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After surgery in Paulina’s hospital room, Kayla informs Chanel, Johnny, and Abe that the surgery was a success and they were able to remove the cancer. Chanel gets emotional and calls it great as Abe asks what’s next. Kayla suggests a lot of rest for Paulina and that she may have a little pain but nothing to worry about. Kayla notes she may also have some difficulty speaking which Abe jokes she won’t like. Abe asks when she can come home. Kayla says she’ll keep her for a couple days to monitor her and then they will talk about follow ups. Chanel encourages Paulina that she’s going to be okay. Abe calls this cause for celebration. Kayla agrees and mentions hearing it’s not the only cause of celebration.

Konstantin and Maggie finish having dinner together at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie mentions that she’s sure their newest residents, Chad, Thomas, Charlotte, Julie, and Doug also appreciated the dinner. Konstantin calls the fire a tragedy. Maggie talks about how happy Doug and Julie still come off. Konstantin talks about them being in love as they mention Doug and Julie singing a duet. Maggie brings up how Thomas and Charlotte lit up when Konstantin gave them candy and how she knows that cheered Chad up to see his kids smile. Konstantin calls it wonderful to see Maggie cheer up as well which she credits him for. Konstantin hopes he can cheer her up a little further as he hands her an envelope.

At the Pub, Jada returns to the table and is shocked when she sees Everett, identifying him as “Bobby”, leaving them all confused. Everett asks who Bobby is and who Jada is. Jada questions him pretending while Stephanie asks what’s going on. Jada responds that Everett is her ex-husband, Bobby Stein. Everett denies being Bobby but Jada calls him a liar. Everett states that he’s never met Jada before. Jada asks how he can say that. Everett says it’s true and he has no idea why she seems so angry. Rafe asks Jada if it’s possible that they just happen to look alike but Jada insists that it’s him. Jada declares that she was a fool to marry him because he broke her heart and her spirit, then left her and never looked back. Jada insists that Everett is Bobby Stein.

Kayla congratulates Chanel and Johnny on their wedding. Chanel points out that their anniversary will be on Valentine’s Day just like Kayla and Steve’s.

Maggie reads Konstantin’s card and calls it beautiful. Konstantin says he meant every word even though he knows he’s not her valentine, so he doesn’t want to cross any boundaries. Konstantin just wants to tell her how much she means to him.

Rafe tells Jada that this man is Everett Lynch, who works at the Spectator. Jada then pulls out her phone and shows Everett a photo of her and Bobby. Everett admits that he can see the resemblance but says they all have people that look like them. Jada insists that it’s him and he knows it. Everett doesn’t know what else he can say or do to convince her that the complete stranger is not him. Jada declares that she will prove it by taking Everett to the police station and checking his fingerprints.

Paulina complains of being hungry but Kayla says she can’t eat until tomorrow morning. Kayla says she will check in tomorrow. Abe thanks Kayla for everything. Kayla says to call if they need anything as she exits. Chanel asks Paulina if she can do anything for her. Johnny adds that he’ll do whatever he can as well. Paulina writes down that she has everything she needs.

Konstantin tells Maggie that Valentine’s Day is not a tradition in Greece. Maggie recalls Victor telling her tales about certain Greek holidays. Maggie calls Victor a wonderful storyteller. Konstantin talks about getting to know Maggie better and to celebrate her incredible soul. Maggie comments that he has a very generous and gentle heart which she saw when he interacted with the kids earlier. Maggie points out that they’ve never talked about it, so she asks if he has any children of his own.

Everett says he’s not trying to sound disrespectful as he asks if it’s possible that Jada is losing it. Jada gets upset and argues that she’s not the one pretending to be someone else. Jada says years ago, when she discovered that Bobby cheated on her, she filed for divorce and he ghosted her as Stephanie watches on with a concerned look. Jada questions if he just took on a new identity. Everett says what Jada is saying is making him feel like he’s taking crazy pills and blames the stress of her job. Everett tells Jada that he’s not who she thinks he is and that he’s never been Bobby Stein. Everett adds that they were never married nor has he ever been married which he calls the God’s honest truth. Stephanie thinks back to asking Everett about when he first woke up from his coma and Everett telling her that he was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia. Stephanie then brings this up, reminding Everett that he said he had memory loss after the accident and asks if that could be why he doesn’t remember Jada.

A nurse brings in a cake that Chanel’s employees at the Bakery sent for their wedding. Johnny asks the nurse to tell Kayla that they would love her to come have a slice with them. Johnny and Chanel cut the cake while promising to save Paulina a slice.

The nurse informs Kayla that there is cake waiting for her in Paulina’s room. The nurse then adds that Tripp hasn’t shown up for his shift. Kayla calls that odd and says she will reach out to him now.

Maggie apologizes to Konstantin if her question upset him. Konstantin calls it a perfectly reasonable question and informs her that he does have a daughter, Catharina, who he says was everything to him and then she was gone. Konstantin explains that it happened many years ago in a village near Athens. He calls it a tragic accident and she was so young. Maggie says she’s sorry as she knows what it’s like to lose a child and the pain is always there. Konstantin says he tried to conjure up memories of Catharina’s smile and those memories bring him some kind of peace.

Everett says it is true that he was in an accident as he was hit by a pickup truck. Stephanie blames herself for asking him to run errands but Everett says the only person responsible was the driver. Everett adds that he was taken off in an ambulance, close to death, and placed in a medically induced coma for a year. Stephanie explains that he disappeared and she thought he ghosted her, until he came back a couple months ago and tracked her down. Jada doesn’t buy it. Rafe doesn’t know what to believe and decides he will personally look in to this so they can hopefully get it all straightened out. Everett insists that he has nothing to hide. Jada comments that people do get amnesia all the time and can forget whole chapters of their life. Jada argues that she can tell by the look in Everett’s eyes that he knows her and that they were married. Jada calls him still the same lying, cheating son of a bitch. Everett responds that she’s obviously in a world of pain from how she was apparently treated by her ex-husband and that must be the reason that she would throw these kind of insane insults at a man who has never laid eyes on her before. Everett repeats that he is not Jada’s ex-husband, Bobby Stein, and that his name is Everett Lynch.

Kayla calls Tripp and leaves a message that she’s at the hospital and he’s not, so she’s wondering if he lost track of time or if he’s out for Valentine’s with Wendy or he’s at the geocaching event. Kayla says she’s sure everything is okay but asks him to give her a call to let her know.

Johnny brings out his guitar and says since they didn’t hire a band for their wedding, he will fill in and asks if Chanel has any requests. Chanel jokes with him and then suggests he surprise them. Johnny then plays guitar and sings a song to Chanel.

Maggie asks Konstantin about Catharina’s mother. Konstantin says he feels so at ease with Maggie. Konstantin says he adored Catharina’s mother as she was one of the great loves of his life and a wonderful mother, but then they lost her. Konstantin says their marriage did not survive.

Jada mocks Everett saying he’s not Bobby when he looks and sounds exactly like him. Rafe decides this isn’t going anywhere and suggests they call it a night which they agree to. Jada tells Stephanie that she can tell she has feelings for Everett and she knows she’s not a complete lunatic. Jada asks Stephanie to believe her and not to allow herself to be sandbagged any more. Jada tells Everett that she knows who he is and he will be found out, then he will get what he deserves. Jada then storms out of the Pub, so Rafe follows her. Stephanie tells Everett that she doesn’t know what to say. Everett asks how well she knows Jada. Stephanie states that Jada is her friend and has always been so warm and kind. Stephanie mentions that Jada did tell her that her ex cheated on her, lied to her, and broke her heart. Everett says that must have been so hard for her but questions how Jada came after him. Everett asks what Stephanie is thinking. Stephanie brings up everything Jada said and the photo. Stephanie then asks Everett if he’s really telling the truth that he’s really not Bobby Stein.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s terribly sorry that he lost his daughter, Catharina, and that she’s always there if he ever needs to talk. Konstantin says that means so much to him and says he has to ask her something but she can say no. Konstantin then asks Maggie if he can kiss her, which she allows. Konstantin then says goodnight to Maggie and exits.

Johnny finishes singing his song. Chanel praises him and says she is so lucky as they kiss. Paulina then starts complaining of pain so Chanel rushes out to get the doctor.

Rafe catches up to Jada in the town square and asks her to talk to him. Rafe says he’s never seen her lose it like that before. Jada shouts that Everett is a con man and a liar that she was stupid enough to marry. Jada complains about Everett changing his identity and claiming she’s the one who lost it. Jada calls it a lot to take in. Rafe says he understands but that Everett claims not to know her. Jada shouts that he’s a liar. Rafe understands this has freaked her out. Rafe says he’s hung out with Everett a few times and he seems like a decent guy. Jada then questions if Rafe thinks she is the one that’s lying.

Everett questions if Stephanie is asking if he’s not Bobby Stein, insisting that he’s never heard that name or seen Jada before. Everett argues that he could be hooked up to every lie detector in the country. Stephanie brings up the photo. Everett insists that there are people in the world who look like each other, assuring that his name is Everett Lynch and it’s on his driver’s license. Stephanie asks if it’s possible that he doesn’t remember his past life with Jada because of the accident. Everett responds that it’s not possible. Everett admits that there are gaps in his memory like maybe he forgot he saw movies or bachelor parties, but not years or entire relationships. Everett thinks he would remember getting married. Stephanie flashes back to finding Everett’s engagement ring, which he said he bought for her a long time ago. Stephanie brings that up to Everett. Stephanie then flashes back to asking Jada about her marriage ending due to cheating and Jada saying she found out by seeing a large purchase at a jewelry store. Everett asks Stephanie if she’s okay. Stephanie responds that she’s not okay because if Jada is telling the truth and he’s Bobby, that means she was the other woman.

Maggie remains in the living room and looks up at Victor’s portrait. Maggie then looks over Konstantin’s Valentine’s card again. Maggie blows a kiss to Victor’s portrait.

Konstantin sits in his room with a framed photo of Catharina as he finishes a drink.

Rafe tells Jada that he doesn’t think she’s a liar. Jada complains that Rafe is going on about Everett being a decent guy like he can’t be a liar. Rafe says he only said that because he thinks they need to be careful with this since she’s accusing someone of falsifying his identity. Rafe wants Jada to be 100% sure before taking that shot. Rafe asks if she’s sure. Jada responds that as soon as she saw him, all these old wounds opened up and all the work she put in to put that part of her life behind her. Jada admits she lost it and lashed out because Rafe doesn’t know what Bobby did to her and what he might do to Stephanie. Rafe says he understands. Jada declares that she’s going to go to the police station right now to find everything there is about Everett Lynch. Rafe stops her and says he knows how important this is to her, so it’s important to him as well but it’s late and it’s Valentine’s Day. Rafe suggests they try to salvage the night and then tomorrow, he promises they will get to the bottom of this Bobby/Everett thing. Rafe suggests they go back to his place and order from her favorite Thai restaurant and they can watch a movie. Jada agrees to that and Rafe hugs her as she cries. Rafe promises her that tomorrow, they will find out what is going on.

Everett tells Stephanie that she can’t possibly believe something that preposterous like his actual name being Bobby Stein which he calls insane. Stephanie reminds Everett that he bought a ring and said he was going to propose while Jada said that Bobby bought a ring for another woman which means he was cheating on Jada, with it seems her. Everett says that only makes sense if he’s Bobby. Stephanie argues that he might not remember and she feels like she’s going crazy. Everett suggests they go back to his room and talk about this like mature adults but Stephanie doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Stephanie tells him that she will see him later and exits the Pub.

Kayla calls Tripp again, leaving another message to ask if he’s coming in tonight. Kayla admits she’s starting to get worried and assumes his phone is dead since it’s going straight to voicemail. Kayla then says that she will try Wendy and hangs up. The nurse comes back and calls Kayla back to Paulina’s room as she is seizing. Kayla checks on Paulina and calls for aspirin and nitroglycerin. Kayla urges Paulina to stay with her as Abe, Chanel, and Johnny watch on worried.

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