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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex ran into Kristen. Kristen mentioned Theresa slipped up. Alex was upset that Brady told her about Theresa. Kristen told him Brady was going to be a part of her life and Theresa’s. Alex said Brady was worried about Tate. Kristen said it wasn’t just about Tate. She asked if he was sure that nothing else was going on between them. Harris was upset that a cop shot the dealer connected to Clyde. When Rafe showed up, Harris told him they needed the dealer. Harris said it was there shot at Clyde. Chad and Everett showed up at the scene. Rafe wanted to know why they were there. Chad said they were getting information. Rafe said the bust wasn’t known and wondered how they got there so fast. Harris told him why he told them about the drug bust. Rafe was upset about him telling them about the deal. While they were talking about it, Chad said they still had to print the story. Rafe gave in and did the interview with Everett. Alex and Kristen continued to argue over Brady. Jada asked one of the cops about Goldman. He told Jada about what happened when she shot the dealer. Chad and Everett went to see Clyde. Clyde wanted to know who Everett was. Alex asked Kristen if she ever thought about getting back together with Brady. She said that ship sailed. He told her to try and get him back.

Rafe told Harris he didn’t like being surprised by the press being at the drug bust. Harris said he had to do it. While they were talking, Harris said Lucas was staying with him. Rafe said he didn’t think that was a smart idea. Chad told Clyde who Everett was and why they were there. Everett told Clyde that he was having a horrible day. Clyde wanted to know what he was talking about. Everett told him about the raid. Chad asked if Clyde had eyes and ears everywhere. Clyde didn’t answer him. Chad told him about the drug raid. He asked Clyde if he knew about it. Everett told Clyde the police got seven kilos of drugs. Clyde said he didn’t know what they were talking about. Chad and Everett told him the police got a couple of million dollars’ worth of drugs. While they were talking, Clyde’s phone started to ring. Chad and Everett said Clyde wasn’t supposed to have a phone. They wanted him to answer the phone. Kristen wanted Alex to admit that he wanted her to be back with Brady to get him out of the way. Alex said he wanted Brady to stay away from Theresa. Kristen warned him that his relationship with Theresa would be over if Brady wasn’t distracted from Theresa. She said she could help him. Jada talked to Goldman about shooting the perp. She told her about shooting someone in Seattle. Rafe came in and told Goldman she did the right thing. Jada told her she wasn’t alone. Clyde wanted to know what Chad and Everett wanted. They told him they wanted to give him a chance to tell his story. Clyde said he was an innocent man. He said he has been a model prisoner ever since he killed Abby. Chad tried to attack Clyde when he provoked him. Everett stopped Chad from going after Clyde. Clyde wanted to know why they were there. Chad said he wanted to see his face when he found out he lost his money. He said he was going to take great satisfaction of exposing Clyde’s drug reign. Kristen told Alex that she would agree to keep Brady away from Theresa. They realized they had to work together to stay on top of it. Alex offered Kristen a job at Titan. She said she would consider it. He told her to offer Brady more visitation rights so it would give her and Brady a chance to bond. Clyde told Chad and Everett to forget what they learned. Chad asked if he was threatening them. Clyde said it was a warning. Chad and Everett told him he was going to pay for what he did. Clyde left them alone. Harris wanted Goldman to go over what happened during the drug bust. He told Rafe they had to get Clyde in a different way. Harris said Clyde was going to want someone to pay when he found out what happened.

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