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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady and Marlena talked about John and his behavior. Marlena said Brady was acting like John. She said she knew he had a lot going on. Marlena said he was worried about Tate. She said she was concerned about him and wondered if she should be. Brady said she should be worried about him. Alex walked into the apartment and found Theresa packing. She told him she didn’t want to stay with someone who didn’t want her. Stefan walked Ava home. She told him she was taking a shower and then going back to the hospital. Stefan told her to stay away from Harris. Ava wanted to know why she should stay away from Harris. Stefan said they were supposed to be together and wondered how it would look to Clyde if she kept visiting Harris. Ava agreed not to see him. She said Tripp could be her eyes and ears. Brady told Marlena what happened with Kristen and Rachel. Marlena told him Rachel would love him no matter what he was going through with Kristen. She said he couldn’t fight in front of Rachel. He said he couldn’t help it because she drove him crazy. Alex told Theresa that he went to a meeting about dating people who were addicts and thought they were moving too fast. Theresa thought he was saying she was too much to handle. He said she had a child. She wanted him to say he had commitment problems or admit he didn’t want to be with her. Sloan talked to Melinda about Eric and how he hasn’t been there for her. Melinda said Eric loved her. Sloan said she has been playing second fiddle to Jude. Ava tried reaching out to Tripp, but he didn’t answer. She said something could happen to Harris without her there. Stefan said Harris wouldn’t know she was there. Ava said she would know he was there. She blamed herself for why Harris was shot. Stefan said it wasn’t her fault. Ava said it felt like it was. She vowed to kill the person who shot Harris.

Marlena told Brady she could help him with his problems with Rachel. Brady said he wanted to focus on seeing his son. He said he was relieved that he could see his son. Brady didn’t want to dump his problems on her. Marlena said his problems are never a burden to her. Brady told her about the letters Tate wrote to him and Theresa. He said his letter from Tate was cold because he hasn’t been in his life. Marlena said Tate was feeling distressed and treated unfairly. She said Tate was making him the scapegoat. Brady said that was the problem. Marlena said Sami did the same thing. She said she let Sami do that because she wanted to show that she would be there for her. When Theresa was about to leave, Alex proposed to her. Theresa was upset when he proposed because he didn’t mean it. Alex told her he didn’t want her to get high again. Theresa didn’t care what he had to say and left the apartment. Theresa showed up at John and Marlena’s apartment. She said she didn’t have anywhere else to go. While Theresa and Brady were talking, Marlena said she could stay with them. Ava was upset that Stefan thought Harris could die. Stefan apologized to her. She was upset that Tripp didn’t respond to her. Brady asked Theresa what happened with Alex. She said Alex didn’t want to propose to her. Brady said he didn’t realize they were that close. Theresa said she was, but he wasn’t. Brady asked if she loved Alex. Marlena went to see Alex. Alex said he was calling Theresa. Marlena said Theresa was at her house. She said she thought he would want someone to talk to. Alex said he wanted to talk to her. Melinda and Sloan talked about Li and how Melinda ruined it. She warned Sloan not to ruin what she had with Eric. Brady asked if Theresa loved Alex. She asked why else would she marry him. Brady said Alex was coming into a lot of money. He thought that had something to do with her motivation. She said that was crass and was upset about him accusing her of being a gold digger. Brady apologized to her for the accusation. Alex told Marlena what happened when Theresa found the ring and left him. Marlena said Theresa was hurt and embarrassed. Alex said he cared about Theresa. He told her about the meeting he went to. Alex told her he admitted to not being sure if he was ready to commit to being a stepfather. Melinda advised Sloan to be supportive of Eric and Jude. Sloan said she wasn’t Jude’s mother. Melinda warned her their lives would be ruined if anyone found out what they did. While Brady and Theresa were talking, he said he would always be there for him. Ava got a call from the hospital about Tripp not showing up.

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