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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe and Chanel were there for Paulina. Chanel talked to Abe about Paulina and the advice she gave her. Abe said Paulina was his hero. Everett talked to Chad at the police station. Chad asked why they had to meet at the police station. Everett said it was about Lucas. He asked if Chad talked to Stephanie, but Chad said he didn’t. Before Everett could talk to him, Jada showed up. Chad asked why they were at the police station. Jada said it was about the attempted murder of Lucas. Chad asked if Lucas was okay. Jada said he was okay. She said the shooting occurred when Harris was shot. Jada said the gunman broke into the pub and shot fire. She said Chad and Everett were there because only a few people knew where Lucas was. Jada said they were determined to find out who said something. EJ and Nicole talked to Johnny about Holly being home. They told him what was going on with Holly. Johnny wanted to know what the next steps were with Holly. Nicole said the next step was for Holly to open her eyes. She asked about Paulina’s thyroid surgery. Johnny said the surgery was successful, but she had a heart attack. He said the doctors took care of it. Johnny told them he and Chanel got married. EJ and Nicole congratulated him on getting married. He gave Johnny his blessing. Chad told Jada that he wouldn’t hurt Lucas because he was Abby’s uncle. Everett said they didn’t have a reason to go after Lucas when he was giving them information for the story. Jada asked them who Lucas contacted. Chad said Lucas contacted him. Everett said he talked to Lucas. Chad said he and Everett were the only ones who knew about Lucas’ location. Jada asked if anyone else in the office was there. Chad told her the office was empty. He said no one knew where they were going. Everett said they wouldn’t compromise a source. Jada asked why they visited Clyde at Statesville.

Kayla came in Paulina’s room. Abe and Chanel asked how Paulina was doing. Kayla said she had good and bad news. She said Paulina’s was progressing the way they expected. Kayla said the heart attack did damage. Abe wondered what that meant. Kayla said Paulina had a long road ahead of her. She said Paulina may need a heart transplant. Paulina woke up and wondered what was going on. Johnny went to see Holly. Everett told Jada that he and Chad went to see Clyde about an article. Jada made fun of them. Chad said they wanted to write an article and wanted Clyde to talk to them. He asked if she thought he would want to be in the same room as the man who murdered his wife. Jada said she understood his history with Clyde, but she had to ask. She asked Everett about his connection to Clyde. When she called him Stein, Everett corrected her. Everett said he didn’t have a connection with Clyde. Jada said he went to see Clyde and then Lucas’ location was compromised. Everett said he had nothing to do with that. She said she didn’t believe him, and they were going to sit there until they said something she believed. EJ and Nicole showed up while Johnny was with Holly. Johnny blamed himself for not seeing what was happening. EJ said it was Tate’s fault. Nicole didn’t want to focus on negativity. Chanel and Kayla left Paulina’s room. Jada wanted Chad and Everett to stay in the interrogation room until she came back. Chad and Everett talked about what happened. He wondered why Jada was after Everett. Everett said he had to tell him something. Paulina asked Abe to take care of her daughters no matter what happened. He promised to take care of them and said she would be there for them. Everett told Chad he went by another name in the past. He said there were things he didn’t remember before the accident. Chad said he remembered Stephanie and worm his way back in her life. He didn’t believe Everett remembered Stephanie but not his wife. Everett said he was never married. He said Jada was angry with him. Chad understood why she was angry. He asked how Stephanie reacted to him breaking her heart again. Everett said he loved Stephanie. Chad said they didn’t know who he was. He said Everett didn’t respect his relationship with Stephanie. Everett said it was his own fault that he wasn’t with Stephanie. Chad and Everett got into an argument over Stephanie. Jada came back and wondered what was going on. Chad apologized for what Everett did to her. She warned Chad and Everett not to leave town. Johnny showed up at the hospital and comforted Chanel about Paulina. Everett apologized to Jada for not remembering their lives together. Jada said the apology didn’t mean anything. She told him how they met each other. He said he was trying to make things right by seeing Marlena. Jada said she wanted to forget meeting him. Chanel and Johnny went back to Paulina’s room. She told Paulina that Lana was released and was coming to see her.

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