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[laughs] Wow. Wow. You went all-out, didn’t you?


I mean, not just him, but flowers and chocolates and balloons.

[laughs] I am assuming that they’re all for Rachel.

You assume right. They are all for Rachel. And she’s my valentine.

Oh, right. Lucky her.

[serious music]


[sighs] Sarah.

Hello, Xander.


Hey, have you seen him?

No, not yet. I don’t know what’s going on.

Hey. Who are you guys looking for?

You. Thank God you’re okay. Thank God.

Ava, Stefan, thanks for making it here so quickly.

Happy to help in any way we can.

Appreciate that. Have a seat.

Detective Hunter, do you know how Harris is doing?

I, um–I called the nurses’ station to get an update, but since I’m not family–

He made it through the night. Thank God. But he did suffer some serious internal damage. So he is not out of the woods yet.

What do you need from us, Detective?

Well, I have some questions.

Okay, I can imagine what the first one’s going to be. So I’ll come right out and answer it. And the answer is no, we didn’t notice any unusual activity at the Bistro last night.

Did you notice anything suspicious at all?

No, nothing. Look, Detective Hunter, do you know why Harris was shot?

No, not yet. But we do have a person of interest in custody. And we reviewed Detective Michaels’ messages on his phone, which revealed that somebody sent a text message to him last night that lured him to the loading docks.

So do you know who sent the message?

You did, Ava.

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[sighs] We were so worried.

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Uh, and thank you for the messages, both of you. You know, I’m sorry I didn’t respond. It’s just been… you know, a little insane, you know, not just with the horror of what happened, but I’ve been talking to insurance people and getting everybody settled at Maggie’s house. It’s just my head’s been all over the place.

And yet here you are at work.

Yeah, I, uh– I had a change of clothes in the back luckily.

Chad, what can we do to help?

Yeah, lean on us, Chad. What do you need right now?

[mournful piano music]


How are you doing?

I’m exhausted, and I’m confused. I don’t know what’s happened.

Me neither. Where’s Victoria?

I took her to my mom’s while they searched the apartment.

Thank God for Maggie.

Yeah. Yeah. My mom is an angel. She’s the best grandma anyone could ever ask for.

Sarah, I swear on our daughter’s life, I did not do this. I don’t know Harris Michaels. I got nothing against him. I did not shoot the man. You have to believe me.

Okay. Okay.

Rachel, your daddy’s here.



Happy Valentine’s Day.

Oh, sweetie, Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Guess what?


He’s all yours.

[both laugh] And I got you some other treats too. How was your Valentine’s Day party at school?

It was really good.


I got valentines.

–up high. , that’s amazing.

Okay. Hold on. Did you remember your daddy’s Valentine’s Day card? Is it ready yet?



I just need to add one more thing to make it perfect. Be right back.


Don’t move.

I’m not moving.


Oh my gosh, thank–hey. I’m grateful that you let me come here today to see her.

Oh, well, it means a lot to Rachel that you’re a special valentine.

Well, I always will be, like I said.

Yeah. Yeah, you did. You said it every Valentine’s Day since the day she was born. I feel a bit envious.

Why are you envious?

Well, I mean, I’m not envious of Rachel per se. It’s just today is a day to celebrate romance, and I’ve–I’ve been feeling the absence of it in my life more than usual.

Kristen, you know, there’s a lot of reasons for that–


That you might be feeling the absence of romance in your life. I hope to God you don’t have any delusions of us getting back together ’cause… Valentine’s Day gifts and bears and balloons, they’ll never be coming from me… ever.

[somber music]

Detective Hunter, I swear I did not send that text message. Look. Look, there is nothing there from last night.

Text messages can be deleted. A warrant will be issued to access your cell phone records.

That is just fine. I have a strong alibi for last night. I-I was at work the whole time. You know what, you can check our surveillance footage. It’s going to show that I was there the entire time.

Right. Well, it could be that your phone number was ghosted.

Would you be able to follow up on that?

We’ll investigate all possibilities thoroughly. I’ll be in touch should any more questions arise. Thanks for coming in.

[low mysterious music]

I cannot believe that Harris thought that I texted him. He got shot because of me. I did this to him.

Ava, hey. What happened to Harris is not your fault.

You just heard what Detective Hunter said.

I did. And I also heard her say the number could have been ghosted, which obviously it was. You know what, let’s get you out of here. Let me take you to lunch. You haven’t eaten.

No, I’m not hungry. There’s somewhere I need to be.

[low mysterious music]

What is taking Rachel so long?

Well, she’s working on your card. You heard her. She wants it to be perfect. How is Tate doing?

He’s better. He’s better. I mean, he’s at a juvenile rehabilitation center. It has visiting hours, so… we’re going to see him tomorrow hopefully.

Oh, we?

Yeah, Theresa and I.

Oh, so Theresa’s going with you?

Yeah, yeah, because she’s Tate’s mother.

Of course, she is, Brady. How could I forget?

Please, Sarah, you– you know me, and you know I’ve made choices I’m not proud of. But having you and Victoria in my life, it has changed me. Being with the two of you, I– I know I’m capable of being the man you need me to be, the man I want to be.

I don’t doubt that you want to be that man, Xander.

Well, I’m grateful for that, but– but I also know you’ve given me more chances than I deserve. So if you’re here to say goodbye, I don’t blame you. Honestly, you and Victoria are probably better off without me.

Thank you both for your support, really.

Seriously, Chad, whatever you need. How are Doug and Julie doing?

Um, you know, they were in shock initially, of course. But, you know, they were both very brave and– and really just grateful that no one got hurt, especially the kids. You know, they’re–they’re actually out right now, picking up clothes for the kids for the week, just to get them through, so.

How are Thomas and Charlotte?

Uh, good. Yeah, they went– they went to school today. They didn’t wanna miss out on the Valentine’s Day festivities. So, you know, thank God. And Marlena is coming by later to talk to them.

Well, I went to the shops early, and I picked up some slippers and PJs and books and some matching teddy bears.

Yeah, they will– they’re gonna– they’re gonna love it, whatever it is, you know, especially since it came from you.

[phone beeps]

That’s me. Oh, it’s about Caching Cupid. There’s still a permit that I need to get from the parks department before the event can start.

Oh, jeez, I-I forgot that that was today even. Do we–do we have coverage on it?

We’re all good. I got a photographer on it. And Janet from the City Desk is participating. So she’s writing up an article.

Thank–thank you for being on top of that.

I’m going to go deal with this permit issue, but I’m so relieved that you’re okay, so, so relieved.

Thank you.

[curious music]

Wanna tell me what’s really going on?

I think it was arson. Someone was trying to kill us.

[tense music]

Yeah, so it was a normal night, you know? And the kids had just gone upstairs. Doug was going to read them a story before bed. And Julie and I, we were going to have a nightcap, and we– we talked a little bit. And then we went upstairs to go to bed, and then we heard smoke alarms. Came down, smoke was everywhere. We saw the fire. You know, Julie got Doug and the kids out of the house, thank God. I grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to put it out, but obviously didn’t have any success. And–and, you know, luckily, Julie came back and dragged me out. We watched the house burn down from across the street.

Oh, my God. And then the fire department came obviously?

Yeah, and, you know, they put the fire out.

I’m so– I’m so, so sorry about what you’re going through. But wait, Chad, didn’t you just say you think someone’s trying to kill you? Are you–do you fear for your safety?

You’re damn right I do.

So you’ve been seeing a lot of Theresa lately?

More than usual, yeah, because of the situation with Tate.

Well, I mean, you also are in close working proximity with her.

Yeah, her and about other employees. Look, don’t–don’t take this opportunity right now to bad-mouth Theresa. She’s the mother of my son. I’m not interested in your take on her, especially when it’s probably influenced by a little bit of jealousy.

Hmm. Maybe it is.

So you admit it?

Look, I admit that I have been bereft of romance for quite a long time, so knowing that Theresa is getting a lot of your attention, not only yours, but Alex Kiriakis, she has him wrapped around her little finger. So, yeah, I am a bit envious of her. I don’t like going to bed alone night after night, and I assume that you’re going to bed night after night alone. And are you okay with that?

Yeah, I am okay with that.

Are you sure about that?

Yeah, I’m sure about that. Hmm. You know what, maybe, um, I don’t know, I know things have been a little rough between us the past few months.

A little–a little– a little rough?

Okay, more than a little, Brady. But times are changing. You and I are changing. Okay.

[laughs] I mean, at least it seems that way to me. I feel like we’ve grown up in the past few months, you know? We’re starting to understand each other a bit more.


So I was just thinking that… maybe you and I could reexplore the possibility of a relationship again.

A relationship?


You and me?


God, it’s times like this when I just know, I know that you are certifiable.

[phone rings]


Hey, Steph.

You are amazing. Has anyone told you that lately? I mean, if you hadn’t reminded me to get the sign-off from the parks department–

Well, I know how important this event is. And, I mean, after the last hours, we could all use some lighthearted fun, right?

Yeah, definitely.


How is Harris doing?

Well, he had a rough night, but I heard he’s stable.

I’m praying for him.

Yeah, that’s all we can do right now.

[somber music]

[sighs] Dear God… I know that I may not deserve your grace… but Harris Michael sure does. Please give him the strength to survive.

I realized that I have every reason to walk away right now, but I won’t. I can’t. Because I know that the man that made love to me last night, that the man that got soaking wet giving his daughter a bath, the man who has a little girl who he adores and whose little girl adores him is incapable of killing another human being in cold blood. If you tell me that you didn’t do it, then I believe you, Xander.

Thank you, my love. You and Victoria, you– you are my loves.

[phone beeps]

[gentle music]

Um, sir, would you mind?

I’m Mr. Kiriakis’ attorney. I’d like to speak with my client alone, please.

I’ll be outside.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming, Justin.

Of course. I got here as soon as I could.

I told Justin what happened.

So you know that the cops just showed up at my door last night and arrested me on the spot, for no reason as far as I could tell?

I’m sure it was a shock.

Yeah, to put it mildly.

Well, I’m here now, and the family is here for both of you as well. And Sarah, just so you know, when I left the house, Maggie and Julie were taking turns holding little Victoria while Doug was reading to Thomas and Charlotte.

How are those kiddos doing?

They’re fine, thank God.

And Doug and Julie and Chad?

As well as can be expected.

[Sarah sighs]

Wait. Am I missing something here?

Oh, yeah, there was a fire at the Horton House last night. Everything was destroyed.



So the whole gang is staying with us at the mansion for the time being.

My God. Between the fire and the shooting, well, that explains all the sirens I heard. What the hell happened in Salem last night?

Doug and Julie, they– they must be devastated.

Well, they’re being strong for the kids, but this is obviously very hard on them.

Yeah, it wasn’t just their home. It–it was a part of the history of this town, you know, like, spirit of Salem.

[despondent music]

Finding you here, it’s kind of surprising, actually. I never took you as the praying type.

Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do.

[gently] Maybe I don’t. Any news on Harris?

I-I stopped by the nurses’ desk, see if I could just go and sit with him.

They wouldn’t let you in?

Family only.

That’s how you ended up here.

I figured that… the only way that I can help Harris now is to pray. So that’s what I’m doing.

So what are you and Rafe doing for Valentine’s Day?

Oh, well, after Harris being shot and all the craziness around here, we really haven’t talked about anything but work.

Well, I was thinking, and this may not be the best timing, but if you’re up for it…


I would love it if you and Rafe would join me and my guy for Valentine’s dinner.

Oh, that’s kind of sweet.

It would be so cool to all be together. Rafe is really funny. My boyfriend is too. So I know there will be a lot of laughs.

Well, God knows we need them right now. So we’re in.



Great. Yes! Okay, Valentine’s Day with two of my favorite people.

[Jada laughs] I can’t wait.

Neither can I.

So you still feel threatened?

I do. I got a call last night when I was watching the house burn down. It was from an unknown number, distorted voice, but I got the message loud and clear.

What was the message?

“Maybe next time you’ll listen.”

[eerie music]

You think we should explore the possibility of a relationship? I think your amnesia is really kicking in. Do you not recall that when we were together, it was a train wreck? Do you also not realize that since we’ve been apart, it’s been also a nightmare, especially for me, because I haven’t been able to see my kid, all right, let alone have a relationship?

So you don’t think people can change, that if there was something wonderful between two people that it’s still there just waiting to be reignited?

No, no, not in this case no way, not when one person in the relationship has been behaving reprehensibly, not when one person in the relationship has been malicious and vindictive and–and evil and been inflicting pain on the other person in the relationship.

Okay, I admit that I have behaved badly at times. But, Brady, you know damn well that I did it because I love you. I mean–I mean, and I was doing it because I was desperate not to lose you.

So it’s okay, it’s okay to do all these rotten things because– because you love me and you’re afraid of losing me? Is that–that’s what makes it okay, huh?

Okay, no, it’s not okay, but it’s understandable.

All right, Kristen, just– all right, take me out of it. Let’s forget about all the things you’ve done to me. Let’s talk about the things that you’ve done to everyone else in this town, okay, everyone you’ve screwed over– not screwed over, literally tried to ruin their lives. Let’s talk about my brother, when–when you drugged him and you forced him to have sex with you. And you recorded it for the whole world to see, making sure that he was ousted out of the priesthood.

Okay. Shh. Shh.

Remember this?

No, no, no, stop, stop, stop. You don’t want Rachel to hear you, do you?

Oh. I’ll be quiet. You raped my brother.

What are you–what are you–

You raped my brother!

Stop! Those are harsh words. That is–God! And you know what, it doesn’t even fit with what happened between Eric and me. And you know what? Your brother, your brother has forgiven me, Brady.

Is that what he told you? No, no, no, no. See, see, he used to be a religious guy, and he believed in forgiveness. He may have said that to you. My brother is a human being. No human being can forgive something that cruel and destructive.

Oh, and you pulling a gun on me and threatening to kill me in front of our daughter, that’s not cruel and destructive?

[claps furiously]

You provoked me. You provoked me in a way that you only can. I was never going to hurt you. The fact is that was a culmination of everything that you’ve done to me, everything you’ve involved me in– oh, like stealing a fetus and implanting it in yourself, probably the most diabolical Kristen DiMera thing of all time, don’t you think?

I did it out of love, Brady.

Oh, you did it out of love. And that exonerates you, right? Kristen, your idea of love has nothing to do with love. It has to do with possessiveness. It has to do with revenge. It has to do with selfishness. That’s what your idea of love is. And the crazy thing is you keep claiming that “Brady, I have changed. I’ve changed.” But you keep making the same mistakes, the same horrifying stunts…

[Rachel screams]

Keep happening!

Stop it! Don’t speak to her like that!

[dramatic music]

Just stop fighting.

Honey, I am sorry.

You always say you’re sorry, but all you ever do is fight.

Hey, sweetheart, sweetheart, no, your daddy and I don’t always fight.

Yes, you do, and if you say you don’t you’re a liar!

Sweetie, sweetie, you know we have a complicated relationship, your mommy and me, but you know what’s not complicated? The fact that we love you.

Just shut up, both of you! I don’t even care anymore!



I hope you’re happy now.

Um, just go, Brady, please. Just go.

I’m sorry. I love you. I’m sorry, okay?

[despondent music]

Come here. Hey, look at me.

[sighs] Sweetie, you know what? Hey, it’s going to be all right. You know what, sweetheart, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be all right.

It looks like our article struck a nerve with Weston after all.

Well, it’s definitely his doing.

Yeah, but proving it is not going to be easy. Given what I know about this guy and the current situation, he has the means to continue his campaign of terror for some time to come.

No, no, I-I can’t let that happen. Okay? I won’t let that happen. That son of a bitch murdered my wife, and he almost murdered my children. I have to finish this.

Let me help you finish it. We have much more of a chance of success if–if I help you.

It’s not going to be pretty.

Well, I am all-in for down and dirty, if it means getting Weston out of our lives for good.

It is so hard… not to be close to him right now… just to, you know, just to sit beside him… and hold his hand.

[soft somber music]

You think that, um… you think Clyde’s going to go after Gabi or Tripp now?

No. We had nothing to do with the raid, with the article. He’s got no reason to go after the people we love right now. So the best thing we can do is stay put, lie low till we hear from him.

[sighs] We’re never going to be free of Clyde, are we?

You and I, we made our choices, Ava. And as long as that son of a bitch is breathing… We’re at his mercy.

Okay, Xander, walk me through last night. I understand you went for a run.

I did. Yes, it was late. I usually run earlier, but I needed to clear my head.

Where did you run?

I just did a loop through town. I cut through the square and passed by the Bistro before heading home.

Did you see or hear anything when you were in the vicinity of the Bistro?

No, nothing. And it was when I was heading home that I started to hear all the sirens. It seemed like they were coming from every direction.

Um, what about this text on your phone, “Is it done?” What’s that all about?

I honestly have no idea.

Well, I assume that the police will get a warrant for your cell phone records.

There is, um, one other thing I should mention.

What is it?

A few days back, I got a call asking me to eliminate someone.


And you’re just mentioning this now? Why didn’t you go to the police?

I know I should have. It’s just, you know, with everything that was–

[clears throat]

Detective Hunter, I would like Xander arraigned now. Once the judge sets bail, we can get you out of here.

I wouldn’t be getting your client’s hopes up, If I were you, Mr. Kiriakis.

[tense music]

[mellow music]


Hey, great turnout, huh?

Way above projections.

You did pretty good, Steph.

Mm. Hey, by the way, I invited my friends to dinner tonight.


They have been going through a lot of heavy stuff lately, and I know that they could use a really fun, carefree night out. Besides, I’ve been wanting to introduce them to you, the guy who’s responsible for this perpetual smile on my face.

Well, when you put it that way, how can I say no?

[sighs] Oh, damn it, Brady. God. How could you let this happen again, again? Again?


Now why don’t you just drink this, all right? Sweetheart, you need to just calm down and just–

I don’t want to calm down. Why do you and Daddy always have to fight?

[somber music]


How did I let this happen to me, Stefan?

I let it happen to me too. We both felt like we had no choice. We were cornered. He got to us when we were vulnerable.

Yeah. I don’t like vulnerable. I’m Ava Vitali, for God’s sake. I’m supposed to be strong and fierce. And I’m not supposed to let anybody intimidate me or scare me… But I did. That was weak. And now Harris might… And the last thought that’s gonna go through his head is that I needed him. He was on that dock because of me.

Hey. We’re not alone in this.


I’m right here. We’re going to get through this together, okay?

[suspenseful music]

What’s this?

A gun.

We can see that.

This was recovered in Xander’s apartment last night. And ballistics just confirmed that this is the same gun that shot Detective Harris Michaels.

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