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[mellow music]

[gasps] “Flower cart toy found another donation.” Ka-ching.


Hey, guys. Are you having fun?

Oh, having a blast. I mean, as is everyone. Pretty obvious, right?

Yeah, what about the fundraising? How’s that going?

Oh, even better than expected. We’ve already raised thousands for the hospital.

That’s great.


Well, hey, we better keep looking if we wanna find some more before I have to head to work.

Yeah. Okay, um, let’s go that way.

All right. See ya, Steph.

See ya.

Hey, Ev, make sure you spell “geocaching” right. It keeps autocorrecting to “geocatching” for me, as does “cache” and “cupid.”

Well, I’m not writing about the fundraiser right now, Leo. I’m covering the fire at the Hortons’.

Oh. My gosh, all that Horton history gone. Nobody was hurt, though, right?

Everyone got out in time.

Including those sweet kids, Thomas and Charlotte. I don’t normally like children, but those two, cutest little punims I’ve ever seen. And they’re not, like, greedy, obnoxious, and rude like most kids. Thank God everybody got out alive, even if their precious belongings didn’t survive. But the way I see it, trying to find joy by acquiring things, it’s like trying to satisfy your hunger by taping pigs in a blanket to your belly.

[curious percussive music] Oh, yeah, I’m not quite as shallow as you thought I was, am I?

[soft mysterious music]



[clears throat] Hello there.

Hey, babe. I’m gonna need a minute. I didn’t think you’d be ready so fast.

Oh, yeah. Well, I am ready. I am so ready.


How’s our sweetheart doing?

He’s great. Look at that little smile. It’s because of that teddy bear. I know it is.

Is that new?

Yeah. It’s his first Valentine’s Day gift.


And, of course, we got Mommy something too. Let’s see if Mommy likes it.

Oh. Eric, it’s–it’s so cute.

You do like it, right?

Mm-hmm. Yes, of course.

Well, let me put it on you.

[serious piano music]

There you go. Let me see. It’s beautiful.

Mm-hmm. And I got you a little gift too.

Oh, really? Shall we see what Mommy got me?

[both laugh] Oh. Um, I don’t think it’s my size.

It’s definitely mine. And I intend to wear it for you tonight.

I can’t wait. You know this guy is gonna fade fast, so we should get going, right?

[tense music]



[sighs] It’s such a relief to have you home. Both of you.

It’s such a relief to be home. And–and, EJ, I just– I-I can’t thank you enough.

Thank Sarah Horton. She’s been managing Holly’s case. From here, the Italian doctors have been sharing everything with her.

Yes, thank God.

Not to mention, she’s guided me on everything that Holly would need, set us up with the best staff she could find. I just did whatever it would take to get the two of you back home.

And we both know you went above and beyond.

Oh, my love, it feels so good to have you in my arms again.

I’ve missed you so much, EJ.

Mm. Well, no more missing each other. You are back home where you belong.




Much as I know, I had no choice but to pull the trigger. I can still feel the shock of it. And I pray to God I’m never put in that situation again.

Yeah, well, hopefully you won’t be.

Here you go.

Yeah, you can return to active duty whenever you’re ready.

I’ve never been more ready, Commissioner. Thank you so much. Thank you both.


[gentle music]

[door slams shut]

Well, she’s having a good Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, she definitely seems relieved. But you know what? She’s–she’s pretty private. I’m not sure if she has a romantic life or, really, what her personal story is.

Yeah, well, she’s had a rough past couple days. Hopefully she has someone that she can be with. I know I’m glad I do.

As am I. And to show my gratitude…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Commish.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Any leads on how the fire started?

Um, from what I’ve heard so far, it sounds like it was arson.

Arson? Huh. Well, I will bet that whoever set the Horton house ablaze was a love-starved, probably very unattractive person who couldn’t stand that all the Hortons and Williams and anyone else that’s inhabited that house over the years were all so lovey-dovey with each other.

[gasps] Could that have been the motive? Plain old jealousy?

[curious music] And speaking of romance and Valentine’s Day–

We weren’t.

Well, we are now. So though I know you know this, everyone does, I will remind you that my boyfriend, my gorgeous boyfriend, who I miss with every cell of my being, is in the slammer. So I don’t have plans tonight. Hint hint.



As lovely as that sounds, Leo, um, I actually–I do– I have plans tonight.

Oh, damn it, I should have known. With Miss Stephanie, right? The beautiful brunette with the legs that won’t quit?

That would be her.


Well, she does seem to like me. She has laughed at several of my jokes and has very rarely sneered at me, unlike most people in this town. So maybe I can tag along.

Yeah, um, we’re, like, going on a double date sort of a thing. But if you don’t mind being the fifth wheel, I can–

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. A third wheel is one thing, but a fifth wheel would make me feel way too pathetic. Perhaps I will check out C-A-C-H-I-N-G Cupid. Maybe I’ll find my valentine hidden in the square.

Good luck with that.

Thank you. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Everett. Enjoy your double date while I– since I think I will be batting zero at the scavenger hunt– will likely be back in my room watching “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” for the hundredth time, munching on Nutter Butter Bites. See ya.

Wow, Jada, this is so great.

It’s an antique sheriff badge from the s. It took me a while to find the perfect one.

“To my personal Wild Bill, you will always be my hero.”

You know, he may have died in Deadwood, but he was born in Illinois, you know.

Oh, I know. I know.

[both laugh] Wow, this–Jada, really. This took a lot of thought. Thank you.

Yeah, well, I enjoyed doing the research. And I know you’ve been buried under all of your work, so don’t even feel obligated to–

To have got you a gift? Hmm? Hmm?

[romantic music]

Aww, chocolates.



Try one.

Oh. Well, maybe after dinner. I don’t wanna spoil my appetite.

Oh, okay. So you’re gonna deny me having one?

Oh, no, of course not.

Oh, okay.

Okay. What? Oh, Rafe. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Aww. Look at my man embracing his inner feminist.

Mm-hmm. To the strongest, bravest, most persistent woman I know.

I love the gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Aw, you too.

Oh, God. We are still at work, aren’t we?

Oh, we are. Unfortunately.



[clears throat] So thanks for the gift, boss.

Yeah, yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day, Detective Hunter.


[both laugh]

The Sweet Bits container.

Oh, I will go grab myself one.

Uh, no fair. You have to find your own clue, sir. Here, take this.

Mm, mm, mm, mm.

[gentle guitar music]


Nothing. I just love hanging with you.

Well, I love hanging with you. And given everything that’s been going on lately, I think we needed this, some escapist fun.


Okay, so I learned a little Italian while I was there.


Yes, of course, to impress you. And Italian’s, like, your second language, right?


[speaking Italian]

Oh. Oh my. Okay. Okay, so here we go.


[clears throat]

I mean…

[speaking Italian]


[both chuckle] Oh, EJ, thank you again so much for bringing Holly and me back and for setting everything up so beautifully.

It was rather selfish on my part. I just–I just missed you both so terribly.

Missed you too.

And to celebrate your homecoming and Valentine’s Day, I had Chef make us a very special meal. But I completely understand if you don’t want to celebrate.

Oh. Yes, of course I do. And Holly’s home now and she’s breathing on her own. And my valentine, my wonderful, thoughtful, generous husband made it all happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

All right, cool. So I am glad we’re on the same page for tonight.

Well, yeah, of course we are. I mean, really? Have dinner with my beautiful, sexy girlfriend, or stay at work? It’s really not a tough choice.

Great, then I will text Stephanie and let her know that we’re on our way.

Okay, cool.


You finally get to meet her boyfriend, right?

Oh, yeah. You know, I’ve been really looking forward to that.

Yeah, you know, um, I’ve actually met him a few times when he was covering business, police business for “The Spectator.”


Seems like a pretty cool guy.



You know, my ex, he was– he was also a reporter. But it turns out that he was not a cool guy at all.

Real SOB from what you’ve told me.

Yeah. But you know what? I do not wanna think about him tonight at all, especially when I’m with one of the coolest of cool guys I know on Valentine’s Day, whom I absolutely adore.

Who adores you right back.


[hums] Ooh, stop right here. Ah, yes, one terrific shot for the website. Thanks, you guys. Ah, Leo Stark is here. If I don’t get a shot of him, I will never hear the end of it. Excuse me.

Sure. Hey, big guy.


Hey, you wanna see what’s going on in the square tonight?

Yeah, sure.


Let’s, um– let’s just go that way. More interesting window displays for you.

Okay. Great.

[soft music]

Sorry that took so long. Wow. You look amazing.

I’d say you look pretty spiffy yourself too, Mr. Alex Kiriakis.

Oh, it’s the same old suit.

Yeah, but you wear it so well.

Thank you.

And I have something for you.

What is this? Babe. This is so nice. Are you kidding? This is great. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Oh, I love it.

It matches my dress. You want to wear it?

Oh, please, yes. It does match. How does it look?

I would say that you and I look pretty damn fine.

I agree. Mm. We should probably go to the Bistro, right?


Okay. Let’s go.

The Bistro, a perfect place to propose.

Did you say something?

No. Mm-mm. I just said, “I can’t wait to spend the evening with my very handsome honey.” It’s gonna be such a momentous night.

Thank you.


[phone ringing]

This is Everett Lynch.


[gasps] Couldn’t hurt to answer your phone.

Oh. Hi, Steph.

Hey, where are you? I thought we were gonna meet in the square before dinner.

Wha–what time is it? Oh, my God, I-I’m– I’m so sorry. Um, more intel came in and I– it–it–it doesn’t matter. Um, I probably just need, like, minutes to finish this up, and then I’ll change and I’ll meet you at the pub. Does that–does that work?

Yeah, sure. That’s fine.

Okay. I’ll, uh– I’ll be there, I promise.

You better be.

Here we are.

Wow. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

[gentle ambient music]

Well, this is a perfect table. We can see everyone, and everyone can see us.

That is true.


Oh, no, none– none for me, thank you. I’ll just have a mocktail. Just cranberry juice and soda. Thank you.

Same for me, please.

Of course.


Let’s drink to us. To a night to remember.

To a night to remember.

Yes, yes, yes! Oh, how I love this game.

Leo must have found another container. Leo.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

Let’s see what he found.

Look who’s here. Two of my favorite people in the world. And Sloan. Hey, you little cutie patootie, remember me?

Please, Leo, don’t touch him. He’s sleeping.

No, he isn’t. Check out the way he’s looking at me, like he’s known me since the day he was born.

Mm, so, Leo, how’s the scavenger hunt going?

Amazing, I have found six containers so far. Unfortunately, none of them large enough for a hottie to hide in, though.



So what are you saying?

Oh, here, you guys should try it. All you need are your phones and the app– ugh!

Don’t touch that, please.

Jeez, Sloan. Today is supposed to be a day for romance, not grumpiness. Can you at least try pasting on that radiant smile? Ugh, I guess all we’re getting is Frau Farbissina.

Uh, I’m sorry, what?

From the “Austin Powers” movies? Dr. Evil’s henchwoman and founder of the militant wing of the Salvation Army, who helps Dr. Evil in his plans to terrorize and take over the world? You get it, don’t you, Sloan?

See ya, Leo.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Bye-bye.

[quirky playful music]


[laughs] Oh, he’s a lot. But he’s harmless.


Mm. I think we’re gonna need more butter for the bread. Waiter, uh, excuse me. Uh…

[sighs] What are you doing?

Hmm? Oh, I’m just, um… rearranging the flowers. They’re so lovely, aren’t they?


They are lovely, yeah. You need another mocktail?

Nope, I’m good.

Mm. Okay. So tomorrow, you’re going to go visit Tate with Brady, right?

Yeah. It’s actually, um, the first time after he went to rehab, and I’m so excited. And I know he’s gonna be relieved to hear that Holly is breathing on her own, even though she’s still in a coma. And, um, I guess I shouldn’t tell him about the fire that happened at the Horton house. Oh, jeez, so much bad news lately, huh?

Yeah. Well, I am sure that you’re gonna have some good news to share with him too.


[exhales pointedly] I sure hope so.

[romantic music]

Oh, my goodness, what a dinner. Cook outdid himself.

Mm-hmm. All for you, my darling. Care to join me for a drink?

Yeah, I’d love to. Wow, I am still so in shock about the fire at Doug and Julie’s and Harris Michaels being shot. It’s such a tragedy. And thank God no one was hurt in the fire.

Quite a miracle, really.

Yeah. So what happened? I read that they think it’s arson.

Apparently it was. And we think that whoever was responsible for it is the same person behind the drugs that fell into Holly’s hands.

What? Oh, my God.

And we are inches away from nailing him.

I’ll get us drinks.

Okay. A glass of red for me.

Okay. And there’s Steph.

Hey, guys.

Oh, Stephanie!


Hey. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Same to you.

Yeah. I was just about to get us drinks. What would you like?

Ooh. Um, red wine for me, please.

Red wine, okay.

So how’s it going out there?

Oh, fundraiser is a huge hit. And since “The Spectator” is a sponsor, I’m really relieved that it’s such a success.

That’s so good. And speaking of “The Spectator,” where is this mystery boyfriend of yours? I mean, he does exist, right?


[laughing] Yes, he does. He said that he would be here. He promised.

Okay, great. I can’t wait to meet him.

Okay. It’s telling me there’s a cache… there. Oh!

Oh, very nice.

[Wendy laughs] Let’s see. Oh, cool.


It’s Tom and Alice facts. Tom and Alice trivia, ooh, okay.

Look, I’m– I’m not sure that I’m gonna be a whiz at this one.

Yeah, me neither, but we can give it a try, right?


Ah, multiple-choice.

[clears throat]


Four facts about Tom and Alice, and you have to guess which is true. One, Alice Horton’s donuts were once spiked with weed and got Salem’s finest woman toasted. Two, the Hortons once ran the Salem clinic out of their own home.


Three, Tom Horton was once a beat poet named Norm De Plume. And four, there was no more beloved couple in Salem than these two.

Well, I mean, it’s gotta be number four, right? Because I hear all the time how amazingly wonderful Tom and Alice were and how everyone totally worshipped them.

It’s true. It’s true. But wrong. All the answers are correct.



Okay, well, first of all, how did the donuts get spiked and who else got stoned? We’re gonna have to look into that. Oh, and also, where can we read the poetry of Norm De Plume? Because we’re gonna have to look into that too.

We will. We will. I promise we will, but, uh, let’s stick to the topic on hand. You lost, so I get the point.

No fair.

Yeah, that’s how it works.

No. It was supposed to be multiple-choice. How’s it multiple-choice if every answer is right? Might as well be called no choice at all.

Don’t be a sore loser, Shin.

Okay, Johnson. Oh, I’m so gonna get you on the next one.


[unsettling music]


[clears throat]


Thank you for the perfect homecoming. Oh, my gosh, I’m thanking you again, aren’t I?

Mm-hmm. And I predict more thanks to come since you haven’t yet opened your Valentine’s Day gift.


Oh, my God. Here, come with me.


[soft uplifting music] Oh. EJ, that’s gorgeous.

It’s a Japanese healing bowl. Listen.

[bowl ringing softly]


You can put it in Holly’s room and use it whenever to meditate or pray or if you want to sing to your precious daughter.


[grumbles playfully, laughs]

Oh, you have a beautiful voice.

EJ, I-I love it. It’s perfect. Oh. Come here. But I-I-I didn’t get you anything. You know, between traveling and settling in, I–

I don’t need or want anything that you haven’t already given me, and that’s your presence. Having you home is the best Valentine’s Day gift I could have hoped for.


Look at him. He’s sleeping like a puppy. You know what, I should probably get him to sleep.

Mm. Well, then I will slip into something more comfortable.

[light music]



Hey, check that out, over there.

Check what out?

Uh, uh–

Wait, what are you looking at?

Oh, maybe–maybe I meant over there.

Another container?

Yeah, um. No, no. Like, there-ish.

What is this? And why does it have my name on it? Tripp. No.

No, what?

This isn’t–

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is not a ring. This is not a ring.

Oh, okay.


‘Cause I just thought that would kind of feel like–

Like I’m rushing things, which I’m not, okay? This is not a ring, I promise.

Right. So…

Oh, Tripp.

Those are the ones, right?

The ones I pointed out in Baron’s window last week? Yes, these are definitely the ones. And they are perfect. Thank you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I got something for you too.






Whoa, cuff links. Oh, caduceus cuff links. These are awesome!

Yep, to wear on crisp white shirts, just like James Bond’s.

[as James Bond]

Ah, I’ll be sex personified.

You already are.

[music darkens]

Theresa, thank you for setting all this up. The meal was great, with even greater company.

Oh. I know. I couldn’t agree more.

Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do.



Waiter, check please.


Thank you, sir. Oh.



[gentle ambient music]

Okay. I guess we are all done here.

Oh, come on, Alex! Come on! You know I’m such an impatient person! This is just driving me absolutely crazy, so could you just do it?

Do what?

You know what. You know, and you also know my answer is yes. Yes!

See what my very tasteful man got me.

Oh, wow. It’s beautiful.

Thank you. Yeah. I never in my life took me an advantage of an enemy.


Wild Bill Hickok, you know. Just the greatest sheriff of all time.


Well, next to you.

Oh, baby.

Okay, I’m going to run to the ladies’ room, okay?

Okay. All right, hurry back.


Mm, I’m good. I’m good.

[gasps] You made it.

Yeah, I said I would.


[tense music]

Well, hey, hey.

Hey, hey.

Good to see you, pal.

Good to see you too. Oh.

Oh, also, uh, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much. But not as good as it is to see–sorry, no offense– my best girl, my love.

So what do you think? How do they look?


[Wendy laughs] You have excellent taste.

Why, thank you.

But sadly, my wonderful cuff links will have to wait for the right attire.

Tripp Johnson?


I’m Officer Goldman, Salem PD. Hey, Wendy.

Has something happened out there, Officer?

Uh, no, and I’m not here for the scavenger hunt. Rafe had me keeping an eye on you two.

Wait. On–on us? Why?

He had some intel. Had to confirm it, and he has. Tripp, you may be in danger.


I need to get you to a safe location–both of you.

Wait, wait. What–what is this about? Does this have anything to do with my mom or Harris?

Rafe will give me the details later, but I have to get you to safety. Now.

Hey, baby. Honey, look what EJ got us.

[bowl ringing softly] Isn’t it lovely?

[gentle piano music]

[monitor beeping steadily


The medical staff will be here in the morning. In the meantime, we have the alert monitor right there. And that will let us know if anything changes.

Okay. Night, darling. EJ… she has to come back to us. She has to.

And she will. She will.

[heartfelt music]


[whispers] Eric.




[baby grunts]

[tense music]

Hey, what are you doing tonight? Well, I’m all alone too. Happy? Oh, very much alone. Meet me at Small Bar? Great, I’ll see you there.

Oh. Please, come on, don’t sit there like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m sorry.


[sighs] I saw the ring, Alex. I wasn’t snooping. I just–it fell out of your jacket when I went to go put it away. I’m sorry if that ruined the surprise.

[suspenseful music]

Don’t be. Um, I’m not.

You’re not what? You’re not sorry?

Baby, I am sorry. Um… I think you got this wrong.




You mean you… you weren’t– you’re not gonna ask me to marry you?

I just think maybe we should talk about this a little bit first.

No, we should not. We should not talk about this. I-I have nothing to say to you.

Okay. I think– I think we should– Theresa.

I have–no.


I’m just–

[chair clatters] Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Oh, yeah. It’s pretty cool. I like it.

“Pretty cool,” huh? It’s from the Wild Bill era.


Oh-ho. Don’t get him started. Do you know how many quotes he’s memorized by heart?

All of ’em.

[Stephanie laughs]

I am impressed, very impressed. Though, I have nothing to show for it yet since Steph and I are exchanging gifts later.

Well, well, well, is this the elusive Everett Lynch?

[dramatic musical sting]

[dramatic music]

[whispers] Oh, my God. Bobby?

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