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Ava approaches Harris in the park. Harris is pretending to be sweeping, which he says is a precaution in case she was being followed or watched.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where EJ greets him. Stefan is surprised to see he’s back. EJ says he got back last night as Nicole and Holly got settled in Italy, so it was time for him to head back. EJ comments on Stefan getting home late and asks what he was up to. Stefan asks what it is to him. EJ says he just wants to know where he was. Stefan tells EJ that it’s none of his business and questions his inquisition. EJ remarks that if Stefan bothered to check the headlines, he’d know that Salem made a colossal drug bust last night. EJ says it’s all in this morning’s Spectator as the cops seized 7 kilos of drugs, one was killed and it also says the drug ring was being run out of prison. EJ comments on being glad that Stefan made it home instead of being caught up in that.

Chanel goes home from the Bakery to Paulina and Abe, who question her working on the day before her wedding. Chanel assures that she has the rest of the day off. Paulina asks about her night with Johnny which Chanel says was cozy. Chanel notes them being really quiet and asks what is wrong. Chanel asks if Paulina got her lab results back.

John sits at home, frustrated, as Marlena brings him a cup of coffee. Marlena wishes he would go back to bed but John says maybe later. Marlena talks about being concerned that John isn’t sleeping well. John says he’ll hook up with his doctor to get to the bottom of it. Marlena asks him to do that soon. Marlena knows he has a lot going on with his concerns about Tate and Brady. John responds that they are going through a lot more than he is. Marlena comments on waiting up for him but guesses that he got home pretty late. Marlena asks how it went with his new client.

Stephanie and Kayla eat together at the Brady Pub. Stephanie gets a text that the Spectator article about the drug bust is trending all over the internet. Kayla hopes Clyde goes straight to Hell after what he did to Abigail. Kayla says they are losing more people every week to the drug ring and that Holly is lucky to be hanging in. Stephanie comments on being grateful to Harris, Jada, and the task force, adding that Chad and Everett are doing their part too. Kayla asks if that’s Everett’s story. Stephanie confirms it is and says she’s really proud of him, so she can’t wait to take him out later to celebrate.

Harris tells Ava that last night’s drug bust was massive. Ava asks what this means for her and if Clyde has been neutralized. Ava doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on and reminds Harris that he promised her. They flashback to Harris telling Ava that he loved her in the interrogation room where he then kissed her and convinced Ava to trust him, revealing that Ava then confessed everything to Harris about Clyde blackmailing her and Stefan by using Gabi and Tripp. Ava agreed to tip him off about the drug shipments and they staged Ava slapping Harris to fool everyone else in to not knowing they are working together.

EJ comments to Stefan about the task force cleaning up their streets of drugs and declares it’s only a matter of time before they take down everyone involved in the filthy business. EJ reads to Stefan that police have identified Clyde Weston as a key suspect in the opioid crisis. EJ says there’s no surprise as Clyde has a history of dealing drugs in town. EJ adds that there will be many more drugs busts and questions if next time, it will be Stefan’s ugly mug underneath the headline.

John tells Marlena that last night’s meeting was a waste of time, claiming that the new client never showed up. John says these things happen and people flake out. John guesses hiring a private investigator wasn’t the right call for this person after all.

Paulina sits Chanel down and tells her that the test showed that the nodule has gotten bigger which means the cancer is more aggressive than they thought at first, so her surgery is being moved up. Chanel encourages that being a good thing to have it behind her that much sooner. Chanel asks when the surgery is. Johnny then enters and asks who is ready to talk about their wedding.

Stefan complains about EJ toying with him like this when he couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger when Clyde was blackmailing him. EJ argues that as district attorney, it’s his duty to uphold the law and questions if he was supposed to tell the police and have Stefan arrested. Stefan doesn’t buy it and argues that EJ would bend the law in a second to save his own ass. Stefan asks how it will make EJ look if he goes down for this, arguing that his reputation will go down the toilet. EJ is certain that the public will support him for upholding the law rather than helping Stefan just because they share DNA and they will respect what he had to sacrifice to go against his own blood. EJ declares that when all the dust settles, he’ll be on top while Stefan is on his way to prison to be on the bottom. Stefan calls him a traitorous son of a bitch. EJ tells Stefan that he won’t have to deal with him much longer as he wonders how long it will take Clyde to give him up after they take him down.

Ava asks Harris about the complication. Harris explains that Clyde’s dealer was unfortunately taken out after firing at a cop. Ava asks what now. Harris says Clyde will replace him and they will have to get the next guy. Harris insists that he’s going to get her out of this and asks Ava to hang in just a little while longer.

Marlena asks John what’s going on. John responds that he was just thinking about his career as a private investigator and all the other jobs he’s had, from ISA agent to priest. John wonders if the past ever really stays in the past. Marlena responds that the past is always with them but shouldn’t define them. Marlena asks what’s going on with all this introspection. John says Steve was talking about old times the other day and he got to thinking. John knows they are supposed to learn from the past to improve themselves in the future, but says that’s not always possible. Marlena asks why not. John questions what if there are things in the past that you may regret, but don’t remember. John asks how to learn from that.

Kayla asks Stephanie if her and Everett are going well. Stephanie admits that it is going very well and they are getting to know each other again. Kayla had a feeling they already were getting pretty close. Stephanie guesses that she wants to know how close, but she doesn’t want to tell her. Kayla says she respects her privacy but she wants her to be happy. Kayla says nothing would make her happier than to know her daughter is with somebody who makes her happy. Stephanie admits that she is and that she and Everett had a great connection in Seattle, while now two years later, they still do. Stephanie talks about their great conversations and says she just has a really great time with him.

Johnny asks Paulina about the surgery being as early as next week. Paulina says she’s not sure but they will let her know. Chanel and Johnny assure that they will be there for her every step of the way. Paulina is blessed to have the help of family including her soon to be son in law. Paulina suggests they get to talking about the wedding.

Stefan guesses he’s screwed even though he’s brother is the district attorney. EJ responds that he’d be more inclined to help him if he wasn’t district attorney but Stefan and Gabi stole the CEO of DiMera job for him. Stefan argues that he offered EJ the job back and he turned it down. EJ says that was too little, too late, so now as district attorney and Holly’s stepfather, he needs to let the police do their jobs and get the drugs off the streets while locking up anyone who has dirty hands. EJ says he needs to get to the police station to congratulate the force on a job well done. EJ tells Stefan to face it that he made a bloody mess of things and now, it’s very likely that he will end up behind bars. EJ laughs as he then exits the mansion.

Marlena asks John what he is searching for. John says it’s not that he’s searching, but fearing more unwelcome surprises popping up in his life because of his past. Marlena says if they have any, they will handle them as they always do, together.

Harris assures Ava that nobody is happy about how this went down and the officer who took out Clyde’s guy is taking it really hard. Harris says they can’t change what happened, so they just have to push forward. Ava thinks back to having sex with Stefan. Harris then asks her what’s wrong. Ava says everything because she makes one bad decision after the next. Harris feels she’s too hard on herself and says to give herself a break. Ava feels she doesn’t deserve one because she’s a broken mess and once Harris finds that out, he will bail. Harris assures that he’s not going anywhere, reminding her that they are a team and they are going to get through this. Harris gets a text to get back to the station and tells Ava to stay strong as they are almost at the finish line. Harris then exits the park. Ava gets a call from Stefan, who asks if she can talk. Ava mentions that she just ran in to Harris. Stefan reminds her that he told her not to talk to him. Ava claims it was a random encounter. Stefan asks if he mentioned the bust. Ava confirms that he said they scored big. Stefan tells Ava that he needs to speak to her now and asks her to meet him at his place. Ava says she’ll be right there and hangs up.

John thanks Marlena for the pep talk and asks how she always knows how to make him feel better. Marlena says it wasn’t a pep talk, just her reminding him of who he really is because he is an amazing father, spectacular grandfather, loyal, loving friend, and the best husband. Marlena says she wouldn’t have him any other way and she loves him just the way he is. John says he loves her and kisses her.

EJ goes to the police station and asks Harris if Rafe is in his office. Harris says he’s tied up with the press about the bust. EJ mentions reading the details about Clyde as the possible kingpin and says with Clyde locked up, logic suggests that someone on the outside was doing his bidding. Harris explains that someone was killed in the bust after firing at a cop and she fired back in self defense.

Ava goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Stefan, who asks what Harris told her. Ava says just that they seized a bunch of product and a dealer is dead which is all in the paper. Stefan reminds her that he doesn’t want her talking to Harris because he’s nothing but trouble for them. Stefan warns that Harris could’ve followed her here and could know exactly what happened between them last night.

Johnny mentions stopping by the church and everything is good to go while Chanel says she made the arrangements for the flowers and cake. Paulina adds that she contacted the caterers and their dresses are ready. Johnny adds that he found a photographer as well. Paulina says they’ll need plenty of pictures to send to Eli, Lani, and her mother. Abe questions her mother not coming. Paulina says she has an ear infection and can’t fly. Paulina then gets a call from the hospital. Paulina thanks them for letting her know and hangs up. Abe asks what they said and Chanel asks about rescheduling the surgery. Paulina announces it’s been rescheduled to tomorrow morning at the same time as Chanel and Johnny’s wedding.

Kayla asks if Stephanie is saying that Everett is moving faster than she is. Stephanie says he is which is sweet on one hand but also a little scary since he’s completely enamored and wants to pick up where they left off. Stephanie adds that he even brought up moving in together but she told him to slow down. Kayla says if it’s meant to be, it’s going to happen because true love always wins out.

Harris finishes updating EJ on everything. EJ thanks him for giving him the full report and says now that he has the full picture, Clyde’s involvement is undeniable. EJ asks how they prove that. Harris says the dealer is dead, so they’ll have to wait until Clyde replaces him but they are on top of it. EJ wants a rock solid case against Clyde so he doesn’t slip through their fingers. Harris assures they are going to nail Clyde and everybody else involved.

Ava assures Stefan that Harris doesn’t know anything about what happened last night and he thought he only cared about Gabi finding out. They agree that it never happened. Ava brings up that Wendy and Tripp saw that it did. Stefan urges her to tell them not to say anything. Ava agrees to talk to them soon and tells Stefan not to worry about it because right now, they have much bigger things to worry about. Ava reminds Stefan that Clyde’s henchman was shot at the bust. Stefan adds that they suspect Clyde as the drug lord. Ava worries that Clyde must be losing his mind as they know how dangerous he is when he feels cornered and with him on the warpath for payback. Stefan questions what the hell they are going to do when they are already in his crosshairs.

Chanel questions Paulina’s surgery being tomorrow morning while Abe asks if she can’t reschedule. Paulina explains that based on her test results, they want to get her in right away and they don’t have any other openings for the rest of the week, so it’s tomorrow morning. Johnny offers to postpone the wedding but Paulina says no. Chanel says no way but Paulina refuses. Chanel argues that it’s their wedding and they are not getting married without Paulina. Paulina continues to say no. Johnny repeats that they are not having the wedding without Paulina since she already missed their last one. Abe points out that it is their wedding, so it’s up to them to decide and he thinks their minds are made up. Paulina decides she’s been overruled and will cover the costs of postponing. Paulina says she’s sorry but Chanel says there is no reason to be. Paulina says she’s tired and is going to lay down. Abe says he will go get her settled in. Chanel says she loves her as Abe and Paulina go to the bedroom. Chanel asks Johnny if he’s sure he’s okay with postponing. Johnny says absolutely, but maybe there’s another way as he thinks he has an idea.

Stephanie can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day and Kayla and Steve’s anniversary. Stephanie asks if she has anything special planned. Kayla says every anniversary is special whether they do anything or not. Stephanie jokes that she hopes she doesn’t have to marry the same guy four times to get it right. Kayla guesses they couldn’t live without each other. Stephanie hopes she’s half as lucky as they have been with love, hopefully without all the drama in between weddings. Kayla thinks it was all worth it, but hopes that Stephanie is as happy in her life as she and Steve are at this minute.

Ava tells Stefan that she might have a way to save their asses and end Clyde’s blackmail for good. Stefan tells her to spill it. Ava repeats that she might, but if what she’s thinking falls in to place, they might have their way out. Stefan doesn’t like being kept in the dark. Ava says to just let her get them out of this nightmare. Stefan questions what she’s going to do and warns her not to do anything without talking to him first. Ava swears that she won’t and that everything will be revealed in time. Ava tells him to just trust her.

EJ comments to Harris about nothing coming out of the raid at the Bistro. Harris confirms it seemed to be on the up and up but that questioning Stefan and Ava led to them lawyering up. EJ asks if that means Ava is involved. Harris responds that nothing has been confirmed on that front, but they are keeping an eye on her and Stefan. Harris asks if that will be a problem for him. EJ says not at all and tells Harris to go where the evidence leads him. EJ says if it turns out, his brother is mixed up in this then so be it and he’ll rot in prison next to Clyde.

John tells Marlena that he might sleep better after their talk tonight. Marlena says she has some errands to run and asks if he will be there when she gets back. John confirms he has no plans and tells her to be careful as Marlena then exits. John then pulls out his phone and calls Steve, asking him to meet him at the office as there is something he needs to tell him.

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