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Steffy: Finn, I’m so sorry.

Finn: I just– I can’t believe that my mother’s dead and my wife killed her.

Steffy: I didn’t mean to. Sheila gave me no choice. I had to defend myself. If I hadn’t, I’d be dead.

Finn: It’s just… sheila’s blood has always been inside of me and now my birth mother’s blood is on my hand. And yours, steffy.

Hope: I can’t believe this.

Ridge: No, that’s true.

Brooke: Steffy actually killed sheila?

Ridge: She had no choice.

Brooke: My god.

Thomas: It was self-defense.

Carter: Well, how’s steffy?

Ridge: She’s shaken, but she’s not hurt, so good.

Thomas: The kids were out of the house for overnights.

Brooke: Things would’ve been so much worse if kelly and hayes had been there.

Ridge: I didn’t even wanna think about that.

Carter: Hope, you said things between steffy and sheila had been heated up lately. That they had a confrontation.

Ridge: That’s par for the course when sheila’s involved. You’ve been awfully quiet.

Thomas: Hey, steffy had to defend herself.

Ridge: You understand that, right?

Hope: I just– I’m just in shock that, uh, she took her– her, um, husband’s birth mother’s life.

Hope: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting that steffy crossed a line. I mean, we all know sheila. How dangerous she can be. And I’m sure that, you know, steffy had to make that choice to defend herself. It was terrifying for her– the wind howling outside, the power being out– and then who breaks in but sheila?

Ridge: Same woman that shot my daughter, left her for dead.

Carter: It was a nightmare.

Brooke: Not only did she shoot steffy, that lunatic shot her own son.

Thomas: And even with all of that, finn’s feelings for sheila still aren’t black and white.

Hope: Well, I– I mean, try to see it from finn’s perspective. He still has to reconcile the fact that his own wife killed his mom.

Finn: I realize the horrible things that sheila has done to you and your family. I mean, she almost killed us, almost destroyed our family. I’m– I’m fully aware, and it is inexcusable. But it doesn’t change the fact that she is my birth mother. She was my birth mother. I mean, she was someone that I… would lose sleep over as a kid. You know, trying to figure out if that’s where I got my smile or– or my drive, and… I can’t tell you how much it– it meant to me when I finally got to meet her and– and know my biology. Even– even after knowing who she really was. But now I’m– I’m never gonna see her again, because you killed her.

Steffy: Finn, I get that this is difficult for you, but sheila broke in here. She lunged at me. She had a crazy look in her eye. The same look that she had when she shot us in the alley. Finn, we have children. What was I supposed to do except defend myself?

Finn: No, I understand that. Okay? But it doesn’t change the fact that my mom died here. Okay, she died in my own home. At the hands of my wife.

[ Sirens wailing ] I can’T. I can’t– I can’t do this.

Steffy: What?

Finn: I can’t– I can’t– I can’t do this with the police.

Steffy: What are you doing? Head & shoulders is launching something huge.

Ridge: I have a real tough time accepting this, um– this deep connection that sheila and finn have.

Hope: Okay, but she is still his birth mother.

Ridge: Yeah, and I get that. She gave him life, and after that, she was nowhere to be found. Li raised him. She– she’s the one that’s a real mother to him.

Hope: Can you really not see how this might be complicated for finn? The fact that his wife killed the woman who gave him life?

Thomas: In self-defense. Okay, but to be fair, we only saw finn’s initial reaction. Right? Now, he’s over there, he’s with his wife, maybe he’s had time to process, maybe he’s had time to hear her side of the story and he can actually come to a place to support her how he’s supposed to.

Ridge: What if he can’t? What if he’s so broken up about this woman dying that he can’t be there for steffy? That he can’t support her? She needs him right now. Police are gonna come back, detectives are gonna… I’m going back over there.

Brooke: I’m sure she’d appreciate all the support she can get.

Carter: I’ll go with you.

Ridge: No, no, I– I got it. I don’t want it to look like we need a lawyer right now. I’ll be back.

Brooke: Honey? You okay? I know it’s a lot to take in.

Hope: I know I’m the only one here defending finn, but he’s not the only one who has complex feelings where sheila’s involved. Despite my objections to their relationship, dad still thought he was in love with her. And so, when he finds out about sheila’s death, I mean, he’s going to be devastated.

Deacon: You know, if you get hungry, we’ve got the best pizza in town. I’ve got a fantastic risotto tonight with some nice shrimp. Excuse me.

Baker: It’s so hard to believe. After all these years, history with your family, that we’re even having this conversation.

Steffy: Yeah.

Baker: According to the police report, sheila carter was killed here, in your home.

Steffy: Yeah, in self-defense.

Baker: Wanna tell me how it happened?

Steffy: Yeah, I was– um, I was alone. It was dark and I, uh, I heard a noise.

Baker: What kind of noise?

Steffy: Like a– like a banging. Sounded deliberate.

[ Distant banging ]

Baker: You mean as if someone were trying to scare you or gain entrance?

Steffy: I– I don’t know. I just– I kept hearing it, so I wanted to see if anyone was there.

Baker: And was there anybody?

Steffy: No. No one. I kept hearing the noise, but I just assumed it was the wind.

Baker: That had to be unnerving.

Steffy: It was, yeah. But when I couldn’t see anything, I just continued to make dinner. And then, uh, that’s when the– uh, the power went out. And I started looking for some candles, and then I saw a shadow above me. And I turned around and sheila was right there. She was right– she was right here. She started coming close to me, and, I– I don’t know, she went in her pocket. It seemed like she was about to take out a gun to shoot me.

Baker: Well, according to the report, sheila was unarmed. There was no gun, no weapon.

Steffy: But I– I could have swore she– she had a gun. I mean, she shot me before. Of course I thought she was gonna shoot me again. I told her to stay away, but she just kept coming. So I grabbed the knife. And that’s when she lunged at me.

No! And I stopped her.

Baker: With the knife?

Steffy: Yes.

Baker: So, you admit that you stabbed sheila carter?

Steffy: In self-defense, yes.

Deacon: Finn. What are you doing here? Are you all right?

Finn: Cops are at my house.

Deacon: Cops? Something happen with steffy and the kids?

Finn: Sheila went there.

Deacon: No. No, she promised me that she’d stay away from you and your family. No, man, we’re good.

Finn: Sheila’s not coming back. Not ever.


Hope: Look, I know that no one gets my dad’s relationship with sheila. I certainly did not. But he still genuinely cared about her. And I know he’s– he’s going to be hit really hard when he hears the news.

Brooke: Well, at least he’s free. Look, I know that sounds bad, but I’m not sorry that sheila is no longer a threat. She was a monster.

Carter: Yeah, I don’t know how your dad did it, hope. But somehow he saw something redeemable in her.

Thomas: Maybe. I do know one other good thing. Your dad. He doesn’t have to keep his distance from you or the kids anymore.

Brooke: He’s gonna need you, now more than ever.

Hope: And I want to be there for him. Starting tonight.

Brooke: Where are you going?

Hope: I think I need to be the one to tell my dad the news.

Thomas: I’ll go with you.

Hope: No, no, no. Thank you, but I think this needs to be between my dad and me.

Thomas: Okay.

Baker: You say that sheila lunged at you?

Steffy: Yes.

Baker: But you never saw a weapon in her hand.

Ridge: Don’t answer that.

Steffy: Dad, it’s fine. I’m not guilty of anything. I was just trying to protect myself.

Baker: I’m just trying to get the complete story.

Ridge: All right. Psycho broke into her house. I don’t know. Tried to harm you. Maybe tried to harm the kids. Attacked steffy. Steffy put her down. That’s it. Case closed.

Baker: That’s not really for you to say, is it?

Ridge: Maybe not, but this is. She’s tired. It’s been a day. Traumatized. There’s blood on the floor. We’re done here.

Baker: For now. But you know I will be asking more questions, right?

Steffy: Fine.

Ridge: Not without an attorney. Hey. Sorry you have to go through this. Where’s finn?

Steffy: I don’t know. He left.

Deacon: What do you mean, sheila’s not coming back?

Finn: Something happened.

Deacon: Yeah, I’m starting to get that. What? You mentioned the cops. Did steffy have her arrested?

Finn: No. Steffy didn’t have her arrested.

Deacon: Finn, what the hell is going on with you? You’re acting weird. Look, if something happened with sheila, you need to tell me now.

Finn: Sheila broke into our house. Threatened steffy.

Deacon: No.

Finn: Steffy grabbed a kitchen knife to protect herself. Sheila lunged at steffy and in self-defense… steffy stabbed sheila. She killed her.

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Finn: I’m sorry. I know that you’re one of the few people who has feelings for my mother. I didn’t wanna have to tell you.

Deacon: Sheila’s dead? How?

Finn: She broke in. She lunged at–

Deacon: I heard that! I heard that part. Steffy killed her?

Finn: In self-defense. Look, I’m sorry that she’s gone, too, okay? She was my mother.

Thomas: I’m glad dad went over to steffy’S. She shouldn’t have to talk to the police right now.

Carter: I wish he would’ve let me come along. Offer counsel.

Brooke: Well, steffy has nothing to hide. And having a lawyer there might make the detectives doubt her story.

Thomas: I can’t believe we’re talking about any of this. I mean, steffy’s just at home, by herself, minding her own business, trying to cook dinner, and someone breaks into the house, attacks her, she has to defend herself, she has to kill someone. I– I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now.

Hope: Dad?

Finn: Uh, deacon’s not here. He, um– he– he went somewhere.

Hope: Finn, why– why aren’t you home?

Finn: I– I couldn’t stay.

Hope: I heard about your mom, that she’s gone. I actually– I came here to tell my dad. I– I can’t imagine he’s going to take the news well, so.

Finn: Yeah, that’s– that’s why he left. I told him. Maybe I shouldn’t have. He seems pretty shaken up. There’s a lot of that going on right now.

Hope: Finn, I’m– I’m sorry.

Finn: I shouldn’t be this upset. After everything that she’s done to me. I mean, she shot me, she… shot my wife, she held me hostage, and even to the bitter end, sheila was being sheila. She was… she broke into my house, she threatened my wife. I should hate her. But why don’t I hate her? You know, I know the party line. Sheila isn’t worthy of love. I mean, I don’t know, is that what this is? This is just some awful sense of loss and like a missed opportunity? I don’t think I loved her. I mean, how could I? Right? She was an animal that got what she deserved. I mean, that’s what ridge said. Ridge thinks I should feel that way. She was my mom. And now I’m not gonna get to see her. I don’t get to see her again.

Hope: Finn, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Ridge: You need your husband. He should be here. Where the hell is finn?

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