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[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: Thank you so much for taking them, lucy. My turn next time.

Lucy: It’s my pleasure. We’re gonna have a great time, aren’t we guys?

Kids: Yeah!

Steffy: All right, give me a hug, sweetie. You be careful, okay? And listen to danny’s mommy.

Liam: Attention, everyone. Where is my daughter? Any daughter will do. This one. I like this one the best.

Kelly: We’re getting pizza.

Liam: You are? Are you getting pizza in the park? Is it the park? Are you gonna tell me every delicious detail? Toppings, cheese, crust? Do you eat the crust? No crust? Fill me in later, okay?

Lucy: Okay, come on, guys. Let’s go.

Danny: Oh, my gosh.

Steffy: I love you. Have fun. Bye, thank you again.

Steffy: I– I’m sorry. I know that, uh– that kelly was gonna stay here a little earlier. It’s just, lucy got here–

Liam: No, no, honestly, it’s okay ’cause she’s gonna go and she’s gonna have fun. Like, actual fun.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah.

Liam: How are you?

Steffy: I’m always anxious when I’m not around hayes or kelly.

Liam: Yeah, I know. Because of sheila.

Deacon: You know, I bet if you went to a nail salon, they’d give you a discount.

Sheila: Ha ha ha. Aren’t you clever?

Deacon: I know this is probably the point where I should be saying I’m sorry, but instead I’ve got to ask you for a favor. Can you fill in for someone downstairs?

Sheila: And ruin my pedicure?

Deacon: One of the employees called in sick.

Sheila: I thought you wanted nothing to do with me.

Zende: We could be so good together, luna.

Luna: I have a boyfriend, zende.

Zende: I know. And I know you feel bad about us. Don’T. I believe that there are no mistakes in life. We are in each other’s lives for a reason. What happened between us is not something for you to be ashamed of. Put all that guilt aside. Seriously, luna. I am crazy about you. Give us a chance. Leave rj.

Luna: Look, you’re– you’re a great guy, zende. And I’m really flattered, but that night, I didn’t know what I was doing. You know, with my mom’s mints mixed with the champagne, it made me, like, hallucinate. I mean, I thought you were rj.

[ Phone rings ]

Luna: That’s rj’s ringtone.

Luna: Hi.

Rj: Hey. You got my text? I’m at home. I really want to see you.

Luna: Me too, um… I’ll be right over, bye.

Zende: Maybe it, um, was a stretch asking you to leave rj, but I needed you to know how I feel.

Luna: And, look, I– I appreciate it. You know, you’re a gorgeous, super talented, thoughtful guy.

Zende: I’m just not the guy for you. At least not right now. It’s okay. Do you, um, plan on telling rj what happened? Your mom insists not to say a word. If you want to maintain the life that you’ve built here in L.A. And at forrester, listen to your mom. Don’t say a word. Keep our secret forever.

Deacon: Baby, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Sheila: You said some not very kind things to me.

Deacon: I was scared. I’m scared of losing hope and my grandkids. Look, you want a relationship with finn and his family, right?

Sheila: More than anything.

Deacon: Okay, then you should understand how I’m feeling.

Sheila: Yeah. I get it. But don’t take me for granted, deacon.

Deacon: How could I ever?

Sheila: Just… too soon.

Deacon: Okay. I’m sorry.

Steffy: I’m– I’m not gonna let her control my life. But I do feel sheila’s energy around me. And I want kelly and hayes to live a normal life. I want them to go on play dates. But I’m gonna be a mess until kelly gets home.

Liam: Yeah, well, it’s gotta be exhausting looking over your shoulder all the time.

Steffy: It is.

Liam: Steffy, the truth is, as long as finn’s in your life, sheila’s gonna be too. I recommend la roche-posay lipikar body cream.

Rj: Hi.

Luna: Hey.

Rj: Thanks for coming over. I, uh, do you want anything? I got you your favorite kombucha earlier.

Luna: Uh, no, thanks. I’m okay.

Rj: Look, um, I know that you just haven’t really been feeling like yourself lately. I just, I want to make sure. It’s nothing that I’ve done, right?

Luna: No, no, rj. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just hope that, you know, if something is ever bothering you, that you feel comfortable enough to tell me. And that I’m here. Whatever you need. And, you know, whatever it is that’s been bothering you, maybe today just try to let it go.

Luna: Okay.

Steffy: Why are we even living this way? You wouldn’t have to worry about sheila if it wasn’t for me.

Liam: For you? If it wasn’t for finn. For finn.

Steffy: I’m being very careful, keeping sheila away from kelly and hayes.

Liam: Well, I– I know. I trust you. But, look– just– look, it’s obviously taking a toll. You can’t even talk about sheila without getting all jumpy.

Steffy: Well, she’s a monster. And I’m never gonna forgive her for what she did to finn and me.

Sheila: I said drop it.

Steffy: Finn needs an ambulance.

Sheila: Steffy, do not make that call.

Steffy: I despise her. And I want her to pay for her crimes.

Liam: Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?

Steffy: I want her to suffer. I want her to suffer the way she made finn and me suffer. If it were up to me, sheila would be gone. She’d be dead.

Deacon: Keeping my eye on you, sheila.

Sheila: Oh, give me a break, would you? It’s my day off. You asked me to take the shift.

Deacon: Hey, I’m paying you, aren’t I? Don’t go getting any bright ideas either. Yeah, that’s right. I know all about your little disappearing act.

Sheila: So? I have a life. Don’t get paranoid.

Deacon: I just hope you’re staying out of trouble.

Sheila: Are you jealous?

Deacon: Should I be?

Sheila: You have nothing to worry about because I only have eyes for you. I love you. Somebody from my past just came in town.

Deacon: Do I even want to know?

Sheila: I told you, you have nothing to worry about.

Deacon: Good, because I got a meeting to go to. Behave yourself.

Sheila: Well, if I don’t, are you gonna spank me?

Deacon: Again.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: Hi, welcome to il giardino.

Lucy: Thank you. Table for three?

Sheila: Absolutely. Kelly, do you remember me? Breathing claritin clear is like…

Luna: I love being with you. And being here.

Rj: You know, it already feels like such a special place and I practically just moved in.

Luna: It’s the best move you ever made.

Rj: Yeah, second best. You know, and we’re just getting started because it’s winter right now. Can you imagine, just imagine, close your eyes, imagine this place in the summer. Okay, we’re gonna have– there’s gonna be– we’re gonna have bonfires out there. We’re gonna have beach parties. Maybe one or two sunsets, just you and me.

Luna: Yeah, that sounds amazing. You’re amazing, rj. I mean, you’re– you’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. And I love what we have so much. I– I never want it to end. I don’t ever want to do anything to hurt you or– or let you down.

Rj: You never could. You know, I, uh, keep thinking about that night that we shared together. How amazing it was.

Luna: It was perfect. I’ve never felt more loved. I want to feel that way again.

Sheila: So, kelly, do you remember me?

Kelly: Help me, help! No!

Sheila: Kelly, no!

Kelly: She saved me. You’re the nice lady from the beach.

Sheila: Yes, I’m sheila.

Steffy: Part of me wants to kill sheila for what she did. The way she terrorized my family.

Liam: If anybody deserves to feel that way, it’s you. I wish I could tell you this too shall pass, but no, it won’T. You’re always gonna feel this way. You’re always gonna be on edge. You’re always gonna be looking over your shoulder.

Steffy: I can’t imagine feeling this way forever.

Liam: Well, the only way to not feel this way forever is to not be married to finn.

Steffy: Well, finn is my husband and he’s not going anywhere.

Liam: Okay. Well, then all I can do is tell you to be careful and call me if you need anything.

Steffy: I will. And I will do whatever is necessary to keep me and my and my kids safe from sheila.

Kelly: Hey, danny, take a picture with me.

Danny: Okay. I think you took a good picture.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, that’s so cute. I’m texting it to mommy.

[ Cell phone dings ]

[ Steffy gasps ] Oh, my god. Lucy?

Lucy: Hi. We’re just grabbing some pizza at el giardino. Kelly just sent you the cutest picture.

Steffy: Hey, I need you to get the kids and take them out of there. You need to leave now. I’ll explain later, okay? Ugh, I can’t wait to get out of here…

Rj: You know I could do this all day. Just holding you in my arms, forgetting about our worries.

Luna: I’ve never wanted to be in bed with any other man.

Rj: I want you to know that I don’t take for granted for a second that I’m the only person you’ve ever been with.

Zende: If you want to maintain the life that you’ve built here in L.A. And at forrester, don’t say a word. Keep our secret forever.

Rj: It doesn’t bother you, does it, that I was with other women before you?

Luna: No, no, I know you had a life. I know it didn’t just start the day you met me.

Rj: It feels like it did. I haven’t even looked at another woman since the first day I saw you.

Luna: I, um, I haven’t been interested in anyone else either.

Rj: I love you.

Luna: I love you too, rj. More than you’ll ever know.

Steffy: Do you know where sheila is?

Waiter: Yeah, she went upstairs to deacon’s apartment.

Steffy: Thanks.

Waiter: And how’s everything here?

[ Banging on door ]

Steffy: Sheila! I know you’re in there! Open up!

[ Banging on door ]

Sheila: Steffy?

Steffy: You know why I’m here. I told you to stay away from me and my family.

Sheila: Well, I was just doing my nails. You’re here, not the other way around.

Steffy: Kelly was at the restaurant with her friend and her mom.

Sheila: Yeah, she came in for lunch. I– I said hello.

Steffy: You’re supposed to stay away from her. You know that.

Sheila: She came to where I am working, steffy. What was I supposed to do, leave?

Steffy: Yes. You leave kelly alone.

Sheila: I have an obligation and that is to be polite to my customers.

Steffy: Oh, cut the bull, sheila. You knew exactly what you were doing.

Sheila: Well, you know what? The conversation lasted about five seconds. And kelly was happy to see me. I’m sorry that you’re upset. I– I can see that you are, and I am sorry about that, but kelly’s visit was innocent, steffy. You’re overreacting.

Steffy: I’m overreacting? You shot your own son, and you shot me, and you left us both to die.

Sheila: I never meant to hurt my son.

Steffy: If you really cared about your son, why didn’t you call 9-1-1? No, you just left him in an alley.

Sheila: Stop it. You stop it right now.

Steffy: Don’t you dare touch me.

Sheila: Not another word.

Steffy: You’re a lunatic, sheila. Only a psychopath would shoot her own son.

Sheila: Get out.

Steffy: No. I’m not finished with you. You are done terrorizing my family. Do you hear me? You’re gonna stay away from us. You mean nothing to us, sheila.

Sheila: I said go. I said go!

Steffy: Right there!

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