Y&R Best Lines Friday, December 15, 2023

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Billy: Sorry, I’m late.

Chelsea: That’s okay. Oh, someone went shopping.

Billy: Oh, yeah, yeah. That– that’s nothing.

Chelsea: It’s a little early for Christmas. What’s the occasion?

Billy: I just had to make sure I had enough wrapping paper, you know. Christmas is only a few days away and you can’t have enough.

Chelsea: It’s a little heavy for wrapping paper.

Billy: Yeah. You know, there’s some ribbon in there and some stickers and, uh, some of those like name tags. And I really don’t like it when they’re so small and you can’t write something heartfelt, so I got some big ones.

Chelsea: Yeah. I hate that. Let me see what you got.

Billy: Excuse me. Get your pretty little paws off of there, okay? I have plans for my stickers. You can get your own. Now, what shall we eat?


Tucker: Listen to you two. You sound almost like allies, working side by side.

Ashley: Well, you know what they say? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Tucker: Is that what we are now, Ashley? Enemies?

Ashley: Civil adversaries, for Dominic’s sake.

Tucker: Actually, that’s why I’m here. I would like to declare peace with the Abbotts. I’m waving the white flag. Laying down my sword.

Jack: Extending the olive branch. Say it any way you want, we’re not buying.

Tucker: Well, you should. I no longer have any interest in jabot.

Jack: And we’re to just take you at your word on this? Again?

Tucker: Peace is a two-way street, Jack, and I’m willing if you are.


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