GH Short Recap Friday, February 23, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Molly and TJ are happy when Dr. Navarro tells them the baby is healthy and strong at fourteen weeks old and they hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Heather messes up Cyrus’s conversation with O’Neal the arms dealer when she tells O’Neal that Cyrus is Laura’s brother. O’Neal does tell Cyrus that the man he works for will never be discovered because he is dead.

Sam takes Danny to the footbridge and he admits that he has been missing his dad, Jason, a lot lately. Sam tells Danny he can talk to her about Jason anytime he wants to talk about him.

Sonny tells Ava that he is going to use Selina’s guard to set a trap for his boss Stone. Sonny tells Ava that Carly and Michael lied to him and he can’t trust them anymore. Ava tells Sonny that he can trust her when he feels he can’t trust anyone. Sonny decides to take off his wedding ring.

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