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Alex and Kristen run in to each other in the park. Kristen asks what has him so hyper focused. Alex says it’s nothing but Kristen guesses it has to do with Theresa. Alex informs Kristen that Theresa moved out and moved back in with Brady which shocks Kristen.

Brady and Theresa have coffee at home. Theresa thanks Brady for letting her stay. Brady comments that Tate’s room is just sitting there empty anyway. Theresa says being in Tate’s room makes her feel close to him, especially after their nightmare visit. Brady says that he keeps telling himself that every teenage boy tells his parents that he hates them at some point. Theresa wonders if it was just a frustrated rant. Brady thinks he has reason to be frustrated and relates to when he was a teenager. Theresa’s phone goes off and complains that Alex won’t leave her alone, but then she gets a call from Tate which she excitedly answers.

EJ and Nicole wake up to the sound of coughing and jump up when they hear Holly’s voice calling out for her mom.

Theresa puts Tate on speaker so Brady can hear and says she hopes he’s calling to apologize but Tate says it’s not that. Brady asks if there’s a problem. Tate tells Theresa that he wanted to let her know that Justin called this morning to inform him that a spot opened up at halfway house in Salem which Theresa calls fantastic. Tate adds that Justin said he could transfer there since he’s done a good job and that he needed to let them know. Brady calls that great news. Theresa says they can’t wait to see him and asks when the transfer is happening. Tate then reveals that he doesn’t want to go.

EJ and Nicole rush to Holly’s room to find her awake. Nicole tells Holly that she’s there. EJ says they are so happy to talk to her. EJ then goes to call Sarah. Holly asks Nicole what time it is. Nicole informs her that it’s 7:30. Holly asks if the party ended.

Kristen questions Alex buying a huge rock which Theresa found, but he didn’t propose. Alex explains that he was thinking about it but he changed his mind. Kristen calls him evolution in reverse. Alex clarifies that he thought a lot about it and worried that it could possibly be the biggest mistake of his life, even though at times he does think he loves Theresa which Kristen laughs at. Alex tells her about going to a meeting for people whose loved ones are addicts and listened to people share stories. Alex adds that he also thought about Tate. Kristen asks if that’s too much of a problem for him to handle. Alex states that Theresa has a lot of things going on and a lot to work on. Alex feels Theresa needs to focus on herself and he doesn’t want to mess things up. Kristen argues that Theresa fell off the wagon one time and got right back on again so she thinks Alex is overreacting. Alex points out that at the meetings, they said recovering addicts should take at least six months after that happens before making big decisions. Kristen mocks him and thinks he just got cold feet. Kristen argues that Alex could have settled on a long engagement instead of pushing Theresa right in to Brady’s arms. Alex says Theresa decided to leave. Kristen complains that it’s because Alex broke Theresa’s heart and now she’s back with her Brady. Alex argues that Brady hasn’t been Kristen’s in a long time and if she thought she had a chance at getting back with him, she’s delusional.

Chad joins Sarah in the town square. Chad comments on the Bakery always being busy and they talk about being happy for Johnny and Chanel. Chad hopes it goes better than the last time. Sarah assures that it will, noting that she believes in second chances. Chad asks if she’s a hopeless romantic. Sarah says she’s always hopeful. Chad mentions his kids raving about their playdate with Victoria and says they really need that right now, so he thanks her. Sarah is glad that Maggie is babysitting so much then and asks how he’s holding up. Chad admits it’s tough and he worries about the kids and Doug and Julie after losing their home and all that history. Chad says Maggie is a saint for taking them all in. Sarah says that’s what families do, so they are all here for him. Chad asks about Sarah, guessing the thing with Xander shook her up a bit. Chad asks if Xander said what happened. Sarah says he went for a run and that’s it, while everything after was a mistake and a frame job. Sarah assures that Xander did not shoot Harris. Sarah acknowledges that Xander has screwed up royally in the past and was on a dark path but he has righted himself and seen the light. Chad feels that light is Sarah. Sarah is pretty sure it’s their daughter, Victoria. Sarah says they just need to get Chad’s brother to see the light and get it through his skull that Xander is innocent. Sarah then gets a call from EJ, who excitedly tells her that Holly woke up. Sarah calls that fantastic and says she’s coming over right now as she hangs up. Chad asks what it is. Sarah says she can’t tell him because of doctor-patient confidentiality but she’s sure that EJ will be calling him as she rushes off.

Nicole tells Holly that the party ended a long time ago and now she’s home, safe and sound. Holly questions why Nicole is crying. Nicole responds that she’s just so happy to see her. Holly then asks about the Japanese healing bowl which Nicole explains was a gift from EJ. Nicole informs Holly that she was hurt and was in the hospital, but she’s home now and she’s much better. Holly asks if the party ended. EJ returns and tells them that Sarah is on her way. EJ tells Holly that it’s so good to see her eyes again. Nicole encourages Holly that everything is going to be okay. Nicole steps aside with EJ and tells him that Holly still thinks it’s New Year’s Eve and has no idea what happened.

Theresa tells Tate that they don’t understand. Brady asks why he wouldn’t want to be transferred to Salem. Theresa points out that he’d be so close by. Tate says that’s the reason, because he doesn’t want to be close by. Tate argues that they act like he should be grateful to be in here like he’s guilty when he’s not. Tate complains that they didn’t believe in him enough to fight for him. Brady insists that’s not true as they do believe in him and they are fighting for him. Tate tells them to get him out of here then. Brady says they are working on it. Theresa asks him to let them prove they believe in him. Tate says he’ll think about it and hangs up. Brady argues that Theresa shouldn’t have told Tate about his letter. Theresa questions him blaming her.

Chad talks to Leo on the phone and thanks him for coming in early, noting he’ll be there soon. Chad adds that he doesn’t think Everett will be coming in today. Chad tells him great work on his article on the Horton house. Chad tells him to keep him posted and then hangs up. Chad then sees Stephanie at the plaque for Tom and Alice. Chad starts to approach but stops when he hears Stephanie asking Alice for advice on what to do about Everett. Chad then greets Stephanie, who talks about how she wishes she knew Tom and Alice. Chad talks about hearing a lot of stories from Jennifer and from Julie the other day. Stephanie would’ve loved to have heard those stories and seen the kids’ reaction as she misses them. Chad says they miss her too and asks how she’s doing. Stephanie responds that she’s not so great as it’s been a confusing time. Chad informs her that he knows about Everett. Stephanie asks if he means Bobby. Chad tells her that he’s sorry. Stephanie says she is too as Chad hugs her.

Kristen tells Alex that she’s not delusional and if she wants Brady back, she can get him back and make it happen which Alex questions. Kristen says they have been in a brutal battle for custody, so her daughter is her priority. Kristen argues that she and Brady were good together once. Alex goes over the kidnappings and the guns. Kristen points out that Brady pulled the gun on her. Kristen admits that she and Brady bring out the worst in each other, but also the best. Alex asks if she means one day a year. Kristen decides she can’t talk to him and she’s going to Brady’s right now. Alex questions her just going with no reason. Kristen says she’ll come up with a reason and if Alex wants Theresa back, he will go there too. Kristen then tells Alex that this conversation never happened as she walks away.

Stephanie apologizes to Chad as she’s really struggling with all of this. Chad calls it mind-blowing. Chad says she can tell him it’s none of his business if she wants as he asks if she believes Everett. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t know what to believe. Chad mentions that they saw Jada the other day and it wasn’t pretty as there’s really bad blood between them. Stephanie talks about Everett saying that he doesn’t remember any of it but argues that Jada has dozens of photos with him and they were married while she and him were supposedly in love. Chad says he gave Everett a chance but admits that he always felt something was off with him. Stephanie wishes she had sensed that too and now for all she knows, he could be a pathological liar. Stephanie calls the whole thing a mess. Chad guess she came to Tom and Alice for advice. Stephanie calls it the only help that she can get. Chad says he’s on his way to the Horton house to take pictures for Julie and the insurance adjustors. Chad invites Stephanie to tag along to take her mind off things.

Brady tells Theresa that when Tate heard she knew about the letter he sent him, that’s what set him off. Theresa argues that Tate was already pissed at Brady which is why he sent that cold letter in the first place. Kristen shows up at the door and greets Brady, claiming she didn’t know Theresa would be there so she’s sorry for barging in which Theresa mocks. Kristen tells Theresa that she and Brady share a child and remarks on Brady and Theresa’s child being in rehab. Theresa decides that Kristen came to talk to Brady, not her, so she’s going to excuse herself to Tate’s room. Kristen tells Brady that she’s sorry for interrupting. Brady asks what she wants. Kristen says she came to bring him Rachel’s Valentine’s Day card which she put back together after Rachel tore it up. Kristen talks about Rachel just hating to see them fight and being dramatic. Brady says to tell Rachel thanks and that he appreciates the gesture. Kristen suggests Brady do it in person and that they can go together to show Rachel that they still work things out but Brady says they don’t and never do. Kristen suggests they could try harder. Brady says maybe. Kristen asks how Tate is but Brady doesn’t want to get in to that right now. Brady thanks her for the card and goes to get her out but when they open the door, Alex arrives. Everyone acts surprised to see one another while Brady sarcastically remarks that now it’s a party.

Sarah goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Holly and asks how she’s feeling. Holly asks why. Sarah knows it’s confusing but says she just wanted to check in on how she was doing. Sarah checks her eyes and says it’s perfect. Holly mentions being tired, so Sarah tells her to get some rest. Sarah steps aside with EJ and Nicole, telling them that Holly is responsive to simple commands which is great news but she would like to get her to the hospital for comprehensive tests. EJ assures that she will have whatever she needs. Sarah suggests starting with water and working her up to more, then she would like to schedule her for tests. Nicole asks if there’s anything else to know. Sarah says to just let Holly go at her own pace and she’ll update her chart. Nicole exits to go get her ice. EJ thanks Sarah for coming, knowing he isn’t her favorite person right now. Sarah clarifies that she’s here for Holly, not EJ which he says he understands. Sarah argues that EJ knows Xander is innocent and didn’t shoot Harris and that he should be out on bail until they can prove it. EJ says they will have to agree to disagree on that one because the facts are not on Xander’s side.

Theresa tells Alex that he shouldn’t be there. Alex complains that she won’t answer his calls or texts and they need to talk because she never gave him a chance to explain before taking off. Kristen tells Brady that maybe they should leave them alone and suggests they grab a coffee. Brady says no and tells Alex that Theresa doesn’t owe him an explanation. Brady says he and Theresa need Kristen and Alex to both kindly go.

Chad and Stephanie go to the burnt Horton House. Stephanie comments on not knowing it was this bad. Stephanie recalls being there on Christmas Eve and how it was such a special night. Chad remembers when Abigail brought him and he first got his Christmas ornament. Chad apologizes for being insensitive by bringing up Abigail but Stephanie says it’s not as Abigail was her cousin and she loved her very much. Stephanie adds that she and Chad are friends now. Chad tells her that the Christmas ornaments were saved in the basement without a scratch. Stephanie guesses they must have been thrilled which Chad confirms. Stephanie asks how Thomas and Charlotte are doing. Chad admits they are having a tough time. Stephanie says they’ve really had to grow up the past couple of years. Stephanie hopes they understand why she’s not around anymore. Chad assures that they do. Chad talks about he, Doug, and Julie taking turns to stay with the kids until they fall asleep ever since the fire. Stephanie calls the kids the sweetest. Chad decides they should get to taking pictures.

Nicole returns to Holly’s room and asks Sarah about EJ leaving. Sarah says it was a little awkward given the circumstances. Nicole tells Sarah that she’s so sorry. Sarah says it’s just hard to reconcile EJ, the loving stepfather with EJ the district attorney who refuses to consider that Xander might have been framed. Nicole encourages that the truth will come out. Sarah says it better because she knows from her soul that Xander is innocent. Sarah notes Holly waking up and suggests giving her ice chips when she’s ready. Nicole asks Sarah if this is going to keep happening where Holly wakes up and goes right back to sleep. Sarah repeats that it will be at her pace but the fact that she regained consciousness at all bodes extremely well for a full recovery. Nicole knows it will take a while but calls it a miracle that she opened her eyes. Sarah says she will probably need physical therapy from being in a coma for so long. Sarah knows that Holly will be surrounded by love and attention which will be helpful for her recovery. Nicole says it’s definitely a full house and it will only get nuttier when Tony and Anna come home from Europe. Nicole talks about DiMera and Kiriakis men often living in the gray area. Nicole tells Sarah that if she ever needs to talk about anything, she’s there. Sarah thanks her and says she may take her up on that.

Stephanie tells Chad that some rooms aren’t so bad, so she has no doubt that the house will rise from the ashes. Chad assures there is no way the family will let the Horton legacy die. Chad then gets a call from EJ. EJ says things have been rather busy but informs Chad that Holly is awake. Chad calls that incredible and tells Stephanie. EJ says that Holly is weak and confused but she’s awake and talking. Chad mentions being with Sarah when he called. Chad tells EJ to tell Nicole how happy he is for her. EJ asks how Chad and the kids are. Chad says they are hanging in. EJ says he’s been staying on top of the case and the police haven’t nailed anything down on the arsonist or the phone call but he will keep on them. Chad thanks him as they hang up. Stephanie tells Chad that is great about Holly. Chad says they really needed some good news. Stephanie asks what Chad meant about the phone call. Chad tells Stephanie about the distorted phone call he got while watching the house burn down that said “Maybe next time, you’ll listen. Chad figures it has to be because of the article and he has no doubt Clyde’s behind it, but believing it and proving it are very different things.

Alex asks Brady to stay out of this, arguing that Theresa has to talk to him sometime. Brady says she really doesn’t. Alex questions if he speaks for Theresa. Theresa tells Alex that she has a lot of important things on her mind which don’t include him so she needs him to go. Kristen claims to Brady that her coming over had nothing to do with this as she came to speak to him about Rachel. Brady tells her they are not going to speak about Rachel right now, so he needs her to go. Theresa tells everyone to quiet down as she gets a call back from Tate and asks if he decided.

Stephanie tells Chad that they have to believe they will connect the dots to prove that Clyde gave the order to set fire to the house. Chad surprises Stephanie by revealing that Tom and Alice’s chair survived the fire with no damage. Stephanie asks how. Chad says he doesn’t know as it was just in the middle of the blaze. Stephanie asks if he’s sat on it. Chad says no way as he didn’t want to get any stain on it. Stephanie jokes about being afraid to touch it but Chad convinces her to do it. Chad mentions that Julie said they plan on rebuilding everything around it and restoring the former glory for generations to come.

Tate asks Theresa if she’s still with Brady and allows her to put it on speaker which she does. Tate says he’s been thinking about transferring to Salem and he called Justin back. Tate says that Justin thought him not transferring was lame, so he’s going to make the move to Salem. Brady calls that great news. Theresa says it sounds like Tate put a lot of thought into it and it’s a wise decision. Theresa asks when it’s happening. Brady says they’ll be with him every step of the way. Tate says he’ll see them soon and hangs up. Theresa and Brady embrace, exclaiming that their son is coming back as Kristen and Alex watch on.

Nicole tells Sarah that she can’t thank her enough. Sarah says she’s glad to help her niece and that Maggie will be so excited. Nicole says they will set up a time for Maggie to come by. Sarah adds that she’ll set up an appointment for Holly and tells Nicole that she’s there 24/7 for whatever she needs. Nicole hugs her and thanks her, calling it one of the happiest days of her life. Sarah says she’s thrilled for Nicole and Holly as she then exits. EJ returns to the room and asks if everything is alright. Nicole says it couldn’t be better. Nicole feels she has so many people to call but she wants to savor the moment as her little girl came back and everything is right in the world.

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