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[ Tucker sighs ]

Tucker: Oh, man. What’s that smile for?

Audra: I’m happy.

Tucker: Are you happy?

Audra: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: That makes me happy. What if I were to tell you that you’re about to get even happier?

Audra: Mm. I’d say that I doubt that’s even possible. But don’t let me stop you from trying.

Tucker: I have a surprise for you.

Audra: Ooh, I love surprises. What is it?

Tucker: Guess.

Audra: Hm… is it something sparkly?

Tucker: Not yet.

[ Tucker laughs ]

Audra: Oh.

Tucker: Sorry.

Audra: What about… yacht?

Tucker: Closer.

Audra: Okay. So, if yacht is closer… travel?

Tucker: Warmer. Keep going.

Audra: Plane tickets?

Tucker: Bingo.

Audra: You’re right, I– you know what? I am happier. Where are we going?

Jack: How you doing, ash?

Ashley: I’m better.

Jack: Times like these, I– I wish dad was still around. He was so much better at comforting you than I am.

Ashley: I always wished dad was around. But don’t sell yourself short. You did great.

Jack: Yeah, it doesn’t feel like it.

Ashley: You did. Absolutely. You just listened. You comforted me and you didn’t judge me. You reminded me that you and traci are always there for me no matter what, through anything.

Jack: That is one thing the three of us can always count on. Together, we can conquer anything.

Ashley: That’s the truth.

Jack: I know what dad would do for you now.

Ashley: What?

Jack: Bring his beauty a cup of tea.

Ashley: He would. You’re right.

Jack: Yeah, you stay right here.

Ashley: Okay.

Kyle: Mom, you and dad were in a meeting. Not taking calls. R&d needed a decision immediately, I made it. Exact same decision you would have made. So, we’re all good.

Diane: I appreciate your quick reaction time, kyle, but it wasn’t your decision to make. You are the chief operating officer, not the co-ceo. That’s my job.

Kyle: Yep, I’m well aware.

Diane: No, I’m– I’m not sure you are. This isn’t the first time that you’ve tried too hard, and I think we need to deal with it.

Kyle: Well, I…

Ashley: Hello, you two.

Nikki: This could work, don’t you see? I am sick of cowering around here, waiting for her to come at me with a butcher knife with that smirk of hers. Jordan thinks she has all the power. It’s time for me to let her know, she’s wrong.

Victor: And how the hell do you propose to do that, sweetheart? By pushing her buttons? What does that mean?

Nikki: She can’t help herself from coming after me. She thinks that she is stronger than I am. Well, one more taunt and I can lure her right out into the open.

Victor: I won’t have it. I will not allow you to endanger your sobriety and risk your life.

Victoria: Would you please just listen to him, mom? She’s a vicious, uncontrollable monster. She’s already proven that she’ll stop at nothing to try to get to you.

Victor: Sweetheart, she burned down an entire prison. Killed a lot of people in the process. What are you not getting? (Vo) compliments build confidence,

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… my cholesterol is borderline.

Nikki: So, what do you suggest I do? Sit around here and let her keep torturing me? That’s like she’s already won.

Victor: Sweetheart, just don’t answer the damn phone. Don’t let her affect you again the way she did earlier.

Victoria: I can’t even imagine how shaken up you must have been.

Nikki: Oh, yes, I was. As soon as I hung up, my first impulse was to run, not walk, to a bottle.

Victoria: Oh, mom, please tell me that you didn’T.

Nikki: No, no, I didn’t, darling. Your father made sure that wasn’t an option. And thanks to lauren and jack, I didn’t go looking elsewhere. But they talked me through it as soon as I called. Jack was here in a heartbeat to remind me how important my sobriety is.

Victoria: What about the next time that jordan terrorizes you and jack isn’t around?

Victor: And what if jack abbott happens to be here and doesn’t prevent you from taking another drink?

Nikki: He’s not a jailer, victor. He’s a sponsor. We work through these things together. It’s not just a matter of me avoiding alcohol. There’s so much more to it.

Victor: Well, I’m not so sure.

Nikki: And please stop second-guessing jack. And me, for that matter. I have to feel that I have control over something. And taking on jordan will give me a goal, something to focus on, so that I can destroy her once and for all.

Victoria: Unless something goes wrong and she finds some other way to get to you.

Nikki: I won’t let that happen.

Victor: Well, neither will I. I promise you that. But, sweetheart, do I need to remind you that last time you thought you could control situations, jordan controlled you. She almost killed you.

Nikki: Well, I’m still here, getting stronger every minute.

Victoria: Please tell me there’s something we can say to talk you out of this?

[ Cell phone buzzes ] Is that her?

Victor: Let me have that phone, please.

Nikki: Absolutely not. I will handle this.

Kyle: How are you doing, ashley?

Ashley: Not bad. How are you?

Kyle: Fine, thanks. Um. Hey, mom, dad, and I were going to go to society for dinner and I just stopped by to check on harrison. You should join us.

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: I’ll be right back.

Jack: That’s a great idea.

Diane: I would love that.

Jack: Yeah, really think about it. It would be a great distraction for you. And, I hate to brag, but I have been told… that I can be a charming dinner companion from time to time.

Diane: He’s right. I’ve seen it.

Ashley: That’s nice. Thank you for the invitation. I’m a little beat. I think I’ll just stay here and rest.

Jack: I wish you’d reconsider. We’d have a lot more fun if you came along.

Ashley: Yeah, because I’m so much fun.

[ Ashley laughs ] Um. It’s very sweet of you to be concerned. Um, but you don’t need to supervise me.

Jack: It was a sincere invitation, truly. I am not trying to supervise you.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, you are. You’re exceptionally good at it. Seriously. Um, you guys go eat, drink, and be merry, and… bring me back some cheesecake.

Tucker: How do you feel about a little jaunt to europe?

Audra: Ooh.

Tucker: Mm. Stop off in paris. Maybe meet with the new board of glissade directors… check out some of those other companies we’re hoping to scoop up. Party.

Audra: Hm, let me see. You and me, enthralling our board of directors, exploring the sights and sounds of our new kingdom, together, hand in hand. I love everything about this.

Tucker: Yeah.

Audra: And I’ve missed paris. If you’re sure you want to go back so soon after, you know.

Tucker: Ah, hey. If you think that I’m going to let ashley abbott, or anyone for that matter, ruin that magnificent city for me, you are grossly underestimating my powers of selective perception. And you… you would make the whole thing so new to me, you know. You make everything your own. You have with me.

Audra: Either you’re giving me a hard sell—

Tucker: No, no, no, no. I’m not selling anything. I’m telling you what I should have told you a long time ago, audra.

Audra: You mean it?

Tucker: I mean it.

Audra: Well, you wanting us to take this trip together, to paris of all places. It’s even more proof that ashley is really out of your system now. She can’t touch us.

Tucker: She never could touch us. It’s just taken you until now to realize it.

Audra: Which means we’re unstoppable, you know?

Tucker: Damn right, we are. After everything we’ve been through… and all these years of lying to ourselves about how we felt about each other, I’m right where I want to be. As close to you as possible.


Tucker: Here’s a question for you. Is ordering two cheeseburgers considered uncouth for an insanely successful business mogul like me? I’m famished.

Audra: You know, I’ve actually researched that. Insanely successful moguls can have anything they want.

Tucker: That’s good, because that’s what I feel like. I feel like I can have anything I want. I’m gonna have anything I want because I’ve earned it. We’ve earned it. You know what I’m feeling right now?

Audra: Mm, what?

Tucker: Optimistic. I feel optimistic, audra. First time in months, maybe longer. I mean, look at this. Is this a dream? I’m standing here with my best friend in the world, who also happens to be the most beautiful woman, the best person I’ve ever known, and my future with her is so bright, man, I’ve got to squint. Are you with me on this? Huh?

Audra: Every step of the way, and I’m loving it. Mwah.

Tucker: Look out, world. There’s a new power couple in town! Hm.

[ Audra laughs ]

Jack: Call if you need me.

Ashley: I’m fine. Don’t forget my cheesecake.

[ Jack laughs ]

Jack: Come on, let’s go. Let’s do it.

Ashley: I can’t handle much more. Breaking her down. Stop it. Don’t be negative. I’m worried. Oh, god. Shut up! Shut up! Please shut up. Shut up.

Nikki: It’s not jordan. It’s seth, my former sponsor.

Victor: Well, don’t answer him. He has nothing to offer you. He failed you when you last time needed him. You were desperate. I’m saying he’s probably calling now to apologize, to grovel.

Victoria: Yeah, to see if he can ease his own guilt by trying to drag you down with him.

Nikki: The poor man stumbled. I can’t hold that against him when I have done the same thing. I mean, maybe he’s reaching out for help. Hello, seth.

Seth: Nikki, thanks for answering. I– I didn’t know if you would.

Nikki: Well, to be honest, I– I wasn’t sure if I should. Not because I don’t still care about you. I do, and I’ve been concerned about you. I just didn’t know if I should call.

Seth: Oh. Why?

Nikki: I don’t know. I thought maybe you were upset that I needed space.

Seth: No, no, no, no. You–you had every right to push me away, and I have no right to reach out to you, but I– i thought I should at least try. Just at least once.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad. How are you?

Seth: Uh, not– not good. I– I– I need help.

Nikki: I’m sorry.

Seth: No, I mean, I really need help, nikki. That’s why I called. Just to see if you could do for me what I couldn’t do for you. (Bridget) with thyroid eye disease

Nikki: You know I can’t be your sponsor, seth.

Seth: Yeah, of– of course not. That– that came out wrong. Just, uh– look, this was a very impulsive call to make, and the truth is I’m not even sure I know exactly what to say, except that I’m thinking about you all the time. I mean, because I know you’re struggling too, right? And I just think that– that we should be able to– to help each other, you know, as– as fellow travelers on this path that we’re on. Yeah, so…

[ Breaths in deep ] Okay. I know that– that– that might sound crazy, and– and I’m sorry if I overstepped. I’m just saying that it– it would really mean a lot to me if I could just talk to you, because it would help me get past all this guilt that I’ve been feeling and been holding onto, you know, because of letting you down.

Nikki: Where are you?

Seth: I’m at a bar, east of town.

Nikki: Seth, I can’t see you if you’ve been drinking.

Seth: No, I– I haven’T. Not yet. I mean, you know, I just got here and then I decided to call.

Nikki: All right, well I’ll leave right now and meet me at crimson lights, so you can buy me a cup of coffee.

Seth: Okay. Okay, it’d– it’d be my honor. Um. Thank you so much, nikki. I’m– I am on my way.

Nikki: Okay, see you soon.

Victoria: You’re a compassionate woman, mom.

Victor: Sweetheart, you certainly are, but I will not allow you to leave the premises. Not as long as that jordan woman is out there.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: What?

Nikki: It’s coffee with my former sponsor in a public place. They don’t even serve alcohol there. What is the harm in that?

Audra: So, we meet our new glissade board and make them wonder how they ever survived without us. And then, you know, we go look at those new companies we might acquire, and then what?

Tucker: Go back to the hotel. Do what you do in a hotel. Celebrate our asses off ’til we pass out. No? I guess I didn’t understand the question. What are you asking?

Audra: Well, I’m asking about the bigger picture. Do we relocate glissade offices to genoa city, or do we embrace a whole new life in paris?

Tucker: Would you actually consider that?

Audra: Tucker, I came to genoa city because of you. I stayed because of you. So, if you go to paris or wherever, I go to paris or wherever. And business has nothing to do with it. You know, this feels weird.

Tucker: What does?

Audra: I guess just letting my guard down. Admitting that I care after pretending I didn’T. And after years of this push-pull dance we’ve been doing, it’s scary. And I didn’t know I was scared of anything.

Tucker: Yeah. I guess for a couple of fearless risk-takers, we’ve been pretty cowardly with one another, haven’t we?

Audra: Are we really getting past all that? Starting a real, honest life together, full of endless possibilities?

Tucker: Yes.

Audra: Or is this too good to be true?

Tucker: No, it is not. It’s this good. It’s this true. Not to mention long overdue.

Audra: Okay. So, is your vote for paris or genoa city? It’s genoa city. I don’t even know why I asked.

Tucker: It’s not because of ashley. It’s not because of the abbotts or jabot or any of that old crap I’m no longer interested in.

Audra: No, I believe you. It’s because of devon, isn’t it?

Tucker: I just– I love him so much. I love dominic so much. I don’t show it very well, though. But I’m willing to learn. I want to learn. Do you think I’m crazy for not just giving up and walking away?

Audra: No. No. Look, I get it. I don’t know all the details, but I do know that this disconnect between the two of you is hurting you very deeply.

Tucker: A lot more than I’ve been willing to admit to myself. And I think what I do is I– I resort to anger with him because it’s safer than feeling the pain. I don’t know.

Audra: Nothing hurts more than the pain of being estranged from your own family. And that pain won’t ever go away unless you find a way to resolve it.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s it exactly, isn’t it?

Abby: So, this is new. It’s from northern california. We’re just trying it out. Let me know your honest opinion. Free of charge, needless to say.

Jack: I love having a restauranteur in the family.

Abby: And I love hosting family, so we are even. Let me know if you need anything.

Jack and diane: Thanks abby.

Kyle: Well dad, here’s to you.

Diane: Oh, I’ll drink to that. To you.

Jack: To me.

Diane: Sure.

Jack: I’m not complaining. Uh, what did I do to deserve a toast?

Kyle: Mom didn’t give me details, but she told me how you’re helping nikki and I really admire that.

Jack: Well, thank you both. I’m only doing what I’m sure nikki would do for me if the situation were reversed.

Diane: Your father can be too kind and unselfish at times. As if you don’t have your hands full enough at home.

Kyle: So, ashley. She seemed okay when we got home.

Diane: Yeah, I was surprised she didn’t tear into me about my promotion as soon as we walked through the door. Not that I’m complaining.

Jack: I’m sure that’s the last thing on her mind right now.

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At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nikki: I know both of you are worried about me, but I can certainly handle a conversation with my former sponsor at crimson lights.

Victor: Well, then you won’t mind if I put one of my men at a table nearby so they can keep an eye on you.

Nikki: Oh, victor, you have got to stop coddling me.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m not coddling you. I’m just aware of how dangerous this is. We don’t know what this lunatic woman is up to.

Nikki: Well, whatever it is, she’s the reason why I’m stuck in this house and I hate it.

Victor: It won’t last forever.

Victoria: Mom, please stay home. Just, you’re safe here. Please don’t tempt fate. Let dad’s security team and the police find jordan before you venture out again.

Victor: Sweetheart, please. If you keep on pressing the issue, you’re forcing that woman to do more than just a phone call. She could really endanger your life again.

Abby: Thank you so much.

Tessa: Hi!

Abby: Hello! Please tell me that that smile on your face means what I think it means.

Tessa: So, I talked to mariah about your job offer.

Abby: And?

Tessa: With my wife’s blessing, I’ve decided I’m definitely interested in accepting it.

Abby: Are you sure?

Tessa: One hundred percent. But I do have a few conditions.

Abby: Just name it and consider it done.

Tessa: Good. I’m glad you said that, because I want some serious changes made around here.

Jack: There is no doubt about it, tucker’s mind games have done a real number on ashley. Though I did have some quiet time with her this afternoon, and I am cautiously optimistic she’s ready to turn a corner.

Diane: That’s good. What changed?

Jack: I think she’s just had enough. Painful as it’s all been, I think she’s coming out on the other side and finally, she can put tucker behind her once and for all.

Kyle: It won’t be easy. I mean, I know firsthand just how skilled tucker is at getting in your head and refusing to let go until he’s done with you. I’m pulling for her.

Diane: It is unbelievable how tucker has upended this family, and he’s still going strong. I don’t think he’ll ever take his sights off jabot.

Jack: Despite his claims that he doesn’t want payback.

Diane: And, exposing his cover-up scandal wasn’t enough to crush him.

Kyle: Yeah, and– and don’t forget about audra blowing our follow-up attack. I mean, that weapon’s useless now.

Diane: Tucker’s obsession with everything abbott is obnoxious. Is there nothing we can do to stop him?

Jack: Of course there is. We make sure jabot is ready to defend itself from that man at every level.

Tucker: You know, for a woman who’s subtly made it clear that the subject of her own family is off-limits, you’re very insightful about the pain that estrangement can cause. I’m not asking for anything. I’m just noting.

Audra: Good choice. Can I make a suggestion about your situation with devon?

Tucker: Please.

Audra: First of all, do nothing.

Tucker: Wow. Gosh. Why didn’t I think of that?

Audra: Just hear me out. Look, I know you love nothing more than to race over to the chancellor mansion this minute and refuse to leave until devon tells you he forgives you.

Tucker: You’re not wrong.

Audra: But what I’m telling you is do nothing. Like just wait a while. Everything is just too fresh and too volatile after your breakup with ashley. So, just let the dust settle. Be patient.

Tucker: Not something I excel at. What then?

Audra: Well, think about it. How many times have you promised devon that you’ve changed and then gone back on your promise?

Tucker: Over the course of our entire relationship? Too many times to count.

Audra: Yeah, so you’re going to need more than words and empty promises to convince him. Telling him won’t mean a thing. You’ll have to show him.

Tucker: All right. How do I show him?

Audra: Just stand down, take a breath and just be there for him when you see that he needs help. No scheming, no subterfuge, no strings attached. For no other reason than you love him and it’s the right thing to do.

Tucker: In other words, the last thing that he would expect from me. You’re amazing. Coarse hair

Tucker: Shall we?

Audra: You know, I’m not tired and I don’t want this evening to end, so what do you say I buy you a nightcap?

Tucker: I love it. Let’s do it. I just have a couple calls to make and then I’ll be right back down.

Audra: Okay.

Tucker: Okay.

Tessa: Don’t be offended, but I think society could use a major makeover.

Abby: Excuse me?

Tessa: So, this is what I’m thinking. We do a dj, karaoke. We remove those tables and put a dance floor. And then, the menu. We go international. Monday, french cuisine. Tuesday, italian–

Abby: Tessa.

Tessa: Wednesday–

Abby: No, no, no. I’m not sure about any of that, actually. No.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] I’m sorry. I’m sorry, abby. I’m just messing with you.

Abby: Oh.

Tessa: I wouldn’t change a single thing about society. People love it here. I mean, there would be a riot in town if you so much as changed the empanada recipe.

Abby: Well, thank god, because you really had me going there for a minute.

Tessa: Well, don’t be too grateful just yet, because I do have one condition.

Abby: I’m afraid to ask.

Tessa: It’s about aria.

Abby: Oh. How’s she doing? I haven’t seen her in a couple weeks.

Tessa: Oh, she’s so fantastic. I mean, it’s just such a miracle. She’s adjusting so well to her hearing aids, and she’s even started trying to sing along when we sing her lullabies, when we put her to bed. So cute.

Abby: That’s so beautiful. I love that little girl. So, listen, if your ask is about aria, you can pretty much guarantee I’m going to say yes.

Tessa: Well, I just need some flexibility with my work schedule here, so that mariah and I can coordinate our time with her.

Abby: Of course. I was already planning on it. From one mother to another, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tessa: Wow. That was easy. I should have held out for all the paella I could eat. Which is a lot.

Abby: Well, I’m sold on that too. Come here. Yay. Aw. Tessa, you really are a lifesaver. It’s going to be such a relief having you here because you’re so positive and energetic. And I won’t feel like I’m shortchanging dominic with my new responsibilities on the board at chancellor-winters. And I really do think you’re going to love it here.

Tessa: Oh, I don’t doubt that for one minute.

Abby: I cannot wait to tell devon. He’s going to be just as thrilled as I am. Hey, why don’t you come by after we close and we can go over everything.

Tessa: I’m here.

Abby: And the customers are going to love you too. In fact, here, come with me.

Tessa: Hm. Oh.

Abby: Excuse me. I would like to introduce you to the new manager of society tessa porter.

Diane: Congratulations.

Jack: Fantastic news, tessa. Congratulations.

Tessa: Thank you.

Kyle: That’s fantastic.

Nikki: All right. I won’t meet seth at crimson lights. I’ll have him come here. Does that make you happy?

Victor: Happy is hardly the word, okay? But I’m very grateful that you’ve decided to stay.

[ Cell phone ringing ] Excuse me. I need to take this.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you so much for staying where you’re safe, mom. So, I won’t worry about you, at least not as much. But I’m glad that dad is here with you, so I will go back, and I’ll check on claire. And I love you. I’ll talk to you later, okay?

Nikki: I love you too. And don’t worry, I’ll be fine, okay?

[ Phone ringing ]

Seth: It’s nikki. Nikki! Hey. Please tell me you’re not canceling.

Nikki: Oh, no. I just have to change locations.

Seth: Oh. No problem. Just name the place and I’ll be there.

Nikki: I can’t get away from the ranch right now. Would you mind meeting me here?

Seth: Okay. That– that’s fine. I just– I just need the address.

Nikki: 421 larkspur trail, highway B. I’ll tell the security guard that I’m expecting you.

Seth: Okay. Okay, that– that– that’s– that’s great. I’ll see you soon.

Nikki: Okay.

Jordan: Where are you meeting her?

Seth: Uh, at the– at the newman ranch.

Jordan: Oh. Well, this just keeps getting better and better.

Seth: Yes, um, yeah. If advanced lung cancer

Victor: I will deal with that momentarily, all right? Thank you.

[ Victor sighing ] Did you talk to seth?

Nikki: Yes. He’s on his way here instead of crimson lights.

Victor: It makes me happy that you changed your mind, all right? It means a lot to me. Now, you’re looking forward to talking to him?

Nikki: Well, yeah. If I can help him even a little bit, it will be added incentive for my sobriety.

Victor: Come here. I’ve got to tell you, the fact that you’re willing to help someone while you’re struggling yourself means a great deal, okay? And if that makes you happy in the process, then… I’m happy for you.

Nikki: There’s only one other thing I can think of that would make me happy.

Victor: Uh-oh. What’s that?

Nikki: Setting a trap for jordan before she can set one for us.

Jack: Ash? Ashley?

Kyle: Can I pour you a drink?

Diane: No, no. I’m– I’m good. Hey, is everything all right?

Kyle: Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?

Diane: Well, I can think of a few things.

Kyle: Like what?

Diane: Like jabot.

Kyle: What? I’m supposed to be upset about work? After hours?

Diane: No, not work per se, but what you and I were talking about when we came in earlier.

Kyle: Ah. About my decision that I made with r&d that should have been yours and my overstepping.

Diane: I said helping, not overstepping.

Kyle: My mistake.

Diane: And you seemed to tense up a bit whenever jabot came up at dinner.

Kyle: Okay, mom, you’re clearly trying to get at something, but I’m not sure what it is, so just help me out.

Diane: I think you know. Jack promoted me to a position that you used to have. One that you and I both lobbied for you to have again and I want you to tell me how you really feel about it.

Kyle: Okay, this is on your mind a lot more than it is mine.

Diane: I don’t think so.

Kyle: Okay. I stopped lobbying for myself because I realized you were the right person at the right time. This is the way it should be.

Diane: Yes, but it’s created a whole new dynamic at work. It seems like you’re having a hard time accepting that. I mean, kyle, I get it. It can’t be easy coming back to a lesser role there than you had before.

Kyle: Mom. Mom, I’m not struggling.

Diane: Would you tell me if you were?

Kyle: I would. And it’s all good.

Diane: I just want us to find the right balance at work, where we can be happy and productive and– and comfortable. I mean, yes, kyle, I am your boss. But first and foremost, I’m your mom. And I don’t want this to come between us. And in fact, I will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening, so just– come on. Tell me the truth.

Kyle: Okay. Okay, you’re right. This is a lot tougher for me to take than I thought it would be. And I’m trying very hard right now not to resent you for it.

Jack: Where are you, ashley?

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