Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex and Kristen ran into each other. They talked about Theresa. Tate called Brady and Theresa and told them about being transferred to a halfway house in Salem. Theresa and Brady were excited until Tate said he didn’t want to go. EJ and Nicole went to Holly when she woke up. Kristen couldn’t believe Alex bought Theresa a ring and didn’t give her the ring. Alex said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get married even though he knows he loves her. Kristen wanted to know what brought it on. He said he went to a meeting for addicts and didn’t want to push her. Kristen told him he should have settled for a long engagement instead of pushing Theresa in Brady’s arms. Alex called her delusional if she thought she was going to get Brady. Chad and Sarah talked about Xander being framed. While they were talking, EJ called and told Sarah that Holly woke up. Holly didn’t realize what was going on. Nicole told her she was in the hospital and was home. She said she was much better. Holly asked if the party ended. EJ came in and said Sarah was on her way. Nicole told her everything was going to be okay. When Nicole and EJ went to the side, she told him Holly thought it was New Year’s Eve. Brady and Theresa wanted to know why Tate didn’t want to come home. Tate said he didn’t want to be close to them. He said they didn’t try to help him. Brady and Theresa wanted a chance to fight for him. When they got off the phone, Brady said Theresa shouldn’t have told Tate about his letter.

Stephanie ran into Chad at the town square. She was looking for advice from Alice. He comforted her about Everett. Kristen and Alex talked about Brady and how they were fighting for custody of Rachel. While they were talking, she said she was going to see Brady. Kristen told Alex to go see Theresa if he wanted her back. She told him their conversation never happened. Chad asked Stephanie if she believed Everett. Stephanie said she didn’t know what to believe. Chad said there was bad blood between Jada and Everett. Stephanie said Everett didn’t remember. She said Jada had pictures of him on her phone. He said he had a bad feeling about Everett. Chad asked if she wanted to go to the Horton house with him. Brady told Theresa that Tate might not have had an attitude if he didn’t tell him about the letter. Theresa said he was upset before the letter. Kristen showed up to see Brady. Theresa and Kristen got in an argument before Theresa left the room. Kristen gave Brady the Valentine’s Day card Rachel made for him. She said Rachel didn’t like seeing them fight. Brady asked her to thank Rachel for him. Kristen told him to thank her himself. When Brady was showing Kristen out of the apartment, Alex showed up. Sarah checked on Holly. She examined Holly. Holly said she was tired. She told Holly to get some rest. Sarah told Nicole and EJ that she wanted to get Holly to the hospital to do some tests. She told them what to do in the meantime. Nicole went to get ice chips. EJ thanked Sarah for coming by. Sarah told him Xander didn’t shoot Harris, but EJ didn’t believe it. Theresa told Alex that he shouldn’t be at the apartment. Alex said they needed to talk. Kristen told Brady they should leave Theresa and Alex alone. Brady told Alex to leave. Chad and Stephanie went to the Horton house. He apologized for talking about Abby. Stephanie understood. While they were talking, Stephanie asked about the kids. She said she hoped they understood why she wasn’t around anymore. Chad said they did. When Nicole came back to Holly’s room, she and Sarah talked about EJ trying to make Xander pay. Sarah said Xander was innocent. Holly woke up but went back to sleep. Nicole asked if it was going to keep happening. Sarah said she might. She said Holly might need physical therapy because of the coma. Tate called Brady and Theresa and told them he was coming home. Kristen and Alex were upset when Brady and Theresa hugged each other.

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