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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

There was a flashback to Tom and Alice’s first year of marriage. Maggie told Doug and Julie that Holly was okay. while they were talking, they talked about the Horton house. Maggie wanted to know if they were still going to the house. John, Marlena, Roman, and Kate talked about the fire at the Horton house. They wondered how the fire started. Doug, Julie, and Maggie were in the Horton house. They were all shocked at how the house looked. Leo asked Chad how he was holding up. Chad said he was doing his best. Leo said the kids were lucky to have him. Chad said the fire was his fault. He said he agreed to let the story run in the paper. Leo said Everett wrote the story. Chad said he approved of it. Leo said he did what he had to do. Chad said he felt as if he let his family down. Roman and John told Kate about the Horton house being in danger in 1986, While they were talking, they brought up Paulina having a heart attack. Roman talked about his partnership with Abe on the force. He said Tom and Alice being there for everyone. John shared a memory of Alice. Roman shared a memory about Alice. Lucas was dressed as a firefighter and showed up at the Horton house. He said he would never forget how the Hortons welcomed him as a Horton. Lucas flashed back to Alice welcoming him in the family. Lucas told Julie, Doug, and Maggie that no one could know he was at the house.

Leo told Chad to stop blaming himself for what happened. Chad appreciated what Leo said. There was a flashback of Tom and Alice while she was pregnant. They talked about getting another place. Alice was insecure about her looks. Tom told her she was beautiful. Maggie asked if Lucas escaped from prison. Lucas said he wasn’t. Julie wanted to know why they couldn’t say they saw him. Lucas said if anyone knew he was there, he would be in trouble. Julie and Maggie agreed not to say anything. Julie had a flashback of Alice. Roman and Kate showed up at the Horton house. Julie and Maggie told them about Tom’s chair. Lucas showed up. While they were talking, Roman and Kate said Clyde was after Lucas. John and Marlena showed up at the Horton house. Marlena reminisced about Tom welcoming her at the hospital. Maggie said Marlena treated Mickey. Marlena flashed back to talking to Tom and Alice about Mickey. Maggie told Marlena they were grateful that she helped Mickey. There was a flashback of Tom finding out Alice was pregnant with their fifth child. Julie and Doug told Leo and Maggie about the Horton family tree. John and Marlena found the Christmas ornaments. There was a flashback of Alice and Tom talking about the ornaments. While Thomas was playing by the chimney, a time capsule fell to the floor. There was a flashback to Tom and Alice getting the Horton house. Leo went to the Spectator and wrote a story about Hortons.

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