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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan that the Salem PD made a drug bust last night. He thought Stefan was involved in the drug bust. Chanel wondered if Paulina got her test results when she and Abe were being quiet. Marlena wanted to know what was going on with John since he’s going through a lot with Brady and Tate. He said Brady and Tate were going through more than he was. Marlena said he got home late last night. She asked him about his client. Ava and Harris met to talk about the drug bust. While they were talking, she flashed back to telling him that Clyde was blackmailing her and Stefan. Harris told Ava he wasn’t going to stop until Clyde paid for what he did. EJ told Stefan that the police wasn’t going to stop until everyone was taken down. He said he wondered if Stefan was going to be the next one arrested for drugs. John told Marlena the meeting was a waste of time. She asked what happened. He said the person never showed up. She thought the client should have told him he wasn’t coming. While John was talking, he started staring into space. Paulina told Chanel that the test showed her nodules got bigger which meant the cancer was more aggressive than they thought. She said she had to get the surgery sooner. When Chanel asked when the surgery was, Johnny showed up. Stefan told EJ that he didn’t help him when he told him about the drugs. EJ said he couldn’t help him because he was going through things in his life. Stefan asked how his reputation would look like. EJ thought he would be the one on top by putting him in jail. Harris told Ava to give him time to get Clyde. Marlena asked if John was okay. He said he wondered if the past ever stayed in the past. She asked what was going on with him. He said Steve was talking about the old times which made him start thinking about the past.

Paulina told Chanel and Johnny when her surgery was. Chanel and Johnny agreed to be there for her. Stefan asked EJ if he was screwed without his help. EJ told him he might have been able to help him if he was CEO of DiMera. He reminded him that he and Gabi stole it from him. Stefan said he offered to give it back to him. EJ said it was too little too late. He was excited about what was happening with Stefan. Marlena told John everything would be okay. Harris told Ava about the drug dealer getting killed. He said they had to move forward. She thought about kissing Stefan. Harris wanted to know what was wrong. She said she made one bad decision after the next. He said to give herself a break. She said he would bail after he found out the mess she made. He said he wasn’t going anywhere. When he walked away, Stefan called Ava. He wanted to talk to her. She said she was with Harris. He said he needed to speak to her and wanted her to meet him at his place. She said she would be there. John asked Marlena how she knew to make him feel better. Marlena complimented him on being the best. She said she loved him the way he was. EJ went to the police station and asked Harris about the drug raid. Harris told him one of the cops killed the dealer in self-defense. Ava went to the DiMera mansion. Stefan asked what the police told her. She told him about the drug bust. Stefan said Harris may know what happened between them last night. While Paulina, Chanel, and Johnny were talking about the wedding, Paulina got a call from the hospital telling her the surgery was on Valentine’s Day. Harris told EJ continued to talk about making Clyde and everyone else involved with the drug bust pay. Ava said Harris didn’t know what happened between them even though people were supposed to think they did. She said Clyde’s henchman was shot at the bust. Stefan said he knew about it. Ava said Clyde was going to be on a warpath. Stefan wanted to know what they were going to do. Chanel and Johnny told Paulina they weren’t getting married without her. Ava told Stefan she had a plan to get them out of their situation with Clyde. Stefan said not to do anything without telling him. She told him to trust her. Harris and EJ continued to talk about Clyde and the drug bust. EJ told Harris to do what he had to do if Stefan was involved. He said Stefan could go in a cell next to Clyde.

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