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Devon: Five years in and you still have the coolest place in town, you know that?

Abby: Oh, well, I have the best kitchen staff and front of house, so I got very lucky.

Devon: I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. You’re successful because every aspect of this place has your touch on it. You’ve created something that people want to come back to over and over again.

Abby: Well, I like to keep people happy, customers and staff.

Devon: And talent is gold these days, so keeping your employees is also giving you a competitive advantage.

Abby: You know, I love it when you talk business to me. I find it very exciting.

Devon: Do you really?

Abby: Mm-hmm. Let me show you.

Devon: Ooh, I think your appointment just showed up.

Abby: Awesome. Wish me luck.

Devon: You won’t need any luck at all.

Tessa: Hi, am I too early?

Abby: Nope, you are right on time.

Lauren: Hi. Is now a good time?

Jack: No, great time. Please, thanks.

Lauren: Yeah, I know you’ve been wanting to discuss something with me in person for a while. I’m sorry for the delay. I had an unexpected trip to new york.

Jack: Not to worry. How are things at fenmore’s? Beyond the quarterly reports, which, by the way, were spectacular.

Lauren: Oh, well, thank you. Yes, everything is going like clockwork. Spring one is up, as you know, selling very, very well, and we have a jump on fall and holiday.

Jack: Well, I’m delighted to hear that because I have a favor to ask you.

Nick: So, according to your P.I., Jordan did not survive the fire.

Victor: Correct.

Victoria: So, she’s dead?

Victor: Well, possibly. It’s going to take weeks before the authorities will identify the bodies using dna.

Nick: So, what do they know?

Victor: Well, of all the inmates, six are unaccounted for.

Nick: So, they either haven’t found their bodies yet or they ran off during the chaos.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: Jordan could be one of them. Does mom know about any of this?

Victor: Well, unfortunately, it still upsets me she saw the news report, and she identified the name of the prison and it freaked her out.

Nick: How could it not?

Victoria: Are you wishing now that you had told her yourself when you first found out?

Victor: No, no, no. No, that would have upset her even more, you know? And we just don’t know if that jordan woman survived or not.

Nick: Well, there’s no evidence that she’s dead either. Which means she could be hitchhiking her way back to genoa city as we speak.

Victoria: That is a possibility. Therefore, we have to be on high alert until we know what’s become of her.

Victor: The thought is too terrible to contemplate, to be honest with you. But I assure you that I will do everything in my power to protect your mother. In fact, I will know wherever she is every minute of the day.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nikki: Nikki newman. Hello? Hello? Oh, thank god. No calls.

[ Phone ringing ] Leave me alone!

[ Nikki sobbing ] (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… now I can be myself again.

Abby: Thank you so much for carving out time to meet with me.

Tessa: No, look, sure, of course.

Devon: How’s, uh, how’s aria been and her hearing aids?

Tessa: Oh, she’s doing so well. I mean, it’s changed her whole world. I mean, she’s so much more curious and engaged now.

Devon: I’m sure less cranky.

Tessa: Yeah.

Abby: Oh, that’s awesome. I’m sure you and mariah are so thrilled.

Tessa: Yeah, beyond. Thank you. Thank you for asking.

Devon: Of course. Well, I’ll leave you both to it and I’ll come back by for an update.

Abby: Perfect.

Devon: Love you.

Abby: Love you.

Devon: Tell mariah hello.

Tessa: Oh, I will. Bye, devon.

Devon: See you.

Abby: Please, have a seat.

Tessa: Okay. Well, I have to say I was curious by your invitation, but now I’m even more intrigued.

Abby: Oh?

Tessa: Well, it’s so nice to spend time with you. We don’t really get to do that very much lately. But I was surprised that you wanted to meet with just me and not mariah. Which means that this isn’t entirely social. Unless I’m wrong.

Abby: How are things at marchetti? Are you still modeling for them?

Tessa: Uh, yeah. It’s been a little slow lately.

Abby: Oh, is that typical?

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, fashion marketing is pretty cyclical. We already did all the digital and media work for the spring line. So, you know, there’s not much going on at the moment.

Abby: So, it’s not a full-time commitment?

Tessa: No. Uh, I would say it’s more sporadic. Does that have something to do with why I’m here?

Abby: I have a proposition for you.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Yes? Was she driving or what? A ride share? What are you talking about? Have her followed, all right? As we discussed, discreetly. I want to know where she ends up. Is that clear?

Lauren: I mean, I knew she was struggling. I– I just hoped that she was doing better.

Jack: Well, things are improving, I think. She’s reaching out to me now sooner, you know, after the first drink. And sometimes, before she succumbs to the urge.

Lauren: Well, I would call that progress.

Jack: Yeah, it is. Only now at work, she has a predicament that could go all wrong.

Lauren: What’s going on?

Jack: Well, she doesn’t have a permanent assistant. She never replaced claire, and audra charles has now left newman media.

Lauren: That was fast. What happened?

Jack: A story for another day. In the meantime, nikki is having a bit of a tailspin. She’s without support, taken on an awful lot at exactly the wrong time. She wants to appear her normal, competent self, and I worry that the stress of trying to run a fast-moving division on her own while she’s fighting her addiction is a recipe for disaster.

Lauren: That’s untenable. I mean, but thank goodness, newman, I mean, they can hire the best in the business.

Jack: Right now, trust is paramount with nikki. And just some comfort in her daily duties.

Lauren: So, what’s the solution?

Jack: She needs someone who knows the cast of characters, who doesn’t need to be brought up to speed. Someone with kindness and discretion without being a pushover, without being easily snowed. And somebody who understands it’s a temporary job just until nikki can get control of her life again.

Lauren: Well, that’s quite a wish list. But it’s doable, I mean, for nikki’s sake.

Jack: I agree. And here’s where my favor comes in. Would you consider having your staff temporarily run fenmore’s while you step in to help nikki? Wanna know how I get this glow?!

Victoria: So that’s everything that dad told us about the fire and about jordan’s status.

Cole: Well, that’s pretty close to what I found out.

Victoria: Now what?

Cole: I spoke to claire’s therapist. So far, she hasn’t been told anything about what happened at the prison or that jordan might be out there.

Victoria: I guess that’s good.

Cole: I assume you want to protect her. Keep the news from her in case it could cause another setback.

Victoria: I take it you don’t agree?

Cole: Well, with the sentiment, I do.

Victoria: But you think that claire should know.

Cole: I think that claire is stronger. She’s wanting some agency, some– some control over her recovery. This is all just an illusion if we don’t respect her right to know the truth. She has to know the facts that her aunt could possibly be on the loose again or maybe even dead.

Victoria: You’re right. My gut instinct was to keep her in the dark for as long as possible, but that’s just not practical. It’s not fair to her at all. I mean, this is a national breaking story. Claire could go to watch the news in the common room and she could put it together for herself, I suppose.

Cole: I’m sure she would.

Victoria: Being hit with this kind of news while you’re all alone, I mean, it would just make everything worse. I think claire needs to know.

Cole: She needs to hear it from both of us. All right? Because we’re finally, I mean, slowly, we’ve earned her trust. Right?

Victoria: Right.

Cole: I think that lying to her now undoes everything that we’ve accomplished so far.

Victoria: You’re right. We’ll both be there for her to support her when she finds out about it. And even if jordan isn’t a danger, I mean, she needs to know that we would never keep anything from her. And she needs to be able to be aware and to have her guard up.

Cole: And know one thing. That woman will never hurt our daughter again. Not as long as there’s breath in my body.

Lauren: Well, first, thank you for your faith in me. Thinking that I could just parachute into this very unfamiliar situation.

Jack: Well, of course you could. You’re a pro. You’re a successful businesswoman with years of experience.

Lauren: But not in the media world.

Jack: Yeah, but you know the corporate world. You wouldn’t be producing news or editing publications. You’d be a backup for nikki on negotiations, contracts. You know, internal stuff. Stuff you’ve been dealing with already.

Lauren: I– I– I just don’t think I’m the right person for this.

Jack: Nikki needs someone she can count on. I would do this myself if she weren’t so adamant that victor not know I am involved.

Lauren: Wait, even as her A.A. Sponsor?

Jack: In any way at all. Believe me, I disagree with all of it, but I can’t seem to convince her her to allow victor into our arrangement. And you know what? Even if he knew, he’s not going to let me anywhere near a division of newman enterprises.

Lauren: Well, if he’s not going to let you, how is he going to let me?

Jack: Well, I can give you a few reasons. I think he’s fond of you. You’ve never been married to nikki and you’ve never been his sworn enemy for years on end.

Lauren: Well, that’s true. You got me there.

Jack: You’re tough and you know what she’s up against. Look, if you’d agree to this, I’m sure victor would not object.

Lauren: You’ve really thought this through.

Jack: I can’t help being protective, of both of you.

Lauren: And that means more to me than I can say. You know, I’ve been blessed with a very incredible management team who’s excellent at day-to-day, so I could step in for a little bit and still be available for the big things.

Jack: Is this sounding like a yes?

Lauren: Oh, well, I need to know how nikki feels. Have you even run this by her? I mean, is she going to be amenable or is she going to see this for what it really is? Me watching her to make sure she doesn’t take that first drink.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Yes. What’s the name of the place? The empty glass lounge? Wait a minute, I think I know where that is. You stay there. I’m on my way.

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Nick: Where are we with the emerson contracts?

Adam: We’re in good shape. Legal is going over them one last time and then we’ll be ready to get signatures.

Nick: Great. Sounds like this acquisition is going to close in record time, which will of course please the old man. Adam.

Adam: Hm?

Nick: What’s your deal? You’ve been distracted all day.

Adam: Just personal stuff. Which I doubt you’re interested in since you’ve made it clear you want to keep things between us strictly business.

Nick: Yeah, I just said that to prevent us from falling back into old patterns.

Adam: Well, so far so good. Where do you want to start next? Do you want to talk about the H.R. Reorg?

Nick: I think I’d rather talk about what’s bothering you.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Nick, come on.

Nick: If you are having problems in your personal life, it’s bound to affect your work performance, like it is right now. Adam, things have been going great around here. I would prefer to keep you in that good place. So, if there’s something bothering you or anything you want to get off your chest, let’s talk about it. You will get no judgment from me.

Adam: Okay. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

[ Knock on door ]

Claire: Come in.

Victoria: Hi there.

Claire: Hey.

Cole: Hey. I hope we’re not interrupting?

Claire: Not at all. I am supposed to write down all of my thoughts and hopes and anxieties in my therapy journal to process trauma and create a sense of control. It’s nice to see you.

Victoria: It’s good to see you.

Cole: Yeah. So, how’s it going?

Claire: Overall, a little better, I think. I worked through some stuff in group this morning. Usually, I don’t say much, but for some reason, I felt more talkative today.

Victoria: That’s– that’s wonderful. Whenever I get upset, I find that it’s very helpful to talk things through.

Claire: It’s– okay, this isn’t just a regular visit. Something’s going on with you two. What is it?

Victoria: Claire, maybe you should sit down.

Claire: Okay.

Cole: There’s no good way to ease into this, so I’ll just start with what we know. There was a fire at south coast women’s prison.

Claire: In oregon, where jordan’s being held?

Cole: A number of the inmates perished, but have yet to be identified. Most survived, and jordan wasn’t among that group. And there’s a handful that are missing.

Claire: Missing? Which means what exactly?

Victoria: That they may have escaped.

Cole: It’s only been a couple of days, and things are still in flux. The authorities are investigating.

Claire: Oh, my god.

Cole: So listen, we know this is a shock, but there’s no confirmation of anything as of yet.

Victoria: We just– we wanted you to hear it from us first.

Claire: What are the odds jordan escaped?

Cole: I think that we should be prepared for anything.

[ Claire sighing ]

Victoria: What is it?

Claire: You’ve thought of it already, right? Jordan could have set the fire. I remember she told me more than once that in an emergency, fire could be the ultimate distraction.

Jack: You’d be doing a lot more than watching over nikki. Look, she knows I have been looking for someone to be her coo. She just doesn’t know that it was you.

Lauren: I see.

Jack: Look, she needs a right hand that she can depend on. And she would be thrilled if she has a friend she can truly trust.

Lauren: Well, it would be a fresh challenge. And I would hope that if fen needed help, that it wouldn’t be turned down. And like you said, it’s just temporary. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t walk away from fenmore’s completely.

Jack: In terms of schedule, we could accommodate just about anything.

[ Lauren chuckling ]

Lauren: All right. I’m in.

Jack: Wonderful. Let me get in touch with nikki and set up a meeting. Thank you.

Victor: Excuse me. By chance, have you seen a woman about 5’6″, blonde, blue eyes?

Bartender: What’s your question?

Victor: My question is, have you seen her and has she been drinking?

Bartender: Look around. The folks who come here, they value their privacy.

Victor: Really? All right. Um, will this help? I would’ve called yesterday.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Abby: If all goes as planned, I will be joining the board at chancellor-winters. Jill has already approved the vote and devon doesn’t see any issues, so I’m as good as in. And I would like to be as involved their day to day as they will let me be. Especially since tucker is a loose cannon and they need all the help that they can get. Which means I will need someone here as the day manager. And since you’ve already worked here and you know how things operate, I was wondering if you would be interested.

Tessa: Oh, uh, wow. I haven’t done a lot of managing.

Abby: But you’re a problem solver and you’re great with people. And you know so many of our regulars that you could really give it that personal touch. I think you would be perfect for the job.

Tessa: Wow. I mean, I will need to think it over and just talk to mariah about it.

Abby: Of course.

Tessa: I am curious though. You’re a successful entrepreneur. You created something fun and lively. Do you really want to go back to the office?

Abby: Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little restless. This place is such a well-oiled machine. It doesn’t really need me here as much as it used to. And I thought about maybe opening another restaurant. But when devon and I talked about me joining the board, I don’t know, it made me very excited. So, how soon can you give me an answer?

Tessa: Tomorrow. You know, I’m feeling excited about this idea as well.

Adam: You know, connor found this school on his own and he came to us, wanting to be around kids with similar issues, as well as putting some distance between himself and genoa city, where his parents aren’t celebrities of the exact wrong kind.

Nick: So much pressure to conform at that age.

Adam: Yeah, well, connor was doing well at first. I mean, just a sense of relief of starting fresh. You know, not being the odd kid out anymore. But as time has gone on, even though he’s happier, he’s struggling in school. He’s drifting in class. He has trouble focusing. And his schoolwork is suffering. I mean, it seems to be a learning difference. They think maybe it’s a processing disorder, but nobody knows anything yet.

Nick: Is it serious?

Adam: It’s serious enough.

Nick: Sorry to hear that, adam. Sorry, man. Well, I guess my question is, what do you want? Or what do you think should be done?

Adam: I was angry at first. At the teachers. At the school. You know, I was ready to go down there and raise some hell. But sally and, uh, chelsea, they calmed me down.

Nick: Yeah, they are good at that.

Adam: Well, they see things the way that you do. You know, we gotta have faith in the school. And in connor, and he’s gotta have a sense of control on how to handle this. And he’s gotta know that we’re gonna work together as a team.

Nick: Well, for connor’s sake, I’m really glad you listened. Shows a lot of growth on your part, adam. You know, the fact that you were willing to listen to chelsea and sally and take their advice.

Adam: Yeah, well, I guess it’s something new for me. Putting my own feelings on hold for connor.

Nick: Yeah, it’s a tall order when your kid’s in pain. Even when it’s the best thing for him. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is just get in the car, go for a drive. Somewhere where you can scream your head off without, you know, causing any more problems.

Adam: Well, thank you for saying that.

Nick: I’ve been there a time or two.

Adam: I think that part of the reason I overreact is because there’s um, there’s a particular kind of loneliness when you feel ashamed of how you feel or just who you are. You know, I’ve felt like that for most of my life, and I never wanted connor to have a second of that. And there’s times that I still feel that way, but connor deserves to be at peace with himself more than I ever could.

Cole: Did it seem like jordan was just talking when she said that, or does she have a history of arson?

Claire: I have no idea. I never asked. But she said a lot of disturbing things that I wish she’d never put in my head. This? I wouldn’t put it past her. Huge fire. Complete chaos. She wouldn’t hesitate. She’d be proud of herself.

Victoria: Well, even if she was involved in the fire somehow or used it to her advantage to escape, she’s never coming near you again.

Cole: Listen, we’re gonna do whatever is necessary to keep you safe.

Claire: You’ve said those words before. And I thought they were just that, words. But I’m starting to feel that you really care. You want to protect me.

Victoria: You can absolutely trust that feeling, claire. Because it’s true. We care about you so much.

Cole: And as your father, it’s my job to keep you safe. You know, you went long enough without having anyone there to take care of you. And I don’t want you to ever be afraid again.

Claire: I’m not scared of jordan. I’M… angry, mostly. And filled with disgust, anytime I think of her.

Victoria: Well, that’s– that’s good. I mean, that is a good step in the healing process.

Claire: How’s nikki taking the news that jordan might have escaped? So with all these hilton honors points,

Lauren: All right, well, letw when nikki wants to meet and I will clear my calendar.

Jack: I can’t thank you enough.

Lauren: You already did. The day that I told you that I was over my head and I needed help, you stepped in without hesitation. And you became nikki’s sponsor. And that, my friend, is a big commitment.

Jack: It’s what we do for the people we love.

Lauren: That’s true.

Jack: Oh boy.

Lauren: What is it?

Jack: Nikki.

Lauren: “Call victor. Loot–” oh. “Lure him someplace to meet. As soon as possible. Please.”

Jack: Her texts are normally letter-perfect.

Lauren: She’s been drinking.

Jack: Oh, she is officially drunk and asking me to rescue her.

Lauren: Enable her is more like it.

Jack: Ah, what a mess.

Lauren: So what are you going to do?

Jack: It appears she’s left me little choice.

Adam: Look, I know that I– I brought that on myself. Feeling like I’m not a newman, that I don’t belong. So please don’t take that as an attack on you or victoria.

Nick: I won’T.

Adam: You have been making a real effort to give me a second chance and it means a lot.

Nick: Well, adam, you’ve been making an effort too. So, we’re even.

Adam: There’s something else that I’ve noticed is, when you’re watching your own child fight a battle against something difficult like this. You know, when you know that you’re powerless to fix it for them, it forces you to take on a new perspective.

Nick: Yeah, 100%, you know. Each and every one of my kids has put me through the wringer at some point. Whether it was, uh, you know, serious scrapes with the law or underage drinking. Or car wrecks. Or just, you know, shady companions being involved in a relationship where I knew it was going to be a disaster. They have all been involved in stuff where I knew they were going to get hurt and there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. And as a parent, that is tough to take and watch. Because it’s not like you can just pick them up out of any bad situation like you could when they were little. They gotta make mistakes. It’s the only way they can learn.

Adam: Yeah, I guess that’s true. I mean, noah, summer, faith, all of them. And yet somehow down the road, they’re all turning out okay.

Nick: Yeah. Pretty incredible, huh?

Adam: Not really, you know, given the dad they had.

Nick: No, no. I don’t take much credit for that.

Adam: Come on. You are the common denominator. You must have done something right.

Nick: Thanks. Might be the most sincere compliment you’ve ever given me.

Adam: Yeah, well, now, I’m– I’m about to give you another one. Because I am swallowing my pride and I’m asking you for any advice. Because I’m scared for connor so much that it hurts. So, I could, uh, really use some brotherly wisdom.

Victoria: My mother read about the fire online, so as you can imagine, she was pretty upset.

Claire: Nikki was always the target. As a way to make victor suffer. This must be so painful and frustrating for her. Has she been able to fight the effects of the alcohol jordan pumped into her?

Victoria: It’s been rough, but you know, she’s a strong woman. She’s been going to her A.A. Meetings and she’s been trying to get her old life back.

Claire: That’s good. I’ve had some nightmares about nikki getting into an accident because she was driving drunk. What jordan put her through, it just makes me really angry. And sad.

Cole: You know, this might be the first time that I’ve heard you put all of the blame on jordan. Not including yourself or drowning in guilt. Now, I am no expert, but to me, this sounds like another good step. Oh, here comes the bread guy.

Tessa: Talk to you tomorrow?

Abby: I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Bye.

Devon: Hey, see you. How’d it go?

Abby: I think she’s interested in being the day manager.

Devon: That’s fantastic.

Abby: Yes, and if she accepts, that means I am one step closer to joining forces with you at chancellor-winters.

Devon: Oh, that’s great. I’m happy that you’re so excited to join the team, even though nate seems to think that tucker’s lost interest in a takeover.

Abby: Ah, as happy as that would make me, I would not take nate’s word for it.

Devon: Oh, I agree.

Abby: And besides, tucker’s not the only reason why I want to join the board at chancellor-winters. I want to show you what I’m capable of in a corporate setting without anyone holding me back. And I want to have a say in dominic’s legacy.

Devon: And you know I’m all for that.

Abby: Mm. And at the top of the list is that I want to be more connected to you and to your world.

Devon: I love the sound of that very much.

Nick: Look, I know how hard it was for you to open up and ask for my– was it brotherly wisdom? Is that what you called it? Yeah. So, I will give you a straight answer.

Adam: Okay, lay it on me.

Nick: Just stay the course, man. Keep doing what you’re doing. Be cool, be calm. Trust the professionals, the teachers and the doctors at the school. But I would do my own research, if I was you, on what connor’s issues are and what’s going on with him. And get a second opinion. Talk to sharon. I know connor really likes sharon and she’s helped him before.

Adam: Yeah, that’s– that’s a great idea.

Nick: After you do all that, if you find out there’s a problem with the school or the way the faculty is treating connor, then you raise hell. And if you need a hand with that, you let me know.

Adam: Not too shabby. The advice. I’ll give it a whirl.

Nick: Let me know how it goes.

Adam: I will.

Claire: I’ve been working pretty hard with my therapist to understand the relationship I have with jordan. The woman who stole me from my family and then neglected to act like a mother. Or even pretend to love me. I have had my goal in therapy to let go of the guilt and accept that I was manipulated for years by a mentally ill adult who had control over my mind. The doctors say I’m doing well. And it will just take time to undo the damage that she did.

Cole: You’ll get there. I have complete faith in you.

Victoria: It seems that our daughter is starting to heal, on all fronts.

Bartender: That woman you described, she was here. Couldn’t say for sure what she was drinking.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Yes.

Jack: I need to meet with you, it’s urgent.

Victor: I have no time.

Jack: It’s about nikki.

Victor: All right. My office in 15 minutes.

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