GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

The residents of Port Charles have a romantic Valentine’s Day with most of our favorite couples having a love-filled day.

Dante and Sam’s romantic date at home is interrupted by a policeman bringing a drunken Danny home. The policeman lets Danny off with a warning since it was his first offense. Sam takes away Danny’s phone and tells him they will have a long talk tomorrow.

Cody and Sasha play matchmaker to Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli tells Cody that he is scared to take a chance on love because he doesn’t want to get hurt again. Maxie tells Sasha she doesn’t want to hurt Spinelli again.

Chase and Brook Lynn see a Valentine’s Day comet.

Curtis and Portia make love for the first time since he was shot.

Michael and Willow have a long talk and decide that they kept secrets from each other out of love. Michael and Willow decide that they are a team and, from now on, they will make decisions about their lives together.

Carly arrives at the Pine Barons in time to save Dex by telling Sonny she and Michael hired Dex to protect him. Dex tells Sonny Michael first hired him to take him down because he was mad he chose Nina over his family. Dex explains to Sonny Michael didn’t go through with the plan because he didn’t want Avery and Donna to grow up with him in jail. Sonny is hurt and angry with Carly and Michael because they thought he was too weak to handle his business.

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