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Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: How are you? I got your message. You seemed a little upset.

Chelsea: I just got off the phone with the teachers at connor’s school. They were giving me details about what’s been going on with him.

Billy: Okay. What’d they say?

Chelsea: The news was much worse than I thought.

Victor: Okay, my sweet baby. This will do you good, okay?

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: There we go. There we go.

Victoria: Oh, good, you’re both here. Um, I wanted to drop by and… mom, are you okay?

Victor: She’s okay. She’s just a little bit under the weather, okay?

Nikki: Actually, things are not okay. They’re bad. Very bad. I had my worst stumble yet, and this one really scared me.

Audra: She’s home? Who, tucker? Ashley? Oh, my god. You just can’t let go of her, can you? You are obsessed. No matter what you say, she’s got you completely spellbound. You know, in all of your talk about trust, all your meant-to-be and I choose you, and you have the nerve to pull this.

Ashley: What’s going on? Why do we have to wait for traci to have a family discussion? Just tell me. How insulting is this, that you look at each other like that? Is this an intervention? It’s starting to feel like an intervention.

Jack: You are jumping to conclusions, blowing this way out of proportion.

Ashley: Is that what I’m doing? Really? Well, obviously, you’re concerned about me. Okay, so what did traci tell you about paris? That tucker bribed the waiter? I told you that.

Jack: No, there was more to it than that.

Ashley: And what was that, jack?

Jack: Traci spoke to the rest of the waitstaff at the cafe.

Ashley: Really? And they backed up my version of events?

Jack: No, none of them could recall tucker being physically violent. They remembered the altercation, but there was no verification of physical violence.

Ashley: Wow. Okay, so he– he obviously got to the entire restaurant staff. That bastard. He bought off the whole staff. I mean, to get them to lie for him, he is unbelievable.

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Ashley: Don’t tell me that you’re, um, buying tucker’s bs. I mean, have you forgotten who we’re talking about here? You, diane, more than anybody, understands what he’s capable of, right? Didn’t he blackmail you into trying to take over jabot? Blackmail, lies, deception. This is his M.O.

Traci: Ashley. Oh, I’m so glad to see you home safe. I’m sorry it took so long.

Jack: No, it’s all right. I already filled ashley in.

Traci: What?

Ashley: You questioned the rest of the restaurant staff without me? And then you came back here and you told everybody but me? Why? Why did you go behind my back like that?

Tucker: Audra, you’re misinterpreting this. Yes, I did want to know when ashley was back from paris, but not because of any obsession with her.

Audra: No? Then why? What difference does it make to you where she is if you want nothing more to do with her?

Tucker: Because if I know where she is–

Audra: You know, it’s– it’s one thing to not trust each other completely in business, but it is an absolute nonstarter for you to continue breaking your promises on a personal level. You’re supposed to be done with that woman.

Tucker: I am done with her. Completely. You are the one I want to be with, but–

Audra: Oh, yeah? Or am I actually just the one who’s available? Admit it, tucker. You know, all your romantic pleas to me were just because you can’t have the woman you actually want and your ego can’t stand it.

Tucker: Would you let– may I speak, please?

Audra: You know, I have kept my distance from you, tucker. Sex? Sure. You know, actual intimacy? No. Until now. I have broken every single one of my rules because I wanted to believe you meant what you said.

Tucker: Okay, would you let me speak now? There’s only one reason I want to know when she’s back from paris.

Audra: And that is?

Tucker: To avoid her. So we can avoid this. So that nothing interferes with my focus on you. I want to know where she is so I can do whatever I need to do to avoid running into her. Period.

Audra: Do you honestly expect me to believe that? You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you want to know where she is because you just can’t wait to see her again.

Tucker: Yeah, but then you don’t know me at all. Because the truth is, I’ve had it with her. I’ve just– I’m sick to death of the constant arguments, the accusations, the insistence that I’m gaslighting her. I am crossing the street. I just– I don’t want her interfering. I don’t want her getting in the way of what you and I have.

Billy: Okay, so let me– let me hear it. What did they say about connor?

Chelsea: He’s struggling, billy. And I don’t know how to help him.

Billy: Struggling in what way?

Chelsea: In all of his classes. The teachers, they say that they’re observing him, but he’s having trouble focusing. He– he can’t pay attention to things. They think it’s maybe nerves or anxiety, and it’s seeping into his every day. They say it could be like a processing disorder or something, and that’s why he’s distracted in class.

Billy: But he’s never dealt with anything like that before?

Chelsea: No. He always got great grades, and none of the other schools ever reported anything like this. They said he’s not eating, and they said they don’t think he’s sleeping because he looks so tired. And um, and they also said he’s washing his hands all the time and using sanitizer.

Billy: What’s that all about? Like he doesn’t want to get sickand miss more time and fall further behind?

Chelsea: They don’t know. They just want me to talk to the on-campus therapist.

Billy: Okay. Look, I know how hard this is, okay? It always is with kids. Just take a deep breath. You’re gonna get him through this? What can I do to help get you through this?

Victoria: Stumbled? Mom, what happened?

[ Nikki sighing ]

Nikki: I had a terrible relapse.

Victoria: Because of jordan and what she did to you?

Nikki: I’m dealing with it. I just had a moment of fear and panic, and I made a bad mistake.

Victoria: How did this happen?

Victor: Apparently, it was the news of the fire at the correction facility. And the possibility that that jordan woman might have escaped.

Nikki: She has escaped. You knew about the incident at the prison?

Victoria: I did. But, mom, we only kept it from you because we were trying to protect you.

Nikki: So you two thought that you would just keep me in the dark? This woman has tried to kill me twice and you thought that I didn’t need to know she was on the loose?

Victoria: After everything that’s happened, we didn’t want to upset you anymore.

Victor: Sweetheart, I don’t want you to continue worrying about this. Even if she escaped, I’m going to make absolutely sure she’s not gonna come anywhere near this house.

Nikki: It’s too late. I’m telling you, she has escaped.

Victor: How do you know that? She could’ve– she could’ve died in the fire.

Nikki: No, she didn’T. I have proof that she is alive, and she is still very much out for revenge. No two bodies are the same.

Victoria: Proof?

Victor: Sweetheart, please answer us. Have you seen her or heard from her without telling me about it?

Nikki: I’ve been getting those phone calls again, and at first, when I would answer, nobody would be there. But this morning, I got another one with that same song playing.

Victor: Is it possible you imagined that call?

Nikki: No, victor. I have no doubt in my mind. I heard that music on my phone, just as I know it’s jordan who is behind it. I know I have given you reason to question my clarity, but you’re gonna have to believe me on this.

Victor: Sweetheart, if this is true, then now more than ever, you cannot allow her to push your buttons.

Victoria: Exactly, mom. You are stronger than she is. And if she is out there, jordan is weak and she’s desperate. She’s out of money. I mean, she’s a criminal with entire police departments after her. But you have us. You’re here. You’re safe with us. We love you.

Victor: Sweetheart, think about it. You have an advantage. You’re safe here. Certainly safer than you were while she trapped you in that room.

Victoria: That’s right. There is absolutely nothing that she can do to hurt you. She’s the vulnerable one, not you.

Nikki: Thank you for believing in me. I love you for it. But right now, I– I need to get some rest. I need to close my eyes and forget that this day ever happened. I’ll be stronger after I get some sleep. But first, I have a confession to make.

Chelsea: I know connor is at the right school to deal with whatever this is. And I just have to focus on staying positive and being proactive. Adam’s doing the same, actually.

Billy: That’s great. I think it’s important that you and adam are on the same page.

Chelsea: Absolutely. Our main focus will always be our son. I think this is just the aftermath for connor of everything he had to deal with last year.

Billy: Right.

Chelsea: My trauma, finding out johnny was his half-brother. I mean, that is so much for a little kid.

Billy: Moving to a new city, starting a new school. That’s a huge transitional year for you.

Chelsea: And, you know, adam and I, of course, want to run straight to the school, but they told us to wait. They think it’ll freak out connor and give him more to stress about.

Billy: I think that’s a good call.

Chelsea: And in the meantime, I called my therapist and she was very helpful.

Billy: Wow. Look at you, on top of it all, cool, calm, and collected.

Chelsea: I don’t think a year ago this time, I could have been. Actually, I know a year ago this time, I couldn’t have been.

Billy: A year ago, you were in a different place. Look at you now.

Chelsea: Wow. A lot of that is thanks to you. You changed my life.

Billy: You changed my life. For the better. Across the board.

Chelsea: Oh. Well, enough about me.

Billy: There you go.

Chelsea: Enough about me. I want to hear about you. What is going on in that head of yours?

Billy: Ooh. Hm… you really want to go there? I don’t know if you, uh, if you can handle that.

Chelsea: Oh, I can handle it. Tell me everything.

Traci: Believe me, I didn’t want to keep this from you any longer than I had to. I honestly thought it would be better for you to be here, surrounded by family when you heard what I learned.

Ashley: Why? Why did you think that I’m so fragile that I’m not going to be able to handle this?

Traci: We all need each other. There is nothing weak in that. Besides, I wanted you as far away from that place as possible. It’s why I tried to talk you into coming home with me right away. Ashley, I thought the family family could discuss the ramifications of all this.

Ashley: Okay, the only ramifications here is that it proves the lengths that tucker will go to to make me think that I’m imagining things. I mean, clearly, he has taken gaslighting to a completely different level. Who does that? Would you please stop looking at each other like that? Just stop it! You’re trying to make me think I’m wrong! I’m not wrong! He’s gaslighting me, but clearly he’s gotten to you. You guys know what he’s capable of! Why are you doubting me? Skin-carving next level hydration?

Ashley: Okay. How hard woulde an entire restaurant staff? It wouldn’t be hard at all. Second nature for him. And easy money for them.

Jack: No one is doubting that it’s possible. I think what traci’s trying to say is that–

Ashley: I think traci can speak for herself.

Traci: I can. I offered them even more money. The entire bistro staff. I know. It’s awful and it’s outrageous. And for you, I did it anyway. I offered them twice as much as tucker had paid them, if they would just tell the truth. All they had to do was say that they had been bribed. And do you know what, ashley? Not one person took it. Because they refused to lie.

Ashley: Are you done? Because that’S… sorry, it’s just not that amazing. I mean, obviously, he paid them a lot of money.

Traci: Well, why would they take his money and not take mine? Tucker would never find out. What do they have to gain for lying for him?

Ashley: I don’t know, traci. He’s powerful. He threatened them. He’s rich. They caved. It happens.

Traci: All of those people, they were so believable. Not one of them was nervous or– or intimidated. You, on the other hand, had a flicker of doubt when we talked to that first waiter. When he said that there was no violence, you got this look on your face, like you were remembering something. Not the something that you have told us about.

Ashley: Oh, really? I got a flicker? Come on. I don’t doubt anything now and I didn’t doubt anything then. I can’t believe you’re taking tucker’s side. I can’t believe this is happening. I– I– I– I’m just being let down by my family in– in the most painful way.

Audra: You’re going to have to do a lot more than cross the street to avoid running into ashley in this town. You know, think about it. Neither of us has a kitchen in our suite, which means we eat out on a regular basis. So, unless you want to have room service for every meal, we are bound to run into your ex plenty.

Tucker: That’s a possibility.

Audra: No, definitely. You know, every day will be another reminder. And every time we run into ashley, I’ll see the love-hate written all over your face. And each time, I’ll trust you less and less. I’ll constantly be questioning where your true heart lies.

Tucker: You know what we should do? We should buy our own restaurant. Yeah, just get a private chef and one table. One lone, candle-lit table for two.

Audra: Yeah, a very practical solution. You know, I can see you’re taking this very seriously.

Tucker: Well, I am serious. You know I would do it happily. Just to make you happy. Anything and everything you want.

Audra: But I do, you know, I get it.

Tucker: What?

Audra: You know, I can see how you’d be sick of ashley’s constant accusations. To be quite honest, I’m sick of her too. Let’s not argue about ashley anymore, okay?

Tucker: Yes, please.

Audra: You know, but I can’t help wondering what she learned in paris. You know, from that tense run-in with her sister, it seems there’s no avoiding the truth anymore. You know, maybe that’ll shut down ashley for good now.

Billy: What’s going on in my head? Let’s see. Um, oh yeah, I had a very interesting, not interesting, typically abrasive encounter with tucker at the gcac.

Chelsea: Really? What was he so abrasive about this time?Bly: This guy, he’s– he’s– he’s incredible, you know? He– he feels like he has the right to ask about my sister’s whereabouts after everything that he’s done to her, after the way that he’s treated her. Took everything in me not to reach across the bar and deck him. You know, he’s like, “did it ever occur to you that ashley’s the one coming after me? You know, she went to paris to find dirt on– on me. I’m trying to, I don’t want to know where she is so she doesn’t come, so I can steer clear of her.” Something to that effect. And of course, I called him out on being a victim. “I’m not a victim. I’ve never been a victim. But I’m always prepared if someone tries to make me one.”

[ Chelsea laughing ] He did say something to me as he walked away, something that stuck with me.

Chelsea: Oh, what was that?

Billy: He accused me of being power-hungry. And he would actually enjoy watching me pull jabot into chancellor-winters.

Chelsea: Oh, well that’s crazy. I mean, you would never try something like that, right? Try to take over your family’s company from the outside?

Victor: What’s the confession you have to make?

Nikki: I bought a bottle of vodka. The pull was too great and I couldn’t resist.

Victoria: Mom, I hate that you’re going through that. It’s terrible. But it’s really good that you’re– you’re telling us.

Nikki: And then I heard somebody coming, so I hid it in here. But when I came back to look for it, it was gone.

Victor: Sweetheart, I had our staff make a sweep of the whole house, okay? I had them remove every bottle of booze.

Nikki: I understand why you did that, but I have to do this on my own. Getting rid of all the alcohol in the house is just a short-term solution. I need to do the work. I– I need to build the strength to resist it, but I’m not there yet.

Victoria: No one’s pushing you.

Victor: Sweetheart, you’ll be all right. I promise you.

Nikki: Thank you for understanding. And victor, thank you for understanding about jack. All right, good night.

Victoria: Good night, mom. Get some rest.

Nikki: Good night.

Victoria: What did she mean by that? Thanking you for understanding about jack?

Victor: Well, she asked jack abbott to be her sponsor. And although I don’t like the idea at all, I went along with it because your mother is obviously very fragile right now. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.

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Victoria: Jack is mom’s sponsor now?

Victor: I was worried about your mother, so I had my men follow her. They found her on the outskirts of town. At some dive.

Victoria: Oh, no. Was she there drinking alone?

Victor: Yeah. Meanwhile, jack abbott informed me that he had become your mother’s sponsor after that first guy, seth, fell off the wagon himself.

Victoria: So, mom asked jack to take over?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: So, he’s the one who told you about this, and not mom?

Victor: Yeah. He and I went out there to find her.

Victoria: Daddy, how bad was she?

Victor: Ah, she was passed out at a table.

Victoria: Oh, no.

[ Victoria sighing ] For her to go this far. In public, no less.

Victor: Yep. But don’t you worry about it. I made sure that the incident was kept quiet. But you know, the long and the short of it is that jack abbott allowed her to drink herself into oblivion.

Victoria: Daddy, it’s not fair to blame jack. I mean, did he even know where mom was when he called you?

Victor: What difference does that make? He covered for her anyway.

Victoria: Look, I know that. But look, if mom asked jack to keep his sponsorship quiet, he was just protecting her wishes, that’s all.

Victor: Sweetheart, the responsibility of a sponsor is to keep her from drinking.

Jack: Ashley, no one here is taking tucker’s side on this or anything else.

Ashley: It seems like you definitely are. And it’s so incredibly, incredibly painful to think that you would believe him over me.

Jack: That is simply not the case. Whatever happened in paris doesn’t matter. As long as whatever happened propelled you to end this marriage and walk away from tucker for good.

Traci: No, jack, I’m sorry, but I disagree. What happened in paris, the truth is the most important thing.

Jack: No, the most important thing is it opened ashley’s eyes.

Ashley: The most important thing is that I’m being betrayed by my family. Can’t you see that?

Traci: No, ashley, no. We love you. We just want to help you move on from this.

Ashley: Move on from what? From all these lies and– and betrayal that is coming at me from all sides? I came home with– I thought I was going to get your love and support, you know? And instead, I’m just being attacked with accusations and suspicions. Are you questioning my sanity? Is that what’s happening here? Oh, oh, my god.

Jack: Ash.

Traci: No, ashley, please don’t go. Wait just a minute.

Jack: Ash, wait.

Diane: Guys, just let her go and maybe calm down a little bit. The last thing we need is to make matters worse. That’s why I didn’t say anything. But now I’ve got to ask, what– what was the point of all that?

Billy: Going after jabot is out there thinking. Not even something that I would consider doing.

Chelsea: Then why did tucker’s comments stick with you so much?

Billy: Well, he made me think about my relationship with chancellor-winters.

Chelsea: How so?

Billy: My mother, jill abbott, brought me over there in the co-ceo position so I could represent her interest in the c-suite. In a company that she owns half of, yet she’s– she’s not in the corporate name.

Chelsea: So, what’s your point?

Billy: Again, going after jabot, that seems pointless. But I do believe that abbott should have more of a representation in the chancellor-winters corporate name.

Chelsea: So, what are you saying? You want to change the name?

Billy: Not change it. Add to it. I think part of the reason why my mother feels so isolated is because she’s not properly represented.

Chelsea: And you’re thinking…

Billy: I think, in all fairness, the company should be called abbott-winters. Who says you can’t go for bold

Chelsea: What about the chancellor name? I mean, that’s the company’s root. The core of it all, right? Not to mention it’s a lasting tribute to the grand dame, kay chancellor.

Billy: Yeah, no, you got a point there. What about, um, what about acw? Abbott, chancellor, winters.

Chelsea: Hm… can we get back to this brain of yours? I have a feeling this isn’t just about representing jill. This is about you too, isn’t it? You want to stake a claim on this company.

Victor: I mean, regardless of how I feel about jack abbott’s involvement, I didn’t argue with your mother, given her fragile state.

Victoria: So, you’ve accepted jack’s role in helping mom?

Victor: It’s what she wants.

Victoria: I think that that’s probably the right call to make.

Victor: Yeah. But I told him if there’s no significant progress, it’s over.

Victoria: What if she doesn’t improve? Do you think we ought to consider rehab?

Victor: I’ve thought about that. But, you know, given the possibility that jordan woman is out there, I’d rather have her here at home.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. I understand that. But speaking of jordan, has there been any news at all? I mean, do you think that it’s possible that she’s out there somewhere, plotting revenge? I mean, what if– what if she is the one making those calls to mom?

[ Victor sighing ]

Nikki: No. No! No!

[ Nikki panting ]

Diane: Listen, the issue isn’t what happened in paris. The most important thing is that ashley has finally broken free of tucker. That’s what matters most.

Jack: That’s what I was trying to impress on her.

Diane: Yes, but she wasou finally got to that, she couldn’t even hear it.

Traci: What are you trying to say, diane? That we are wrong to have tried to get to the truth with our sister?

Diane: No, that’s not what I was saying at all.

Traci: Oh, good. Because I have seen firsthand this is tearing her apart. And for whatever reason, she will not let it drop.

Jack: Look, tucker’s denial has clearly rattled her.

Traci: Jack, listen to me. I am so worried about her. I’m– I’m afraid that something else is going on. Her recollection of things, it’s confused, to say the least. That’s why I wanted us all together so that we could help her try to make some sense of this. So that she can go on with her life.

Diane: Yes, but it only made matters worse. Now, ashley is even more upset. You saw that. Look, I know the two of you are really worried about her, but what just happened was completely counterproductive.

Traci: Oh, diane.

Jack: We just– we just need to give ashley some time, some space. Just as diane suggested. And traci, you’re right. I don’t know if tucker is playing her and it’s getting to her or if she is truly confused about what actually happened to her. Either way, it is tearing her apart.

Traci: Yes, jack. And there is only one thing that is going to help ashley move forward and let all this go. That is for ashley to find out the truth, whatever that may be, so that tucker can’t use it against her anymore.

Tucker: Frankly, I don’t care what’s going on with ashley. My focus is now entirely on you.

Audra: Does that mean I now have your full attention?

Tucker: Every bit of it. I’m sorry, audra.

Audra: For what?

Tucker: How blind I’ve been. All this time I thought it was her, I thought it was ashley. What was good and true in my life. I just couldn’t see it. It was you. All this time. You’re my best friend. It’s you.

[ Banging on door ]

Ashley: Tucker! It’s ashley! Open the door!

[ Banging on door ] Damn it! Open the door!

Rsv is out there.

Billy: I really feel like I’m finding my groove. It’s been great, and you know, it’s nice to be back. And of course, there’s pressure, but it’s the good kind of pressure. It’s not like jabot where I feel like I have to constantly prove myself to jack. You know, I’m really building a future here, and I like it.

Chelsea: Great. Sounds like you made the right move then.

Billy: I think so. You know, most of my life, I’ve tried to protect my father’s legacy. The best thing about this is this is about my mother. She’s asked me to be her eyes and ears and protect her stake. What better way to do that than to put her name, her legacy, on the letterhead?

Chelsea: Hm… well, is that gonna fly with lily and devon? Granted, jill owns 50% of the company, but sharing the letterhead with a third name?

Billy: But that’s my point. My mother is committed to this company, and this is about protecting her legacy. It’s not about me, you know? This isn’t a power grab. It’s not about me seeing my name up in lights.

Chelsea: Absolutely. I mean, you have to admit, it is a little convenient, though. I mean, you do share the same name.

Billy: Well, yeah. She’s my mother. The more I think about this, the more I think it’s the right thing to do. She’s earned it. She deserves it.

Victor: Unfortunately, there’s no news about jordan’s whereabouts. Cheers.

Victoria: So, it could be her calling mom?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: You know, claire said something disturbing today.

Victor: What’s that?

Victoria: When we were discussing the fire, she said that jordan once said something about if things ever got chancy, that fire makes a wonderful distraction. Or something along those lines.

Victor: Oh, boy. Oh, boy, oh, boy. Well, I will soon know who perished in that fire and who survived.

Victoria: What if jordan’s not accounted for?

Victor: A nightmare. But I assure you that I will do everything in my power to make certain that she does not come near this house.

Jack: Nikki, where are you? You okay?

Nikki: Yeah, I’m home. I’m safe. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not angry at you for telling victor. I– I understand why you felt you had to do that.

Jack: I’m glad to hear that. He needed to know.

Nikki: This is the worst day I’ve had since this whole nightmare started. And I’m really worried that I’m not gonna be able to overcome it.

Jack: Hey, don’t talk like that. One step at a time, remember? And I’m your sponsor. Victor knows that. There’s no need to hide it.

Nikki: Yeah, that’s a relief.

Jack: I can come to the ranch any time you need me. Just call. Listen to me, you’re not gonna give up. I’m not going to let you. You are going to win this fight.

Nikki: I need help.

Jack: I know. And I’m here for you whenever you need me. Just call.

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