GH Short Recap Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Cody, Sasha, Maxie and Spinelli sing karaoke at Charlie’s pub as Cody and Sasha continue to try and get Spinelli and Maxie back together. Spinelli figures out what Cody and Sasha are trying to do and asks Cody to stay out of his love life.

Mrs. Wu’s bodyguard, Lee, tells Sonny that he overheard a phone call where the man he works for was talking to his boss in which he called his boss Stone. Sonny tells Selina Wu about John Cates and his brother named Stone.

Sonny tells Celina that John is the FBI agent in charge of investigating the mob boss killings.

Carly wants Drew to let go of his anger toward Nina because the best revenge against Nina is to live a good life. Drew can’t let go of everything he suffered in Bentonville and he wants Nina to pay for what happened to him. Carly reminds Drew that he promised that if she took the job at Crimson he would end his war with Nina. Carly quits her job at Crimson.

Spinelli tells Maxie he considers her more than a friend and he kisses her. Maxie leaves suddenly because she gets nervous.

John tells Anna she must shut down the investigation because she didn’t inform him about it. Dante and Anna sense that John has a bias against them because they are trying to help Sonny and the other mob bosses not get killed. Anna tells John that if he doesn’t let her continue this investigation then she will go to his boss and get him taken off the case because he isn’t fit to lead the investigation.

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