Days Short Recap Monday, February 12, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Someone broke into the Brady pub and tried to shoot at Lucas. Kate had her gun ready to fire it. A mysterious person lit the Horton house on fire. Julie and Chad ran down stairs and saw the flames in the living room. They yelled for help. Stefan saw Tripp, Ava and Wendy. Stefan and Tripp had an awkward exchange. Ava wanted to get some air. She saw Harris shot on the ground. Rafe and Jada talked about the drug dealer that got shot. Jada wondered if their conversation counted as a date. He said there was a lot of paperwork so it did. She agreed to take what she could get. He wondered what happened to Harris’ file. Ava tried to help Harris when she found him. She called Tripp to tell him about Harris. Kate and Lucas made sure they weren’t hit. Roman arrived and wanted to make sure they were okay. Kate told Roman that she wasn’t sure if she shot the person who broke in. Chad called the fire department and Julie went upstairs to wake Doug and the kids. Ava begged Harris not to die. The ambulance was on its way to them.

Lucas and Roman realized that the shooter was after him. Roman thought they should go to Harris. Kate thought Harris was the reason they went through the break in. The EMTs, Rafe and Jada arrived at the scene. They saw Harris on the ground. Rafe got a call about another shooting at the pub and wanted Jada to check it out. Chad tried to put the fire out, and Julie went back inside to help him. Jada arrived at the pub and saw Lucas there. Rafe asked Ava questions about Harris. She didn’t have answers for him. Jada asked Kate and Lucas questions about what happened. She wanted to question Lucas at the station, but he couldn’t do it. She was going to have a strong police presence at the house. Tripp gave Harris CPR, but he wasn’t responsive. He wanted to know what happened. Lucas told Jada that Clyde was responsible for what happened at the pub. Julie and Doug were devastated by the fire. She said she spent her lifetime there. Chad’s kids talked about losing their mother’s picture. Someone called Chad and warned him about interfering in the drug trafficking.

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