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Thomas: Finn, you can’t blame any of us for being relieved.

Steffy: Finn, it was self-defense. She came at me, I grabbed a knife to protect myself. I didn’t want to stab her, but I had no choice.

Ridge: We all would’ve done exactly the same thing. I know she gave birth to you, but she also terrorized this family for decades. She came after you, she left you for dead in an alleyway. She tried to kill your wife. And I’m sorry I called her an animal in front of you, but that’s who she was to me. She put this on herself.

Finn: Well, that animal was my mother.

Brooke: I just can’t believe it.

Carter: Okay, the press doesn’t have it yet, but we need to be prepared. I’ll text ridge about looping in katie.

Brooke: Sheila’s really dead?

Carter: Yes.

Hope: And we’re sure that this isn’t another one of her tricks?

Carter: My contact at the police department said the coroner retrieved her body.

Hope: But– but where? I mean, what– what happened?Pp

Carter: I don’t know, but it was from steffy and finn’s house.

Brooke: What?

Hope: Are they okay? Are the kids okay?

Carter: No other injuries reported according to the officers at the scene.

Brooke: Carter, we need more information. If sheila’s body was found at steffy’s, something horrible must have happened.

Hope: The police have said that sheila was dead before.

Carter: That is true, but this time they pronounced it. Her body was picked up at the scene.

Brooke: Somebody has to tell ridge.

Carter: I did. I was just with him. Thomas, too.

Hope: Okay, where– where are they now? I mean, do they have more details?

Carter: They will soon. When they heard what happened, they rushed over to check on steffy.

Finn: How can you be so callous? My mother just died. She died right here.

Ridge: Bad news, awful. Could have been worse. Could have been your wife. Could have been one of your kids.

Thomas: Yeah, thank god the kids weren’t here.

Steffy: Sheila forced her way into our home, finn. She tried to attack me. I– I grabbed a knife. I reacted.

Ridge: It’s okay. It’s okay now.

Finn: No, it’s not. It’s not okay.

Thomas: Finn, you’re in shock.

Ridge: Steffy told us what happened. What’s done is done. I’m not being insensitive, but thomas and i we’re here because we want to take care of steffy. We’re gonna all sit down and figure out what’s next.

Finn: You just remember that someone died, okay? And it was my mother. It was my mother. One breath…

Brooke: Anything?

Carter: Not yet.

Hope: I mean, there’s nothing on socials yet. Would your friend on the force know anything more?

Carter: If he got an update, he’d gave me a call.

Brooke: All he told you was that sheila died?

Carter: Well, actually, he said she was killed.

Brooke: Killed?

Hope: Okay, so, I mean… maybe there is a chance that this wasn’t an accident?

Carter: Whatever happened, sheila didn’t survive.

Hope: This does not feel real. This does not feel real.

Carter: It was an emergency call out to steffy’s house. One fatality, no other injuries. The police and the coroner arrived, and the person that was killed was identified as sheila carter.

Brooke: Identified by whom?

Carter: I don’t know. But if finn, steffy, the kids were hurt, we’d be at the hospital right now, not here waiting for news.

Hope: I just– I still can’t believe that they recovered sheila’s body at the cliff house. I mean, I’m sorry, but this is– this is, like, all too weird for me. I mean, after all the years of just strife that sheila has put this family through, all of the pain, all of the hurt. And then to find out about her connection to finn, and then to find out about her involvement with my dad.

Carter: Yeah, as long as she was out there, no one was safe.

Brooke: I have to say, the idea of sheila being gone, it’s– it’s an unbelievable relief.

Hope: I have to agree.

Carter: It’s gonna take some time to process. Like you said, it’s hard to believe.

Brooke: She has fooled us before.

Carter: I don’t think we have to worry about that anymore.

Brooke: Why haven’t we heard anything? When did thomas and ridge leave the office?

Carter: Pretty much the minute I told them where sheila was found. They couldn’t get to that house fast enough.

Steffy: Finn, I love you so much. I know this is difficult for you. I’m trying to be understanding, but we’re all really freaked out right now.

Thomas: We’re not trying to ignore your loss, finn. We’re here for steffy. Make sure that she’s okay after what she went through. And to make sure that the cops don’t try and put something on her, like a crime, when in reality, it was self-defense.

Ridge: Your wife was attacked. The attacker is dead. Steffy’s fine, I thank god for that.

Thomas: So do I.

Finn: I never want anything bad to happen to you.

Ridge: Good. She’s the most important person in your life.

Finn: And I am. I’m– I’m beyond grateful that you’re okay, and that… it’s hard for me to see any of this, you know? I mean, it was never all right, but you know what you don’t understand? Is that animal wasn’t nothing. All right? She gave me life.

Ridge: We understand that. She gave you life, and then she tried to take it away.

Finn: Something was wrong. At the end, I was– I was at the hospital, and I wanted to come home, and I just– I was waiting on a call. I should have been here because I could’ve done something. I could’ve done something because I’m a doctor. We save people. We– we don’t end lives. We’re not– we’re not killers.

Ridge: And steffy’s not a killer either. Some lunatic broke into her house. She did the only thing she could’ve done. She did what she did so she wouldn’t end up on the ground the way she did before. And you want to defend your mother? What, do you think this is tragic? This is a miracle. Your wife is not harmed. Your kids are not harmed. And this woman came over here to hurt people. That’s the only reason she came over here. Look at me! Hey! This is your wife. You need to be strong for her. She went through something very traumatic.

Finn: Yeah, she killed my mom. She killed her.

Steffy: I think that– I think you and thomas should, uh, you guys should go. I just want some time alone with– with finn, okay?

Ridge: Yeah, the police is gonna come. They’re gonna ask you questions. I need to be here for that.

Steffy: I’ll– I’ll call you.

Ridge: Okay. You did the right thing. You did the only thing you could have done. I’m gonna make sure that everyone understands that. I love you.

Steffy: I love you.

Ridge: We’ll pick up the kids, don’t worry about that.

Thomas: I love you.

Steffy: I love you.

Thomas: If you need anything, I’ll be here.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: Okay.

Steffy: You feel so far away right now. Maybe my dad is right. If we just– if we talk to each other, if we support each other. Look, I– I understand what happened. It’s horrible, but we can get through it. We can get through anything. (Vo) the shape that stole your heart

[ Cell phone chimes ]

Hope: Is it ridge?

Brooke: “Me and thomas are on the way to the office.” They’ll be here pretty soon.

Hope: Okay. Did they see steffy or finn?

Brooke: He said he’ll explain everything when he gets here.

Hope: Okay, but– but the kids, are they safe? Are they…

Carter: Ridge wouldn’t leave them if they still needed him.

Hope: Okay, and I know that thomas wouldn’t leave his sister’s side, but…

Brooke: What was sheila doing at that house?

Carter: Sheila’s obsessed. She wants a– hm. She wanted a place in finn’s life to get to hayes, and she always blamed steffy for standing in the way.

Hope: Well, I’m sure she was furious after the little confrontation that they had.

Carter: What confrontation?

Brooke: Kelly went to il giardino with a friend, and that friend’s mom and sheila was there. Sheila spoke to kelly and steffy found out.

Carter: And you think that’s what this is about?

Hope: I mean, steffy did go over there and things got physical.

Carter: Wait, sheila went after steffy?

Hope: Steffy actually punched sheila in the face.

Ridge: Carter, good. You’re still here.

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: Gotta make some phone calls.

Brooke: What happened?

Carter: Are steffy and finn okay?

Hope: Are the children all right?

Thomas: Yeah, everybody’s alright.

Brooke: Is it true? What carter heard? That sheila is dead?

Steffy: Finn. Finn! I can see how upset you are. I am too. What happened– it was– it was horrific. It was horrific. I don’t know. I don’t know how sheila got in here and maybe she is the reason the power went out. I thought it was the wind. I thought it was the storm. And then, I heard a noise. And I turned around, and sheila was right there. She was right there. And she was coming towards me. I had to defend myself. I didn’t want to die. So yes, I grabbed a knife. I did. And I told her to stop. I told her to get away. God, I didn’t– I didn’t want to be taken away from you, kelly, and hayes again. I wasn’t gonna let sheila do that, so yes, finn, yes. I did it. I did what I had to do to protect myself. I stabbed sheila.

Finn: Yeah, you killed my mother. Breathing claritin clear is like…

Brooke: So is it really true?

Hope: Sheila’s gone?

Brooke: She’s not up to one of her tricks.

Ridge: The witch is dead.

Hope: Okay, so how? What happened?

Brooke: And what was she doing? Looking for finn? Or trying to get to hayes?

Hope: Well, I mean, steffy was at the house. I saw finn earlier at the hospital, and he told me he was worried about her and was rushing home.

Ridge: Well, he’s there now or we wouldn’t have left.

Hope: Okay, so I know we shouldn’t celebrate things like this, but I– if sheila is really gone. I mean, all that– all that fear, all– all of that worry, I mean, is it– is it finally over?

Ridge: You know, even dead, she causes problems for our family.

Brooke: What do you mean, causes problems? Ridge?

Ridge: There’s no easy way to say this, but I have to say it because we all have to handle it. It was justified, and sheila had it coming.

Thomas: Steffy was home. Alone.

Ridge: The power went out, and sheila broke into the house.

Brooke: Oh, no.

Thomas: Sheila threatened and attacked steffy.

Hope: Wait, was steffy able to call the police?

Ridge: The police got there after.

Carter: After what?

Ridge: After steffy killed sheila.

Brooke: What?

Thomas: Steffy was able to grab a knife. She had to do it.

Ridge: It was sheila or her.

Hope: Well, does– does finn know? I mean, does finn know that steffy killed his birth mom?

Steffy: Tell me you understand why. I acted on instinct. I was terrified, finn. I mean, I still am.

Finn: No, look, I am, too. And the– the thought of something happening to you or something happened to the kids–

Steffy: I didn’t know if sheila was going to shoot me. And I– I refused to let her try to destroy our family again.

Finn: So, you plunged a knife into her?

Steffy: No, finn, she lunged at me. How many times do I have to tell you that I reacted? I tried to defend myself. I never wanted this. But I needed to protect myself. I’m so sorry.

Finn: You’re sorry?

Steffy: Yes.

Finn: You’re sorry for killing my mom?

Steffy: What are you doing? Oh, finn, I’m sorry.

Finn: My mom’s blood is on my hand. And yours, steffy.

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