Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 23, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Tucker tells Nate that he should stop interfering with his relationship with Audra because he doesn’t have a chance with her anymore. Ashley tells Traci she talked with a friend who was a phycologist in Paris and he helped her realize that Tucker was right about the version of their argument in Paris. Tracie texts Jack to tell him they need to talk about Ashley.

Victor asks Michael to get Claire an early release from the hospital but Michael worries that it might set back Claire’s recovery. Cole and Victoria also tell Victor that they are concerned about Claire’s recovery if he uses her as bait to trap Jordan.

Victor goes to the hospital to visit Claire and tells her his plan to use her as bait to trap Jordan. Victor assures her that he will keep her safe. Victor tells Claire he can return to the hospital at any time. If she decides to help him, she should call Michael and let him know she is ready to go forward with the plan.

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