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by Michele & Cheryl

Stephanie and Everett from Days

Stephanie didn’t waste any time jumping into bed with Everett. We guess she got over Chad quickly. Stephanie acted as if she was head over heels in love with Chad, yet she had sex with Everett. If she loved Chad the way she claimed, she could have made Everett wait. Speaking of Everett, did he think having sex with Stephanie was going to keep him from having to tell her the truth about Jada? Having sex with Stephanie doesn’t change the fact that he was married to Jada.

Why did Johnny suddenly have doubts about marrying Chanel? He claimed he was concerned about his family after he talked to Chad about it. Johnny knew about his family long before he talked to Chad, yet he proposed to her anyway. It didn’t make sense for him to suddenly have doubts about marrying her. Also, why was he suddenly concerned about her feelings or Allie? When he proposed to her, he knew she used to date Allie. He should have thought about his family and Allie before he proposed to her.

Once again, the writers are changing John’s story. He’s the only one whose story has changed numerous times throughout the years. Are they getting hard up for a storyline for him that they must go down the road of him being a pawn? Speaking of John being a pawn, did the writers forget the chip is no longer in John’s head? The chip was taken out of his head while Hope was on the show. We will give the story a chance, but we anticipate the story changing even if it gets resolved.

Alex was so obvious that he wanted Kristen to pursue Brady to keep him away from Theresa. He must have forgotten what Kristen did to Brady. We know Alex didn’t want Brady to be around Theresa, but did he really think Kristen was a better option? For someone so arrogant, Alex has insecurity issues when it comes to Theresa.

Did Stefan think EJ would help him after what they went through in the past? Stefan didn’t care that the drugs he sold led to Holly overdosing. He was looking out for himself and Gabi. EJ had no reason to protect him after everything that was going on with Holly. Stefan needs to figure things out for himself instead of relying on other people to do things for him.

Why was Sloan surprised that she and Eric kept getting interrupted by the baby? Did she think the baby wasn’t going to cry? Maybe she should have thought about that before she decided to keep Nicole’s baby. She and Eric would have all the time in the world if she didn’t take Nicole’s baby.

When did Tate start resenting Brady? Before he left to go to rehab, Tate didn’t say anything about hating Brady. Now suddenly, he hates him. The writers had to come up with some reason to justify Brady being at the AA meeting with Theresa. They could have come up with a better reason than that to get him at the meeting.

Who were Johnny and Chanel inviting to the wedding? Johnny has family other than the DiMeras, yet none of them mentioned the wedding. You would never know Johnny was related to Marlena and the Bradys. He’s not just related to the DiMeras. Did they plan on only inviting Paulina and the DiMeras?


Johnny and Chanel from Days

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