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well, he’s in better spirits today. Yeah. Me too. I, uh — I’m really glad that he was able to sleep through the night. Poor little baby has been shuttled between so many different homes, and he’s not even a year yet. You will give him all the love and stability he needs.

[ Knock on door ] Oh. I’ll get it. Here. Okay. There you go.

[Straining] Oh, my, goodness.

[ Laughs ]

[ Grunts ] Ahh. Hiya, baby sister, how are you? Marty! -I’m good. -There he is! There he is! Uncle marty! Apologies for coming over, uh, unannounced, you know. Oh. That’s okay. What brings you by? I-I’ve got some very important paperwork for you. It concerns your — your grandson. This is a nice surprise. May I join you? Uh, y-yeah. I suppose I can handle another cup of coffee before I start packing. Today is my last day living at the metro court. Oh, I hope you’re not moving back to the west coast. No. I’m moving in with finn. Yeah, it seemed like the thing to do, considering. Congratulations. Not only will you be living with your adorable granddaughter, but finn is a decent backgammon player. You won’t be bored.

[ Both laugh ] That is all the dough you’re gonna get out of me. -Mnh! -Ohh! Could you two guys be a little less conspicuous, please? You’re gonna frighten my customers. Sorry. Sonny just wants you to have extra security right now. Yeah, but you and frank? Both of you? I think that’s a little excessive, don’t you? Trina! Hey. Is everything okay? Oh. Yeah. Yeah. What are you doing here? Um, I’m just all cried out. I need a distraction. I know that you hired someone else, but — you can — you can come back here anytime. You know that. You know, I’m putting up a new show, and I would really love your input. Okay. Don’t worry, boss, I’ve got eyes on him. Good. Don’t let him out of your sight. You — you found something on dex? Yeah. You’re gonna want to hear this. Yes! You seem very excited and happy today. Oh, my god. I was so unsure about taking over the role as editor in chief, but since I saved the prinzer & golden account, I feel like I’m coming into my groove! I mean, we came up with the best ideas last night. I knew you could do it. You are gonna be the best editor crimson has ever seen. Okay. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, alright? I still have to get the first issue out. But from what I’ve seen, it’s gonna be great.

You’re great. Aww. Uh… what the hell?!

Hey, hey. Don’t worry. Wiley’s off to school. Amelia’s been fed. Actually, she drank from the sippy cup. I think she’s starting to get used to it. You did all that? Mm. Why didn’t you wake me up? I figured you could use an extra hour before work. Here you go. Wow. It is so nice when someone else makes the coffee. Yeah, you are so not a morning person. Guilty. I did not mean to pass out down here last night. Where did you sleep? On the chair. It’s not the first time. I used to — I used to sleep there when you were sick. You took such good care of me. Yeah, well, you paid me back by getting better. It was really nice having you here last night. Yeah. I liked it, too. -Are you crazy? -Tracy, are you okay? She’s a lunatic! I always knew she’d go off the deep end someday. Oh, goody. Floor show’s about to start!

[ Laughs ] That’s our cue to cut this date short, as pleasant as it has been. Date? I misspoke. I rarely associate omelets and toast with dates. But listen. Before we go… a colleague gifted to me two tickets to the port charles metropolitan ballet. Are you interested? I’m really not much into the ballet scene. Um, try alexis. Well, I confess. I asked alexis first. She’s booked. I’ll try not to be too insulted. I could have picked a more opportune time, I suppose. Gregory chase was in her office, still mad at me that I argued the malpractice suit against his son. The hell’s the matter with you? Oh, just be grateful. It could have been a lot worse. Because this — this friend of yours has systematically destroyed my life. Oh, please. I gave you an out. Thanks to my kind companion, I went to martin and I explained that I had been misleading him and that you, in fact, were true blue. Oh, gee! Thank you. Well, your change of heart came just a little too late. Too late for what? Oh! [ Laughs ] This is rich. Am I missing something? You did really sleep with scott baldwin.

[ Laughs ] I took the liberty of, uh, doing up the paperwork for your petition before I left. And the forms are all ready for you, baby sister. Whenever you make that decision, you just put down your john hancock.

[ Chuckles ] A petition for what? Well, to — to legally adopt ace. Who the hell is in charge here?! It’s not safe. You shouldn’t be here. This is my office! What the hell is going on?! I got this, aldo. I got this. Go on about your business. Thank you. I appreciate you. Nina. What the hell is happening? I am so very, very sorry. There was a flood a few floors above, and it leaked into the walls last night. The building notified all the employees on the floor to stay home today. You didn’t get that? Aurora has got a lease. You can’t come in here and rip out all of our offices. Well, check the lease because as owner of the metro court, I am allowed to address all safety and health matters. See, the construction team needs to get into the walls to repair the damage, and, more importantly, they needed to dry up the water to prevent the mold from spreading. And, obviously, some of the fiber-optic cables needed to be temporarily replaced. So the internet on the floor is down. But not to worry — because this isn’t a long-term project. The crew should be out of here in three days or so. And the deadline for my first issue is tomorrow. But then again, you knew that, didn’t you? You remember I did an in-depth background check on dex last year — came back clean. But now it seems dex came into a huge windfall — twice in the last year from some untraceable shell corporation. Twice? When were these payments? The first one was right after you were attacked last march. The second one was just last week. The day after you and ava were targeted on your island.

I think there must be some mistake. Kevin and I were only going to watch ace until nikolas gets out of jail. Baby sister, come on. Nikolas confessed to kidnapping. It’s gonna be quite some time before he’s even eligible for parole. I’ve already been talking to him about ceding his parental claim to you. You what?! Yeah. Don’t forget — heather webber and her brother has ties to this little guy. I did see heather at esme’s grave. She is interested in ace. Oh, my gosh. So… cyrus got out of jail early. If heather, god forbid, managed to do the s– exactly. God forbid. Now, you would most likely win if they ever decided to challenge your guardianship, but I think the wisest course of action is for you to have permanent custody, and the best way to do that is for you to officially become ace’s parent of record.

[ Laughs ] Ooh, I love it when I’m right! I am right about you, lucy coe. You cannot resist scott baldwin. Just shh! Just zip it! Do you want to announce that to every single person in the restaurant? Do you think anyone would be surprised? You have been having your tawdry affair with scott on the installment plan. A few years on, a few years off, and now you’re back on. How long have you been sleeping with scott? I haven’t! I haven’T. Well, I-I mean, since marty and I broke up. Well, I am not responsible for your rebound choices. You, however, are definitely responsible for my dry-cleaning bill. But you are responsible for orchestrating all — all of this. You had scott romance me with the intention of swindling me out of my deception shares. And now you’re whining because I paid you back. Perhaps you could afford to be gracious in victory. Really? Hm. I like gloating.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. If you insist. If martin is open to it, I would be willing to try to mend fences. Fat chance. He is sending all my calls to voicemail. Actually, I-I spoke with martin this morning to thank him for his help with finn, and he mentioned he was going to his sister’s to drop off some — laura. Perfect. She will know exactly how to make marty forgive me. Thank you. Ta. “Ta”? Oof! Scott baldwin was romancing you? I said he tried. Only lucy coe would think that he had a prayer of succeeding. And you’re immune to mr. Baldwin’s charms?

[ Laughs ] Charms? Um… once, in a spectacular moment of bad judgment, I did get close to scott. How close? Close. Blame it on the ’90s. The good news is, I learned my lesson. Obviously, lucy never will. How many of wiley’s magic tricks did you sit through last night? Uh, four. But he is getting really good with the ball one. I know, right? Yeah. It was good having you home last night. It — it felt right.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. Hi. I’m so sorry to interrupt. I was on my way to see dex, and I found this in the car.

[ Willow gasps ]Amelia’s lovey. There it is! Thank you so much, joss. Yeah. I, uh — I have to get ready for work, but michael can make you some coffee if you want. Okay? Okay. Well? Well, you want some coffee? No. I want the tea. Spill, please. What, y-you spent the night last night? Are things back to normal? Yeah, well, we’re taking it a day at a time. There’s still a long way to go, but, yeah, we’re — we’re making progress. Oh, I’m so happy for you guys. And the kids. Nina is not worth you two fighting. Yeah, I agree. God, I just can’t wait for sonny to divorce nina so she is out of our lives. Yeah. I mean, I saw sonny actually yesterday. I have no idea what he’s gonna do about nina. Well, how was that, seeing sonny? Well, we talked, and I think things are better. Okay. Good. When there’s friction between you and sonny, it freaks me out ’cause I think it makes things more dangerous for dex.

[ Gasps ] Oh, no! Take it easy. I got it. I’m thinking the shell corporation was created with the sole purpose of funneling… money to dex. I don’t know who set it up yet, but it sure tells a story. Dex gets paid to tip them off to your location, your enemies, and, of course, to highlight your vulnerabilities. Why would he do this to josslyn? Maybe he used josslyn to get closer to you. It’s genuine. Maybe josslyn disapproves of his life with you. Yeah. She does. So it could be that dex is trying to get out of this life with her. What better way to avoid a bullet from you than to set you up to take one? Kerendia presents… the abcs of ckd a is for awareness, because knowing that your chronic kidney disease in type 2 diabetes could progress to dialysis is important. B is for belief that there may be more you can do. Just remember that k is for kidneys and kerendia. For adults living with ckd in type 2 diabetes, kerendia is proven to reduce the risk of kidney failure, which can lead to dialysis. Kerendia is a once-daily tablet that treats ckd differently than type 2 diabetes medications to help slow the progression of kidney damage and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks. Do not take kerendia if you have problems with your adrenal glands or take certain medications called cyp3a4 inhibitors. Kerendia can cause hyperkalemia, which is high potassium levels in your blood. Ask your doctor before taking products containing potassium. Kerendia can also cause low blood pressure and low sodium levels. So now that you know your abcs, don’t wait. Kidney damage from ckd in t2d is not reversible. So ask your doctor about slowing your kidney damage with kerendia.

[]Did you know, there’s a way to cut your dishwashing time by 50%? Try dawn powerwash dish spray. It removes 99% of grease and grime in half the time. Dawn powerwash has 3 cleaning boosters not found in traditional dish soaps that remove food and grease 5 times faster. And, because it cleans so well you can replace multiple cleaning products for counters, stoves, and even laundry stains. Try dawn powerwash dish spray. Brand power, helping you buy better. Ou’re not insinuatingthat I’m trying to sabotage your next issue of crimson. I’m not insinuating anything. I’m accusing you. This has you written all over it. I am surprised that you would jeopardize the jobs of your former employees, you know, the ones that you claim to care so much about. The editors have backups of all their articles, templates, and spreads on the cloud. I’m sorry. You don’t know this? Yes, I know that. But coordinating all the backups from around the cloud would make us lose a day’s work, easy! Which means the issue will be late to the printers, which is exactly what you intended. My focus is on the hotel. I’m just wanting what’s best for the metro court. Really? So if I talk to olivia, the other owner of the metro court, is she gonna back up your story? I have authority to sanction emergency construction. Now, olivia could disagree and she could overrule me, but the process has already begun. It could take a few days or even more to get all the offices back together, even if we stopped. It’s certainly not cost-effective. So I think we all know it’s best to just let the repairs play out, and then you can come back when it’s all done. When it’s all done. I think I’ve heard enough. You will be hearing from my lawyer. Until then, i have a magazine to put out. Good luck! You go ahead. I, uh — I need to have a word with nina. Alright. Well… I will call you later. You keep playing with fire. See where it gets you. You really think doc finn capable of negligence? Mnh-mnh. But…it wasn’t my place to decide that. It was my job to present the strongest argument possible that dr. Hamilton finn was guilty of negligence and let the jury decide. Of course, the jury was never allowed to deliberate, so we’ll never know if my argument was convincing or not. Fair enough. The rule of law doesn’t always make for winning friends. Come on. You must have come up against that, certainly. Where you have the evidence to convict, but your gut is telling you that the defendant just might be innocent. Unfortunately, yeah. It’s happened. Where an innocent person has been played out in a system that’s not always fair. Well, maybe you and i together can try to make the system a little more fair. One day at a time. I’m so sorry I broke the stretcher! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do it! It’s not a problem. It’s why we have insurance, honey. Dex, please take that to the back room. My assistant will send it out for repair. You got it, ms. Jerome. Thank you. You see that? Crisis is finished. But it’s not, ava! I can’t stop — I can’t stop crying! It’s like everything I see, everything I hear reminds me of spencer. And it’s like I’m losing him all over again! And there’s a pit in my stomach. And I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I’m gasping for air. I don’t know how to live with this feeling. I can’t live with this feeling. I wish it was me who died instead of him. Don’t say things like that. I-I know the feeling, you know? And… when kiki died, I, um — I was in so much pain… that I didn’t want to live. Now, I would have done absolutely anything to trade places with her… to die so that she could live. But she was gone. And I was here. And I realized that I needed to stay here for avery. Sweetheart, just like you need to stay here for your mom and for curtis. You have such a strong, wonderful family, and they’re gonna get you through this, okay? And, truthfully, I’m — I’m forever grateful to spencer that he — that he did what he did. So you could live. Because you are here with me. And you and my avery, you girls are everything to me, sweetheart. Everything to me. I mean, I guess this is the obvious next step. It’s just that I hadn’t even considered it before. -Hm. -What did nikolas say? Who do you think gave me the permission to start the paperwork? Really? Hm. Just be honest, baby sister. Is this not something you want to consider? I’m not saying that. It’s just a lot to think about, you know? I know, but like I say, I just wanted to make sure that you were set up, you know? So the paperwork is right there. And, you know, when you make that decision, you want to cross that bridge, you got everything you need. Anyway, you’re gonna have to forgive me. I have to get out of here if I’m gonna make my flight. Now, I will be out of port charles for a while. I’m only a phone call away. Lord knows I’ll come back if you need me. Okay. I love you. Thank you so much. I love you. Travel safely. Alright?

[ Door opens ] Ah. So?

[ Door closes ] So… what are your thoughts? Well, everything my brother said makes a whole lot of sense. It would be better for little ace to have a permanent parent instead of a temporary guardian. But this is not just my decision to make. If you want to adopt him, I’m totally on board. No, kevin. We would adopt him. Together.

Hey. Ah. Is ace down for his nap? Yeah. Thankfully. Did I interrupt a call? No, I’m just moving around some appointments at the hospital so we can talk. Oh, I hate that you have to rearrange your schedule. This is so much more important. And it came completely out of the blue. But, kevin, I can’t imagine doing this without you. Which is why we need to spend some time with it. So…

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Lucy! Hey, laura. Is it okay if I come in, please? Uh, yeah. Thank you. Um, I — I was so sorry to hear about spencer. It’s unbelievably tragic. I’m sorry. Thank you. Um, I was just wondering if — if martin’s around. I heard he was here. Uh, martin left just a little while ago. Darn it. You know, I need to catch up with him, and he’s avoiding all my phone calls. Do you know where he went, any chance? Uh, he said that he was going to visit his mother and that he was gonna be gone a while. What? He — he’s just leaving like that without even saying goodbye? Ohh. I cannot believe that tracy quartermaine did this to me! Okay. I did it. I did it to me. Like I always do, right? I just thought this time was different. I thought I was different. Why do I do this? Why do I always sabotage the very best things that happen to me? Maybe I just don’t deserve to be happy, right? That’s it. That’s ridiculous. Everyone deserves to be happy. Life is too short. Okay. Listen. Marty was just here, and — and after here, he was going straight to the airport. If you hurry up, you might be able to catch him before he gets on the plane. O-okay. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. -Thank you. -You’re welcome. Ohh! Was that a little foolish maybe? [ Laughs ] No. That was generous. Which is exactly what I expect, because that’s who you are. Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Breaking story? Uh, no. Uh, it’s from finn. The move is on for this evening. Need any help? No, I just have a few things. Books, papers. Stuff like that. Figures. So, what brought this on? You know how fond I am of finn, but his place has limited space. I’ll manage. As to what brought this on, um, I’m starting to feel a little irresponsible living on my own. Especially since I’m trying to make it to the big wedding. No. Don’T. Don’t do that, please. Don’t do what? You’re the one person in my life who doesn’t give me that look. So don’t start now, please. I-I don’t want your pity. I don’t pity you. But I do know you, I think, a little. And I think you have reservations about this move, am I right? I don’t like depending on anyone, not even my family. And I know finn’s just trying to help, but I hate the idea of giving up my own agency. It’s been my greatest fear ever since I was diagnosed. I know at a certain point I’m — I’m not gonna have control over what my body does or even what happens to me. And the move? Forcing me to face that reality…

[ Sighs ] …Feels like this may be the first part of my final chapter. Diane, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but your assistant told me you’d be here. I need to talk to you. It’s an emergency. Ah. There goes the ballet tickets. I’ll be out of here. Don’t you move. What’s up, carly? I’ll give you three guesses on who’s trying to sabotage crimson. And the first two don’t count. I want all these walls checked. I mean, it’s better to replace all of them than have the mold spreading, right? Thank you, aldo. Get back to me as soon as you can. Was that your lawyer on the phone? Well, that’s a waste of time, ’cause everything I just did right now was completely legal, so don’t bother threatening me with a lawsuit. You made the choice to escalate. You’re gonna have to live with the fallout, nina. Well, it can’t be any worse than what has already happened to me. I lost my husband, my family, and my magazine. Sure, I regret some of the things that I’ve done. I have made mistakes — just like the rest of you. But I don’t understand why I continually have to pay for pointing out a crime that you and carly have committed. I am through with the injustice and the indignity of being the pariah. Legally, I did nothing wrong. But I am telling you this. I am not going to take it lying down anymore. Did you go to prison, nina? You don’t know the meaning of indignity and injustice. But believe me. You will. It’s not like dex is working for sonny against his will. I mean, he insists that he’s found purpose in sonny’s organization. Okay. Don’t remind me. Please. Just — there’s something else. This arrangement with dex, it’s gotten — it’s gotten more important lately. Um, dex is keeping everybody in our family safe. What does that mean? Things have gotten more dangerous lately. What are you talking about? The shooting in puerto rico? Yeah, well, the fact that somebody got to my dad on the island. And somehow they were apparently able to bypass security — means that they have inside access. Okay, so you’re saying it’s someone inside sonny’s organization? Sometimes the simplest explanation is true, that someone that sonny trusts sold him out. Has he made any calls? Sent any texts? Alright. I-I’ll be in touch. According to frank, dex is just doing his job, protecting ava. He’s not jumpy. He’s just… look, sonny. I was just presenting a theory. Yeah, but you’ve got a — a lot of evidence. So look. What are we going to do about this?

-Hey. -Oh, you got my text. Great. I was just telling diane how nina’s trying to undermine crimson — again. Great. Great. Tell me how we can strike back a-and teach nina not to mess with us. Yeah. This really does sound like my cue. I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye. It’s probably for the best. Any discussion about retaliation should be kept between attorney and client privilege, right? Carly: No one’s talking about retaliation. I just want to get our offices open as soon as possible so we can get the issue out on time. So that nina can sabotage the next issue? No, we got to shut her down! We can’t focus on nina. We can’t do that. If she’s a distraction, she’s getting what she wants. We need to think about the magazine.

Your magazine. Okay. Um… yeah. You — you do that. I just — I just need to take a break.

[ Sighs ] Why do I get the feeling that your frustration isn’t just with nina, that it’s also with drew? I’m really sorry about the painting. Ava: Mnh. I thought I was ready to come back to work, but I guess not. This grief. The sadness. Is it ever gonna go away? No. But it dulls, and somehow you get used to it. And between your mom and curtis and marshall and stella and me… we’re gonna get you through it, honey. Count on it. It’s peppermint and chamomile. Joss swears it helps calm her down, so I figured it was worth a try. Ava: Thank you. Trina: Thanks, dex. Let’s go. Wait. What? We’re supposed to watch ava. Change of plan. Well, if there’s a traitor inside sonny’s organization, then dex is in danger, correct? I don’t know. The thing is…um… everything okay? Yeah. Um, actually, I am meeting trina at the gallery, but it was so great to see you. Good to see you, too. Good to see you. And, um, we’ll just talk soon, okay? Michael: Alright. Uh…

[ Door closes ] Not that you asked, but, uh, joss and i were discussing a family matter concerning sonny. Is it something I need to know about for the kids’ safety? I don’t know. Look, if it becomes something that you need to know, I promise you, willow, I will tell you. Although you have every right not to believe me. Of course I believe you. Um, hi. Um, my boyfriend is on the flight to raleigh-durham, and I really need to get to him, and they won’t let me through security without a boarding pass. But I have to tell him something. Ma’am, they won’t let you through security without a boarding pass. Okay. I have to apologize. So just let me run down there. I won’t delay the flight. You can send a little guard with me. You can’t get through security without a ticket. Woman on P.A.: Passengers for flight 403 nonstop to raleigh-durham, we will begin boarding shortly. O-okay. Fine. I-I will buy a ticket. What’s the next flight? Uh, where would you like to go? We have a flight for bora bora, bangor, duluth? Ew. No. Not — not duluth. You know, they were so rude to me. I lost an earring at a coecoe cosmetics convention, and they were just not helpful at all. Duluth it is.

[ Chuckles ] Kevin, I know you didn’t sign up for this — I mean, you know, the idea of having a child. And having a baby at our age… it’s gonna be a daunting task. You’re right. For both of us. You’ve been a parent. You know what it takes.

[ Chuckles ] For me, outside of a brief stint as a step-parent with lucy, I… this would be a new experience for me. Yeah. I mean, if we become the parents of record, then ace will grow up with us. He will rely on us. It’s a huge responsibility. If you — if you have any hesitation, you should say so now.

Look who’s up from the shortest nap ever.

[ Both chuckle ] Alright, laura. You asked for the truth. So…here it is. I have never felt more a part of a family than I have since I married you. And I’ve seen your capacity for love and your children and your grandchildren and… your love for me has opened my heart in ways I never imagined. But… adopting a child at this stage of our lives is…complicated. Yeah, it’s a little crazy. Yeah. Yeah. But it feels right.

[ Gasps ] It feels like us. So like us. And if this is what you want, then I’m in. And I mean I’m all-in. What do you think? What do you think? Welcome home, little baby. Oh, I think he approves. I think he does.

[ Beeping ] Marty! Wait! Marty! He’s gone. I’m too late. He’s really gone. You have a lot of decisions you’re gonna have to make about your future, some sooner rather than later. But moving in with your family doesn’t have to be something that holds you back. I… come and go time and time again. But I always end up back at monica’S. Why? Because… as much as every single person in that house infuriates me… …living under the same roof with them, it — it feels like… home? Home. Look, I can’t blame drew for hating nina and wanting revenge after everything that she has done to him, but what I want — I want that parasite out of my life. Well, that’s easier said than done. Nina has considerable resources, and she’s obviously willing to devote all of them to undermining you. I know. And I’m — I’m still grieving my mom. And the last thing I want is to keep up a war with someone I truly don’t care anything about. And every move that drew makes to go after nina, it just keeps pulling me back into her twisted orbit. I want a list of everybody that’s done business with aurora that may be interested in working with nina reeves. It’s time that we draw a line in the sand. Aldo, how long will it take to put all this back together? We’re making good progress. We could be done… another day or two. Oh, no, no, no. That won’t do.

[Chuckling] Not at all. I want you to take all the time you need to make sure that this job is done correctly. Understood? I believe you regret the way you handled things. And I believe you wanted to protect us. And that’s why you did what you did. Yeah, but I — willow, I should have trusted that you could handle it. I mean, we’re always so much stronger when we’re together. I’m sorry I forgot that. And I appreciate you giving me the space I needed to process everything. But last night, having you here felt right. And I’m not saying I’m ready for everything to go back to the way it was. There are still things we have to work out, but… maybe you don’t go back to the main house. What if you come home… for good? That — that would mean the world to me, willow. A-are you sure that’s what you want? I’m willing to try, if you are. Okay. I’ve really got to go or I’m gonna be late. Michael: Okay. See you later. I’ll be home.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales heavily ] Josslyn: Trina. Hi. How’s it going?

[ Sighs ] I think I might have came back to work a little too soon. Oh. Sorry. Something smells really good. What is that? Is that peppermint tea? Yeah. Your boyfriend made it for us. Oh. Dex is here? Oh, he was. Just missed him. He seemed to have left in a hurry. Get in. Boss. What’s going on? How about you and I go for a little ride? <

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