GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer’s family and friends gather at the cemetery to have a memorial service for him. Alexis gives a beautiful eulogy for her nephew while Cameron returns to say goodbye to Spencer and to be there for Laura, Jocelyn, and Trina. Trina tells Curtis and Portia she isn’t going to go back to college to finish her education because it doesn’t matter to her without Spencer.

Kevin and Elizabeth privately say goodbye to Esme at another part of the cemetery after Spencer’s service. Heather arrives because she was granted a brief furlough from prison to go to Esme’s service.

Heather blames Kevin for Esme’s death because if he hadn’t tried to rehabilitate Ryan, Esme would still be alive. Heather warns Kevin that if he doesn’t take care of Ace there will be hell to pay.

Willow tells Michael to reconcile with Sonny because he and Sonny need each other.

Finn is upset that Gregory experiences shortness of breath and a twinge of pain in his chest which he experienced before when he was with Tracy and didn’t tell him about it. Gregory tells Finn that he can’t do anything to save him because there is no cure for ALS. Gregory just wants to enjoy the time they have together.

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