Days Short Recap Monday, February 19, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Chanel, Johnny and Abe that Paulina’s surgery went well. Kayla heard that Chanel and Johnny had a another reason to celebrate. Jada saw Everett and realized that he was her ex-husband, Bobby. Stephanie wanted to know what happened. Jada told her that Everett was her ex-husband. He assured her they never met before. She wondered how he could say that. He didn’t know why she was angry. She didn’t believe him. Rafe asked her if it was possible that Everett looked like her ex-husband. Jada told him that it wasn’t possible and that Everett was her ex-husband. Kayla congratulated Chanel and Johnny on their nuptials. Maggie was moved by the card that Konstantin gave her. He wanted to let her know what she meant to him. Rafe tried to convince Jada that Everett wasn’t the man she was talking about. Jada got frustrated and showed everyone the picture she had. Everett insisted that he wasn’t the person she was talking about. Jada told him that he was her ex-husband. Jada wanted to run his prints because that would guarantee that he’s Robert Stine. Maggie thought Konstantin had a good heart after seeing him interact with Thomas and Charlotte. It occurred to her that she never asked if he had children. Konstantin wasn’t happy to hear that. Everett wondered if Jada was losing it. Jada told him that she wasn’t the one gaslighting anyone. She reminded him what happened when he left her. Everett interrupted her to deny being her ex-husband. He said he was never married. Stephanie reminded him that he had amnesia and that could be why he didn’t remember Jada. Maggie apologized for asking Konstantin about his children. He told her that she didn’t know. Konstantin let her know that he had a daughter named Katarina. He told her what happened to her. Everett told Jada, Rafe and Stephanie that he was in a car accident. He told them how he got amnesia. Jada didn’t buy his explanation. Rafe didn’t know what to believe. He wanted to look into it. Everett was okay with him looking into it. Jada didn’t believe him. Everett assured her that he wasn’t Bobby.

A nurse told Kayla that Tripp didn’t show up for his shift. Kayla called him to make sure he was okay. Maggie wanted to know about Katarina’s mother. Konstantin told her that she was the love of his life. His wife wasn’t the same after they lost their daughter. Jada didn’t want to take Everett’s word. Rafe thought they should call it a night. Jada knew Stephanie had feelings for Everett. She wanted Stephanie to believe her about Everett. Jada stormed out of the pub. Stephanie wanted to know if Everett told the truth about not being Jada’s husband. Paulina had complications after Johnny dedicated his song to her. Rafe wanted to know what got into Jada. She talked to him about Everett lying and making her look like the crazy one. Rafe reminded her that he said he didn’t know her. Jada said he was a liar. Rafe thought he was a decent guy. Jada thought Rafe believed she was lying. Everett couldn’t believe that Stephanie thought he was lying about Jada. He said she was a complete stranger. Stephanie reminded him that he was in a picture with Jada. She thought he might have forgotten because of the accident. Everett denied forgetting her. He believed he would remember getting married. Stephanie thought about the conversations she had with Everett and Jada. Everett wondered if she was okay. She said that she wasn’t okay. If Jada told the truth about him, she was the other woman in his life. Rafe explained to Jada that he wasn’t calling her a liar. Jada didn’t want Everett to inflict the pain on Stephanie that he did to her.

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