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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Nicole celebrated her and Holly being home. Rafe talked to Goldman about the shooting. Jada came in and gave her back her gun and badge. Goldman said she was happy to be back in the field. When Goldman left, Jada gave Rafe a gift. Leo asked Everett about the fire at the Horton house. He asked Everett why the fire started. Leo told Everett he didn’t have plans. Everett told him he had plans. Leo guessed he had a date with Stephanie. Everett told him they were going on a double date. Rafe liked Jada’s gift. He gave her a gift as well. She enjoyed her gift. Nicole thanked EJ for bringing her and Holly back home. He said he did it because he missed her. She said Holly was breathing on her own and her wonderful husband made it happen. Jada and Rafe talked about meeting Stephanie’s boyfriend. Rafe told her he met Stephanie’s boyfriend while he was doing a story for the paper. Jada said her ex was a reporter.

While Alex and Theresa were out, she searched around to see if he hid the ring. He asked her if she was going to visit Tate with Brady. She said she was excited to see him. Theresa said Tate would be excited about Holly breathing on her own. Alex said he was sure she would have good news to share with him. Theresa said she hoped so. Nicole and EJ talked about what has been happening in Salem. EJ told her Harris’ shooting was tied to the person who sold Holly the drugs. Stephanie met Jada and Rafe at the pub. Jada asked where Stephanie’s boyfriend was. Stephanie said he was on his way there. Jada said she couldn’t wait to see him. EJ gave Nicole a healing bowl to put in Holly’s room. Nicole loved her gift. When Alex went in his pocket, Theresa thought he was giving her the ring. Theresa wanted him to propose to her. She said her answer was yes. Jada said she has to go to the bathroom. Everett showed up when Jada left. Nicole told EJ that Holly had to get better. Theresa told Alex that she saw the ring. She apologized for ruining the surprise. Alex said she got it wrong. Theresa was upset that he wasn’t proposing to her. He wanted to talk, but she walked out of the restaurant. When Jada came back from the bathroom, she called Everett Bobby.

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