Days Short Recap Monday, February 26, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan didn’t think it was a good idea for Harris to wake up. Wendy hyperventilated while she and Tripp were in the tank. Marlena told Everett and Stephanie that he had signs of a brain injury. Ava wanted to know why Stefan didn’t want Harris to come out of his coma. Rafe and Kayla talked in Harris’ hospital room. Kayla wanted Harris to open his eyes. He did it. Harris didn’t remember that he was shot so Kayla told him about it. Ava wanted information about Harris. Stefan wanted to leave, but Rafe stopped him. Everett told Marlena about what happened with Jada. He felt like he was losing his mind. Everett swore he didn’t know who Robert was. Marlena asked him if he had any memories of being Bobby Stein. He said he didn’t remember anything. Stephanie asked her how he could remember somethings and not others. Marlena thought it was possible because of PTSD. Tripp tried to get Wendy to calm down from her claustrophobia. She told him about her past.

Rafe wanted Ava and Stefan to stick around the hospital in case he started talking. Ava was grateful that Harris woke up. Everett didn’t know what was going on. Stephanie didn’t know what happened either. She wanted to wait to see what the doctors had to say. He wanted to know what would happen if he had brain tumor. Everett didn’t want to be alone. She assured him that he wouldn’t be alone. Stefan wondered what Harris told Rafe. Rafe talked to Harris about the loading dock. Harris told him that Kayla didn’t tell him about that. Rafe wanted to find out who he was meeting at the loading dock. He asked Harris if he knew who shot him. Marlena wondered if Everett had old friends that could fill in the blanks for him. He told her about a couple of people in Seattle. She wanted to start sessions with him soon. He was surprised that Marlena was a psychologist. Stefan was about to tell Ava what Clyde wanted him to do. Kayla and Marlena talked about Everett’s case. She asked Marlena if she thought he could be faking. Everett noticed that Stephanie was being quiet. She wanted to wait to see what happened. Everett received a phone call so he had to leave the hospital. He told her the police wanted him at the station right away. Rafe told Ava and Stefan that Harris didn’t have a memory of who shot him.

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