up. He told John that Tate didn’t put him on the list. John told Brady the bond between him and Tate was strong. Brady told him to go see Tate. John went to see Tate. Tate said Theresa didn’t move him to California to keep him from seeing his father. He said she made it up. Theresa said she moved to California because she made up a lie against Brady in a murder investigation. She said she hurt Brady more than he hurt them. Theresa said Brady loved him and always would. She said she wanted to tell him something. Theresa told him she relapsed. She said Brady was there for her. John showed up while they were talking. Tate was glad to see John. John told Tate that Brady loved him. He told Tate that his parents and grandparents had unconditional love for him. Stefan snuck in Harris’ room. When he was about to put a syringe in his IV bag, Harris stopped him. Harris attacked him and told him it was good to see him. Steve wondered if Konstantin was trying to implicate him in his daughter’s death. Konstantin said he was telling him how her death haunted him. Steve said no one was supposed to die that day. Konstantin said he witnessed it. Steve said not directly. Konstantin asked if he was there. Holly asked Nicole about being in a coma. EJ told her that she was drugged and ended up in a coma. Nicole asked if she remembered anything else. Holly said she didn’t. EJ said it was important to know where the drugs came from. Nicle asked where she got the drugs. Theresa told Tate that his father missed him and hoped he would see him. John told Tate that he found his long-lost father. He said he missed out on so many years with his father. John said he didn’t want him to look back on time he missed with his father. He asked Tate if he wanted to see Brady. Tate agreed to see Brady. John told Brady that he had to leave but wanted him to call him. Harris old Stefan that he worked for him. He told Stefan that he was going to help him take Clyde down. Steve told Konstantin that nothing would relieve him of the guilt. Konstantin asked if he was there. Steve admitted to being there. He said he wished he wasn’t there. Konstantin wanted to know more. He wanted peace of mind about it. Steve admitted to being the pawn handler for Victor. He told Konstantin what happened.

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