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In the spring of 1930 in Salem, Tom and Alice have a picnic in the park. They say I love you to each other and toast to their first year of marriage as they kiss.

Now, busted up photos of Tom and Alice, Doug and Julie, and Maggie lie in the remains of the burned down Horton house.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie joins Doug and Julie in the living room and says she’s sorry to keep them waiting. Julie asks about Holly. Maggie says she’s still in a coma but it’s great that she’s back at home with her loved ones. Doug says that Nicole must be so relieved to be back. Maggie confirms she is and that they all know how important it is to be close to family. Maggie asks if they are sure about going to the Horton house this morning. Julie responds that the safety inspector gave them the green light and she knows it’s going to be hard, but they are ready.

Kate joins Roman at the Pub and thanks him for last night. Roman calls it a night to remember. John and Marlena arrive and greet them. Marlena hopes they aren’t too early. Roman says they were just about to head to the Horton house. John says they were as well while Marlena mentions bringing some of Alice’s donuts. Marlena says the fire was terrible but thankfully no one was hurt. Roman asks if they know yet what caused the fire. John says just that it was definitely arson.

Chad brings Thomas to the Spectator where they startle Leo. Leo asks what Chad’s doing there as he thought he was taking the day off. Chad explains that Thomas thinks he left his remote control car there. Thomas goes to the back to look for it. Chad hopes he’s right as it would be the only thing not destroyed in the fire. Leo comments that Thomas has suffered way too much loss for someone his age.

Maggie, Doug, and Julie returned to the burned down Horton House. Maggie says she has no words. Doug points out that they still have each other. They then hear a noise and wonder what it was.

Leo asks how Chad is holding up. Chad says he’s okay and doing his best to get the kids through it. Leo assures Chad that the kids are lucky to have him. Chad blames himself for the fire, saying it was because of the story they published outing Clyde Weston. Leo points out that was Everett’s article. Chad notes that he approved it. Leo reminds Chad that he said the Spectator was dedicated to the truth. Chad gets emotional, acknowledging that he put his family in danger so it was reckless and selfish. Leo feels Chad was just doing his job and had no way of knowing this was going to happen. Chad still feels like he let his family down again.

Roman calls it unbelievable for this to happen after saving the Horton house in 1986. Kate asks if he’s saying the Horton house almost burned down in 86. John confirms that, explaining that Orpheus planted a bomb in their house next door but they caught it. John and Marlena mention inviting Abe to join them today, thinking it might jog his memory but reveal that Paulina had a heart attack last night so Abe won’t leave her side. Roman asks if they should go to the hospital. John says that Abe said he would let them know if there’s anything they can do. Roman talks about his history with Abe. John recalls Alice telling him to give his kids enough room to make their own mistakes. Marlena comments that they learned so much from Tom and Alice. Roman recalls a memory with Alice.

A firefighter enters the Horton house so Julie asks if it’s okay for them to be in the house. He picks up Alice’s chair which Julie, Doug, and Maggie are amazed to see survived the fire without a scratch on it. Julie cries that it was Alice’s chair and very important to them. The firefighter responds that it was Tom’s chair but he left it to Alice. Julie questions how he knew that. He then removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Lucas which shocks Julie, Doug, and Maggie. Maggie questions how he got out of prison. Lucas tells them that he will never forget how they welcomed him with open arms when finding out he was a Horton, especially his grandparents. Lucas flashes back to Alice first asking him to call her Grandma. Lucas declares that being a Horton still means everything to him. Julie cries that the house was the symbol of love that binds them all together. Maggie comments on so many memories. Lucas adds that’s why it’s so important for him to be there with them now but says there’s something important they should know. Lucas then informs them that they cannot tell anyone that he was there.

Leo asks what Chad would do if he started whacking Thomas with a paddle. Chad responds that he would rip his face off. Leo understands Chad would walk through fire for the kids which he did, so he should stop blaming himself. Chad thanks him and says he needed to hear that. Thomas comes back and reveals he found what he was looking for which pleases Chad. Leo comments that it’s nice to see him smile, then notices Thomas has a loose tooth. Thomas recalls Leo claiming to be the Tooth Fairy when he met him and suggests he pay in advance. Leo gives him $5. Thomas points out that Leo said back then that it was $50 per tooth but Chad convinces him to accept the $5. Thomas jokes that Leo will owe him the rest but Chad says it was very generous of Leo, so Thomas thanks Leo. Chad tells Thomas that he has to get to school but Thomas says he wants to go with him to the Horton house. Chad agrees but says if he gets sad, he will take him back to the Kiriakis Mansion. Leo asks if he would be welcome at the Horton house because he would love to learn about the Horton history. Thomas tells Leo that he can come so they exit together.

In the spring of 1931 in Salem, Tom and Alice have another picnic while this time Alice is pregnant. Tom promised Alice that one day they would get a bigger place while Alice talked about being grateful for all that they have.

Maggie asks if Lucas escaped from prison. Lucas says absolutely not, so Julie questions why they can’t tell anyone that they’ve seen him. Lucas explains that he was released from prison under very special circumstances and he thought everything was on the up and up, but if certain people knew he was here, his life would be in danger. Maggie feels that sounds like witness protection. Lucas says that’s the general idea. Julie hugs Lucas and says she’s so glad he’s there. Lucas goes to change out of the firefighter outfit. Maggie questions how Alice’s chair escaped untarnished. Julie suggests Tom and Alice were watching over it. Julie flashes back to talking with Alice in the past. Roman and Kate arrive. Julie calls it sweet of them to be there. Kate says they brought some of Alice’s donuts. Roman says they are so sorry this happened. Julie knows they are blessed to get out with their lives but points out the chair that made it out in perfect condition. Lucas comes back and hugs Kate. Julie and Maggie talk about their excitement to see Lucas. Kate talks about how they can’t risk anything with Clyde’s men finding out. Julie questions Clyde being the one that is after Lucas and promises that they won’t say anything. Julie asks where Lucas is going next. Roman says the less they know, the better and they will get Lucas out the same way they got him in, with the firefighter disguise. Julie tells Lucas to be careful. Roman wants to check the appliances to see if anything is functioning. Roman and Kate exit with Julie. Lucas goes to join them. John and Marlena then arrive. Maggie thanks them for coming. Marlena mentions bringing donuts too. John says it’s a shame this had to happen. Marlena talks about having so many memories here. Marlena recalls Tom and Alice being like family to her when she first arrived from Colorado. Marlena adds that Tom welcomed her to the hospital. Maggie remembers Marlena treating Mickey at Bayview and says she’s still the best. Marlena flashes back to the first time she entered the Horton house. Maggie states that Marlena saved Mickey and they were all grateful for that. Marlena says that 40 years later, they are here standing in front of the most iconic chair in all of Salem. Marlena says it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 30 years since she and John lived next door. John says they sure had good times on the porch. Chad and Thomas arrive. Thomas comments on everything being burnt. Lucas greets them, surprising Thomas. Chad tells Thomas to take Lucas upstairs to check out his bedroom since it’s dangerous by himself. Lucas says they can do that. Chad then explains to Lucas that Leo is coming and advises Lucas not to come down until Leo is gone. Lucas then heads upstairs with Thomas. Leo comes in and tells Chad that he hopes it’s okay that he took some photos outside which Chad allows. Julie comes out and questions what Leo is doing there. Chad explains that Leo isn’t here as Lady Whistleblower but he wants to know about the Horton family history. Leo acknowledges that the Hortons have long been known as the first family of Salem, so he asks Julie to do him the honor of telling him about them.

In the spring of 1932 in Salem, Tom and Alice have another picnic in the park where Alice revealed that she was pregnant again.

Julie and Doug tell Leo that the Horton family history in Salem begins with her grandparents who were married March 7, 1930 in Salem. Julie talks about Tom being a medical student during the Depression and they didn’t get the house until they started their family. Julie goes over Tom and Alice’s kids. Doug talks about Bill bringing him to Salem after they met in prison. Julie says meeting the Hortons changed Doug. Julie talks about Marie and Tommy as Leo takes notes. Julie jokes that if she told him everything about the Hortons, they’d be there until Christmas 2025. Julie talks about when she was born and her father passed away. Julie says that her mother remarried and married Doug. Julie adds that after her mother passed, she had always been crazy about Doug so here they are and they’ve been together ever since. Maggie comments that the Hortons had their share of drama. Doug points out that even includes demon possession. Julie says they rose above all of that because of the legacy of love passed down from Tom and Alice. Doug suggests Julie tell him about their song but Julie suggests instead that he sing the song, so Doug and Julie sing “Always” which Maggie joins in on. Leo calls it an amazing story and asks if they’d mind if he wrote something for the Spectator about their family history. Leo promises to do them justice. Julie agrees as long as Chad approves the final version. Leo thanks them and appreciates them sharing through this time. Maggie then walks Leo out. Doug and Julie continue singing “Always” to each other as they flash back to Doug singing it with Tom and Alice. Roman and Kate join Julie, Maggie, and Chad in the living room. Roman declares that all the appliances will need to be replaced but the insurance will cover it. Kate asks if Lucas and Thomas are still upstairs. Maggie confirms they are seeing what toys they can salvage. Chad says the kids are tough and will be alright. Chad says at the end of the days, it’s just material possessions. Marlena and John return with the Christmas ornaments from the cellar. Julie is thrilled to see the ornaments have been saved as they are irreplaceable.

At Christmas time in 1933 Salem, Tom and Alice walk through the park. Tom talked about all the people suffering around them while Alice suggested running a center to help people in need. Alice presented Tom with their first Christmas ornaments, deciding it would be a tradition to hang them on the tree every Christmas that would continue on to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Julie is shocked that the ornaments remained in perfect condition and says she can’t wait to tell Doug as they flash back to hanging the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Julie declares that the Horton family tradition can live on. Maggie goes over the first five ornaments to the newest Horton, her granddaughter Victoria as they comment on Tom and Alice’s legacy. Chad tells Lucas that he didn’t expect to see him here. Lucas responds that he missed his family. Chad calls for Thomas to stop messing with the fireplace, but Thomas ends up knocking down a time capsule lockbox placed in the fireplace by Alice in 1966, saying it was to be opened on or after 2016.

At Christmas time in 1934 Salem, Tom and Alice walk through the park as Alice talks about the presents she got for the kids. Tom then revealed to Alice that they had bought their house.

Marlena wonders what Alice would put in a time capsule. Roman and Lucas try to figure out how to open it. John suggests getting a hammer. Maggie looks out the window, so Julie asks if she’s alright. Maggie says she was just thinking about sitting in this room when Tom passed away and she was still with Mickey. Julie calls Alice the strongest one of all and says she still inspires her. Maggie says everything Alice said about their life together still gets her teary. Maggie adds that after everyone was gone, she and Alice were there alone as she flashes back to that night.

Leo goes back to the Spectator office and writes a piece on the Horton family history and how someone tried to incinerate their legacy by setting the house on fire, but it was clear the arsonist failed because that legacy can never be destroyed as it lives on in every deed, word, and embrace of the family. Leo says the legacy has only gotten stronger as the family rebuilds. Leo finishes by thanking Tom and Alice, declaring that Salem loves them.

In February 1935, Tom and Alice moved in to the Horton House, declaring it their new home.

In Loving Memory of Bill Hayes (Doug) 1925 – 2024.

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