Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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Jack: Well, I can give you a few reasons. I think he’s fond of you. You’ve never been married to Nikki and you’ve never been his sworn enemy for years on end.

Lauren: Well, that’s true. You got me there.

Jack: You’re tough and you know what she’s up against. Look, if you’d agree to this, I’m sure victor would not object.

Lauren: You’ve really thought this through.

Jack: I can’t help being protective, of both of you.

Lauren: And that means more to me than I can say. You know, I’ve been blessed with a very incredible management team who’s excellent at day-to-day, so I could step in for a little bit and still be available for the big things..

Jack: Is this sounding like a yes?

Lauren: Oh, well, I need to know how Nikki feels. Have you even run this by her? I mean, is she going to be amenable or is she going to see this for what it really is? Me watching her to make sure she doesn’t take that first drink.


Nick: No, no. I don’t take much credit for that.

Adam: Come on. You are the common denominator. You must have done something right.

Nick: Thanks. Might be the most sincere compliment you’ve ever given me.


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